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I stumbled backwards and hit the wooden wall, chokingly I took a deep breath.
"What the fuck?", I mumbled for myself as I stood straight once more. I got out of the bathroom on shaky legs, how did I get up here? I thought and looked around the hall. I decided to try again, this time I thought about the living room. Suddenly I stood inbetween the couch and Aiden. He gasped as he saw me, I let out a little relieved laugh. This was really cool. 

"What's going on?", Kat spoke as she stood up from the couch. I turned to her with a smile playing on my lips.
"I guess I'm changing", I said with excitement in my voice. This whole Angel deal might not be so bad as I thought it would be after all.
"You are getting your powers?", Aiden said. But it sounded more like a question. I shrugged my shoulders but kept on smiling like a dork, finally something awesome happened to me. Just as I was about to ask something a loud bang from upstairs interrupted me, we all looked at each other fast before we made our way up the stairs. I used my new power and soon I stood in the room where we had heard the bang from, everything was dark around me. I searched the room with a tense look, what if something hid in the dark?

I turned around and faced Aiden, he put his hand over my mouth and hushed me. I kept quiet as he took me behind an old sofa, he searched the room before he looked at me.
"What's going on?", I whispered trying to ignore the way Aiden held his arm around my waist. He looked good.
"I don't know, just as we got upstairs everyone disappeared..", he answered. First now I could see him struggling with his breaths, his chest rising and falling. I had to bite my lip hard to stop myself from throwing myself over him. What the hell Amara? Ugh. I mentally slapped myself across the face, what was I thinking? I focused on what was going on instead and looked around the room. Suddenly me and Aiden appeared outside on a hot summer day, with the grass tickling my feet and my hair flying around in the wind. I was now wearing a white long dress but no shoes. I furrowed my eyebrows and looked at Aiden, he wore a confused look.
How did we get here? I heard Aidens voice in my head, like he was speaking but not moving his lips.
I don't know. I answered, he raised his eyebrows questioningly. How can we hear each other's thoughts? Aiden thought. I cleared my throat and shrugged my shoulders, this is getting really weird.

I walked across the green meadow, feeling the fresh air filling my lungs and the sun warming my cold skin. It was like we were in a dream, everything around us was peaceful. Aiden took a hold of my hand, making me stop and turn me around. He stared into my eyes, and gave me a sweet smile. I looked down at our feet, which were pointing at each other. If this is a dream, then it won't hurt anyone. He thought and eyed my lips like he craved me. I felt my breaths getting heavier, as I slowly raised my head to look into his eyes. I couldn't fight it anymore and pushed my lips against his and time just stopped. He put his arms around me, everything in slow movements. The kiss was filled with passion, like nothing had changed. I moved my hands around in his hair as he leaned down and laid me down on the warm grass. Aiden laid down next to me, we kissed again and my arms traveled around his body. This time I stopped to take off his shirt.

I sat by the edge of the meadow, watching the water glimmer underneath me. This was a place that made me happy, a place where I could be myself. A place for dreams and forbidden love. Beside me I heard Aiden walk by, he sat down next to me, putting his arm around my waist. I leaned my head against his shoulder as we watched the sun settle down by the horizon. As the sun disappeared the night took a hold of us and I was inside of a cabin, sitting in front of a fireplace. There was a dim light inside of the cabin, making it seem like it was night. I searched the cabin and saw someone sitting across the floor on a red armchair. Their back was facing me, but what I saw it looked like a man. I got up in my feet, noticing the army pants and black shirt I was wearing.
"Hello?", I spoke. The person turned around and faced me. It was Castiel.
"Amara, I've been waiting for you", he spoke in a serious tone. I furrowed my eyebrows together. How can he been waiting for me in a dream? I thought and made a questioning face. Suddenly Castiel stood inches away from my face.
"Cas, we've talked about this. I need my personal space", I reminded him. He separated his lips and nodded shortly as he backed away.
"Where are you?", he asked.
"I don't know, aren't I dreaming?", I asked and he frowned.
"No, you must have gotten taken by the demon of dreams", he answered making me raise an eyebrow.
"Demon of dreams?", I questioned. He sighed.
"We don't have much time, you got to tell me where you are", he told me and I tried remembering where I was.
"I'm at a meadow.. it's dark and cold. Aiden's there", I admitted. He made a face when I said Aiden but nodded.
"Everyone sees what they want to see, when the demon feeds on you", he said and disappeared.

