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I woke up that morning by a knock on my bedroom door, I opened my eyes fast and looked straight at the door. 

"Scott?" I called out in the darkness that was my room. The curtains wasn't removed from my sunny window yet. I had a bad dream, Scott, mum, Stiles, everyone had died. I bit my lip, and shivered at the thought of the dream.

"Yes, Ariana you gotta get up." I heard Scott's voice from the other side of the door. I sighed in relief and smiled gently, thank god. I thought, but then I realised maybe it wasn't Scott outside the door. I jumped out of bed with only the over sized shirt to cover my body, and opened the door in a hurry. I ran straight into Scott's arms, I wrapped my arms around him and hugged him tightly. He chuckled and put his chin on my head,

"morning to you too." He whispered, we pulled away and I smiled at him.

"Bad dream again?" He said and I nodded looking down at the suddenly so intresting floor, I hated having bad dreams. He put his hand under my chin and lifted my head up and looked straight into my eyes, he could clearly feel what I felt since he was my twin, it was a waist of time to try and hide something form him. 

"Sweetie, everythings okay now. I promise you." He said softly and pulled me in for another hug, I rested my head against his chest and smiled knowing he was right. 

"I know.." I muttered, and got out of his grip. 

"-now let me get dressed." I said and he nodded with a smile on his lips, he left me and walked downstairs. I walked into my room once again and pulled away the curtains letting the sunlight escape into my room and fill it. I smiled and greeted the sun before turning around and walking over to my closet, I opened the closet trumming with my fingers on the door. 

"Hm.." I mumbled and looked around at all of my clothes. I decided for a pair of green army jeans, a black sleeved shirt with golden rivets on the shoulders. I took it on and walked over to my Make up table, I sat down infront of it and looked in the mirror. I looked a bit tired, and was a bit dark under my eyes. 

"Thank god for make up." I mumbled again and applied my make up onto my face. I also took my favourite bracelets and put them on my left arm and my golden Chanel, Paris earrings. I smiled at my reflection and stood up, walking out of my room I turned to the staircase. Walking past Scott's and mums room, I reached the staircase and began to walk down slowly. I let my hair be in it's own natural curls, it looked cute to this outfit.

"Hey." I said to Scott as I met him in the kitchen. He was sat on one of the kitchen chairs and was eating his breakfast. He didn't see me until I sat down next to him.

"Hello there beautiful twin." He said and smiled a cheeky smile. I giggled and smiled at him, I took a bowl of cheerios and milk and ate it fast. The door bell went off and I knew instantly that it was Stiles, both me and Scott looked at eachother. I stood up faster the him and we raced to the door, I accidently smashed into the door and fell on my butt. Scott started laughing hysterically but opened the door. 

"Ouch.." I winced and felt my head pounding. My hand touched my head gently, ugh I was definitely gonna get a bruise there. I sighed and looked up at Stiles who was smirking. They both helped me up, but after a while I also started laughing because of the incident, making the boys laigh too. 

"God, I'm literary the clumsiest person on earth." I sighed again and Scott chuckled. 

"Not more clumpsy then Stiles." He said,

"Hey!" Stiles faked being offended and looked away. I giggled and they started laughing once again. 

"We should get going." Scott said and both me and Stiles nodded, I jumped into my shoes and got a grip of my bag before Scott lifted me up over his shoulder and took me to Stiles blue jeep. 

"Scott! Scott, set me down now!" I laughed and punched him lightly on his back. He chuckled and sat me down in the car. Stiles smiled at me and I smiled back, we really had got the best memories from this car. 

The car ride to the school wasn't so long, we arrived in no time. I jumped out of the car and met up with my two best friends. Lydia and Allison, we're quite different but we love eachother like we are sisters. 

"Bye guys!" I shouted to Stiles and Scott as I ran to the girls and hugged them both. 

"Hi girls." I said and smiled at Lydia and Allison. They smiled back.

"Hi Ariana, what's up?" Allison asked, we walked up to the school. I had Lydia on my right and Allison on my left, I shrugged. There wasn't really anything new, it didn't happend so much here. 

"Oh you know, same old, same old." I said and smiled. 

"How's it going with you two then?" I asked before they could say anything else. Allison shrugged.

"It's okay, I guess. Feeling a bit stressed by the school and stuff." Lydia said, I nodded and smiled. We walked into the school and walked up to our lockers. I took my books for my first lesson, which was with Lydia. 


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Peace and Love,

//lovi xx

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Ariana McCall 

Is a 17 year old twinsister to Scott McCall, she's tall and beautiful. She's got long dark-brown hair, and matching brown eyes, just like her brother. Her personality is not so outgoing, she's not very loud and is quite shy. But she's brave, and though for a young girl like her. She doesn't really care about what she wears, since she's so close to her brother she sometimes uses his shirts or hoodies. Ariana is a good singer, not that she bothered to sing to anyone else then herself and her brother, her mum and Stiles, Scott's best friend. Ariana also likes to stay fit, so she usually trains several times a week and eats very healthy. She's a sweet girl, and is adored by many guys, Scott's very protective about her, so his her mum. Scott's and Ariana's mum works at the hospital so she's almost never home at the days, and when she gets home at night she just goes to bed straight away. Ariana loves to take photos, and hangout with her brother and Stiles doing ridiculous stuff and getting in trouble for them. She always stands up for her friends and family, she loves her family and friends more than herself and tends to keep them safe at any cost. 

Av Lovi & Sara - 14 juli 2013 14:50

Detta är bara ett litet inlägg till vår kära Cory Monteith som lämnade våran jord, gud har fått ännu en ängel. Jag hoppas han får det bra där uppe, mina hälsningar går till Corys familj och hans kära Lea. De skulle gifta sig om två veckor och istället för att Cory väntar på altaret på Lea i hennes brudklänning får Lea se Cory i en kostym i en dödskista. Detta krossar mitt hjärta, ett Glee fan Tweetade detta tidigare; "Tell your idol that you love them because I don't have mine anymore." - Gleeks

Jag är så himla ledsen just nu, jag var inte ett super stort fan av Glee men jag kollade gärna på det och det var underhållande. 

Rest in peace beautiful, 

1982-2013 Cory Monteith. 



// lovi xx


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