Suddenly I was at the meadow for a short second, then I felt a sharp pain in my arms like is was hanging from somewhere and the only thing holding me up was a chain. I opened my eyes and saw darkness surround me, I was in a big room like a storage room with old stuff in it. My body was hanging by an old chain, and as much as I tried struggling I couldn't get down. I was tired, so very tired. I couldn't fight anymore. I tasted my own blood on my lip, and my tears running down my cheeks. Help me, please. 


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Me and Aiden stared at Amara waiting for her answer, I don't care anymore. It's enough with secrets, I need to know the truth. But before she even opned her mouth she fell to the floor as her eyes got darker and she closed them. Me and Aiden looked at each other with shock written all over our faces as we started to run towards her.

I bent down and took her up as I looked at Aiden, he lifted his eyebrows and came over to me and took a hold of Amara. He started to carry her bridal style to the car as I followed him. I opened the car door and he placed her down in the backseat. Me and Aiden got into the car and I started to drive in a hurry to the house, I could feel my hands shaking and I didn't know why. Suddenly I felt a warm hand on mine, I looked to my side and raised my eyebrows at Aiden who looked at me with worried eyes. I took a deep breath in and out.
"You okay?", he asked and I just looked at him with raised eyebrows. Since when did he started to be so nice and caring?
"Uh.. since when did you become nice and caring?", I asked confused as he sighed letting out a laugh.
"I have a heart you know, and if you don't like me when I'm like this then I can be my old me", he said and I just shook my head.
"No thanks, I like this Aiden better", I said and gave him a small smile. Soon I drove in to our driveway and me and Aiden stepped out of the car, Aiden opned the door to the backseat and took Amara out. I walked up to the door and opned it as Aiden stepped in with Amara in his arms, I saw Josh quickly getting up from the sofa as he ran towards us. He gave me quick look before walking to Aiden and took a hold of Amara and took her uppstairs. I looked at Aiden and smiled.
"Thank you Aiden", I said and smiled as he smiled back walking towards me as he wrapped his arms around me. Surprisingly I hugged back.
"No problem, I'll do anything to protect my brothers first love", he answered and I could feel him smiling. Then I saw James running down the a stairs, he looked at me and Aiden. I backed away from him as James came towards me and hugged me real tight. I smiled and sighed, I could feel him stroking my hair.
"Are you okay? Where were you? I was so worried about you!", he said and making me smile at how cute he was. He actually cared for me and I cared for him. He was just amazing.
"James, I'm fine. I promise you", I said and smiled at him backing away, he looked down at me and smiled and like that I felt his soft lips against mine. I put my hands around his neck as he held my waist pulling me even closer to him. I heard someone chuckle from behind us as we emidiatly stepped back and I saw Josh and Aiden looking at us weird. I instanly felt my cheeks get all red, this was embarrassing.
"Uh.. I put your sister in her room. She will be fine. And I think you should take a rest, you look tired", Josh said and I nodded and walked away from there real fast, I walked up the staris quickly and opened the door while I stepped inside. That was awkward as hell.

After three days Amara hadn't woke up yet, I was sitting beside her bed with my head resting on the bed. I slowly closed my eyes and I was gone. But then I heard a familiar voice.
"Kat?", I heard someone whisper. I opened my eyes chocked before I gave Amara a big smile and threw myself over to her.
"How are you feeling?", I asked and gave her a concerned look. She just shrugged her shoulders.
"Fine why?", she asked and gave me a half smile.
"Amara you've been out for three days", I answered. She gasped and raised her eyebrow.

Me and James walked down the stairs as I looked at Amara stepping back from Aiden. She turned around and smiled at me and James. Weird.
Me and James sat down on the couch as he pulled me up to his lap, I smiled and looked at Amara. Thats when I realised she was talking to the guy from the haunted house. I held a tight grip of James, somehow that guy scared the hell out of me. Who is he anyway?

"People this is Castiel, he's an Angel, Castiel these are the people", Amara said waving her hand in the air to show off everyone. I took a deep breath but breathed out again.
"Relax babe, if he tries to hurt you I'll kill him", James whispered in my ear. I smiled and relaxed.
"Thank you", I said and hugged his neck. But suddenly Castiel was gone again. I gasped and looked at Amara with raised eyebrows. Amara walked back to us and sat down next to Josh.
"What happened?", Josh asked as he got off the couch. Amara shrugged her shoulders like she had done earlier.
"Angel stuff", she said and I raised an eyebrow. What the hell is she talking about? But suddenly she was gone, I looked at Josh with big eyes.
"What the hell? Where did she go?", I asked confused as i looked at the guys.
"She went to the bathroom", Aiden answered behind me. How can he know?
"Okay, but.. How do you know that?", I asked even more confused.
"Save that for later love", he said and I gasped because I could feel James grip getting tighter around my body. He was mad. I slowly put my hand on his and I could feel him calming down a little bit.
"How about you tell me, I mean us now. Love..", I teased but I guess that was wrong because James just put me down and walked upstairs. I heard the door open and slam real hard.

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I stared at Katherine and Aiden not sure what to tell them. The feelings overwhelmed me and before I knew it I lost my balance and fell. My body hit the wooden floor like it had done not too long ago. I pressed my lips together as I felt my head pound hard, as my body was lifted from the floor I opened my eyes slightly. Seeing Aiden looking straight forward with a tensed jaw, I felt his strong arms around me. As I drifted off to unconsciousness I could feel someone placing me on the leather seats in the car carefully.

I shivered from the coldness that suddenly struck me, I opened my eyes to meet a deep darkness. As I searched the night I found myself on the ground filled with red and green leafs. My breaths got heavier, but as I tried screaming something stopped me. I couldn't speak, nor scream or even breath. I shut my eyes as the pain started in my chest, it was like several knifes getting jammed into my chest. I opened my eyes when the pain suddenly stopped, in front of me Castiel now stood. I got up on my feet, him staring at me with the same emotionless look as always. As I almost fell backwards he took a grip of my arms, keeping me up.
"What's going on?", I asked, confusion filling my voice. Castiels eyes flickered before he looked at me again.
"You're changing", he answered as stiffly. He let go of my arms when he knew I could stand again. I looked around the emptiness, seeing darkness as far as my eyes could reach. Where were we settled?
"You're dreaming", he answered my thought, staring into the distance. I placed my eyes on him, furrowing my eyebrows together.
"Dreaming?", I asked. Oh, I was unconscious. He looked at me again and nodded shortly. What was he looking for?
"Wait what am I changing into?", I asked almost forgetting to ask. His eyebrows went up and down in a second.
"An Angel.. You got your powers back", he told me. I nodded slowly, suddenly he looked out into the distance like he heard something and before I could blink he was gone. Leaving me alone in the darkness.

My eyes shot open as I gasped for air under the suddenly so heavy duvet. How did I get into bed? I thought and looked around the light up room. It was daytime, the sun's bright light shone through the windows almost blinding me in the process. I searched the room, seeing Katherine sleeping in a chair next to the bed.
"Kat?", I whispered as quiet as possible. She opened her eyes chocked before she gave me a big smile and threw herself over to me. We hugged tightly, like we hadn't seen each other in several days. Weird. I thought and let go of her.
"How are you feeling?", she asked and gave me a concerned look. I shrugged my shoulders.
"Fine why?", I asked and gave her a half smile.
"Amara you've been out for three days", she answered. I gasped and raised my eyebrow, how is that possible?

I got down the wooden stairs, faster than normally. I immediately got embraced in a hug, looking up I met Josh's grateful eyes. He kissed my forehead before we seperated. Aiden stood by the doorframe, watching me closely. I almost ran over to him, throwing my arms around him. He chuckled of surprise but hugged me tightly. Thank you. I thought, he must of heard it because of the weird look he gave me. I just smiled and let go of him. Katherine came down the stairs with James by her heels, I smiled at them both.
"Amara", I heard behind me. Turning around I faced Castiel, he wore a look of seriousness.
"Cas", I mumbled seeing the weird looks I got from the others. Who's that? I heard Aidens voice in my head, he crossed his arms.
"People this is Castiel, he's an Angel, Castiel these are the people", I said waving my hand in the air to show off everyone.

I stood in the kitchen, facing Castiel. He glanced over at Aiden and Josh who sat on the couch few meters away.
"Don't worry about them", I assured him. He took his eyes off of the guys and looked at me.
"I'm worried about you", he spoke in his low sharp voice. I frowned and pulled a half smile.
"Why?", I asked and he let out a small sigh.
"It's dangerous for an Angel to have that kind of relationship with humans", I raised my eyebrows.
"That kind of relationship?", I questioned. He looked at the guys again before looking at me once again. Suddenly he was gone. What the actual fuck? Why does he do that? I thought and rolled my eyes. I turned around and walked over to the guys and the couch.
"What happened?", Josh asked as he got off the couch. I shrugged my shoulders like had done earlier, I didn't really want to answer.
"Angel stuff", I teased and gave them both a smile before I turned around in the room. Before I even knew it I was in the bathroom.
"Holy!", I shouted and stumbled back. How the hell did I get up here so fast?


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We backed away from the kiss and smiled at each other.
"So, you wanna make this official?", he said and looked down at our hands then he looked back up at me smiling.
"Sure", I said and smiled while pecking his lips. I yawned as I looked around and then back at him.
"You seem tired. Let's go to sleep babe", he said and I nodded.
"Can you turn around? I have to change", I asked and bit my lip as I looked at him.
"I mean, I don't want to but okay", he said and smirked turning around I just giggled and started to change to my pyjamas.
"You done yet?", he asked and I smiled.
"Yeah", I answered as he turned around and laid down on the bed.
"Come here", he commanded and I smirked. I should tease him a little bit, I thought and I started to walk slowly to bed smirking at him.
"Kat.. Come on", he whined but I just chuckled and walked slower if that even was possible.
"Katherine!", he shouted not that loud, I laughed and ran to the bed and laid down next to him as I faced him. He pulled me closer and brushed his nose on mine. I giggled and smiled.
"You're so cute", I said and pecked his lips.
"So are you babe", he said and kissed my cheek. I smiled and turned around as I closed my eyes ready to sleep.
"I love you beautiful", he said and I smiled.
"I love you too", I said and with that I drifted off to sleep.

I woke up the next morning with a smile across my face, I looked to my side seeing James sleep. I smiled and stood up rubbing my tired eyes. I decided to take a quick shower since no one was up. I took my towel and walked into the shower. I stripped out of my clothes and walked into the shower, and let the hot water hit my body.

When I was done, I walked out with the towel wrapped around my body.
"Damn you look hot", I heard James say. I smirked and walked over to him.
"Oh yeah", I said and smirked, I walked over to him and bit his lower lip.
"Don't do that", he said and let out a small moan.
"Why not?", I said and bit my lip.
"Because it's too distracting and I need to go", he said and stood up and smiled.
"Where are you going?", I asked and smiled.
"Gonna buy some food with Josh", he said and I nodded.
"Bye", he said and gave me a quick kiss and walked out. I smiled and walked over to the table and started to blow dry my hair. Later I started to change. (outfit below^^)

I walked out from my room hearing Aiden and Amara talking about that Amara shouldn't go out alone.
"Hey where are you going?", I asked with a smile. She sighed and rolled her eyes.
"Let's go..", she said and grabbed my hand before I could protest.

"Why are we going there?", I asked placing my hands on each side of the seats.
"Because.. - I need to", she answered. I leaned back against the seat and made a confused face. The car finally stopped and I looked out at the abounded house, it was creepy.
"Here we go", she mumbled and got out of the car with me and Aiden following. She stopped outside the door and turned to the us.
"Wait here.. Promise me not to walk in - whatever you hear", she said with a warning tone. We both looked confused but nodded. She let out a relieved sigh and turned around again, she opened the door and stepped inside.

"So?..", I started, I wanted Aiden to tell me about my necklace.
"So what?", he said confused and looked at me.
"You know what", I said and raised my eyebrows.
"What what", he said as chuckled.
"Aiden! The fucking necklace!", I said little annoyed and he let out a laugh.
"Oh, right", he said and leaned against the car.
"Tell me. Now!", I demanded and he cleared his throat ready to tell me.
"Is your dad's name Lance Rivers?", he asked again and I looked at him confused.
"Um.. Yeah. I mean I never met him since he died before I was born but what does my necklace have anything to do with him?", I said and looked at him crossing my arms.
"Everything. Your dad was like a great hunter - one of the best ones. He was the strongest among us and when he died all his abilities got into the necklace and you got the necklace. So you wear it you can like use his spirit to get his powers so you get stronger, faster and all that. And I know that because Lance Rivers always said that if he died his powers will be passed on to some sort of necklace and he wanted his kid to have that necklace. Like a heritage", he explained and I just looked at him shocked. I was about to open my mouth but then I heard something inside the house. Me and Aiden looked at each other and ran to the door as Aiden kicked it open. As we walked in this man came straight at Aiden and snatched his necklace and threw it in front of Amara. And with that he was gone.

"What the hell was that?", I asked confused and looked at Amara.
"Amara you need to explain. Now!", Aiden said with a loud warning tone.


Hope you liked this chapter:)

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Castiel - Angel of The Lord.


I laid on the couch with the blanket covering most of my body, with my eyes shut I thought about everything that had happened. It's so damn weird, how did I get away from the house? I thought and turned around in the couch opening my eyes slightly to see the darkness that now surrounded everything around me. I let out a small sigh as I lifted my tired body up from the couch, the lamp on the coffee table in front of the sofa flickered. I furrowed my eyebrows together as I made my way over to it, before I could do anything a sharp noise filled my ears. I pressed my eyes together and pushed my hands to my ears as I fell onto the floor. The sound stopped and I opened my eyes carefully, everything was dark in the room. I stood up on shaky legs, searching the room for anything unusual. It seemed normal. As I turned around I faced a middle aged man, he had dark hair and he was wearing a long light cape.
"Hello Amara", he said with a firm voice. Tilting my head to the right slightly I watched the man as he raised his head to look at me. His eyes were the brightest blue, showing no emotions at all. Shockingly I let out a small gasp.
"Who-..", I started but he interrupted me. Obviously not here to play games.
"I'm Castiel", he answered me like he had read my mind. I took few steps back, watching him closely as he walked around in the room. What was he doing here?
"I'm here to help you", he answered my thought. I made a face as he looked at me once again.
"Yes I can read your mind", he answered again before stopping right in front of me. Shivering slightly I blinked few times, not being able to wrap my mind around it. Was this even possible? He looked straight into my eyes.
"It's not safe here", he said and grabbed my hand. Trying to hide it he stuffed a note in my hand as he backed away.

I woke up the next morning sweating, that was a really weird dream.
"Morning", someone said next to me making me gasp slightly.
"Uh, morning", I said and met Aiden's eyes. He raised his eyebrows and smiled.
"Bad dream?", he asked.
"Something like that", I mumbled and felt something under my hand, the note. I opened the piece of paper and read the letters on it. Burn it. The words echoed through my head. And just like that I felt my body move and suddenly I stood outside with a lighter in my hand turning the paper into ashes. I got inside again, passing Aiden as I continued towards the kitchen.
"I'm starving", I muttered and felt my stomach growl. I opened the fridge, seeing no food in it. Sighing I closed it again as I turned around.
"James and Josh are out getting food", Aiden filled me in. I nodded and gave him a small smile.
"I'm going out", I said and grabbed my leather jacket on the way out. I needed to get to that haunted house. Someone grabbed my under arm, stopping my attempt to walk out of the house.
"I'll go with you", Aiden said stepping in front of me.
"Really I don't need a babysitter", I hissed and rolled my eyes. He let out a chuckle, just as he did I heard Kat's voice.
"Hey where are you going?", she asked with a smiled placed upon her face. I sighed and rolled my eyes once again.
"Let's go..", I said and grabbed her hand before she could protest.

Is sat in the car, driving towards the old house in the middle of nowhere.
"Why are we going there?", Kat asked placing her hands on each side of the seats.
"Because.. - I need to", I answered felt Aiden's wondering eyes on me. Kat leaned back against the seat and made confused face. Oh I so wanted to tell them. What are you hiding? I heard Aidens thought in my head, I pretended not to notice and stopped the car outside the abounded house.
"Here we go", I mumbled and got out of the car with the others following. I stopped outside the door and turned to the others.
"Wait here.. Promise me not to walk in - whatever you hear", I said with a warning tone. They both looked confused but nodded. I let out a relieved sigh and turned around again, biting my bottom lip I opened the door. I stepped inside the darkness as the door closed behind me, I jumped slightly but kept on walking into the house.
"I'm here.. Cas", I shouted and waited for him to show himself. I looked around in the dark room, I turned around and jumped when I saw Castiel stand inched apart from me.
"Holy shit!", I shot out as he backed away noticing I felt uncomfortable.
"Why did you bring them?", he asked gesturing towards Aiden and Katherine.
"They didn't let me go alone", I answered and he nodded shortly.

"Now who are you?", I asked as he raised his head to look at me. His eyes bright with light.
"I'm an Angel", he answered making me gasp.
"Then what are you doing here?", I asked again, I needed to know everything.
"I'm your.. somewhat of your mentor", he answered. I raised my eyebrows. Mentor?
"Amara you're an Angel without wings", he said again. I furrowed my eyebrows together.
"What?", I let out a gasp.
"Aiden's necklace, it's your Grace", he continued. You need to get it back. I heard his voice in my head. I was about to protest against his argue when the door suddenly flew open. In came Aiden and Katherine. Suddenly Cas had snatched Aiden's necklace off his neck, he stood in front of me. Castiel stared into my eyes like he waited for an approval. I nodded and he threw the necklace in front of me to the ground and the room light up. The light embraced me and took over me.

Angels here and Angels there..

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"Its a..", Aiden started but then stopped and looked at me.
"What? What is it?", I asked and raised my eyebrows.
"I'll tell you that later", he said and was about to get up.
"But-", I protested but got cut off.
"No buts!", he kinda yell whispered to me, I slowly nodded and he walked away. I just sat there confused and looked at my necklace. Now what?

We were all impatiently waiting for Amara to show up and I soon started to get worried.
"Ugh... Amara, where the hell are you?", I mumbled as I was sitting on the steps still playing with my necklace. That's when I heard the door open and slam real hard, I walked straight to her as I put my arms around her. I placed my hands on the back of her head as I backed away and stared into her eyes.
"Where were you?", I asked worriedly. It was first now I noticed the red marks around her neck, and the stiff tears that had dried on her cheeks. My facial expression turned from worried to worse.
"What happened?", I shot out carefully stroking her right cheek with my hand. She blinked, I saw she was trying hard not to cry. She shrugged her shoulders up and down easily as she just stared at me.
"I-I don't know..", She mumbled but before she could say anything else I heard Josh's voice fill our ears.
"Amara!", he shouted. He came running towards her, she got out of my grip and made her way over to Josh. They embrace each other in a hug, before he backed away and placed her chin in his hands as he kissed her softly.

Amara sat in the couch with a blanket placed inches away from her cold body. Aiden leaned against the doorframe as he watched her closely, Josh sat next to her in the couch and I stood next to James.
"I'm just curious, how did you get away?", Aiden asked trying to get Amara's attention. She placed her gaze on his, I could see wonder in his look. I wondered too.
"I told you, it was this bright light and then.. it just disappeared", Amara said again. Aiden looked like he didn't believe it but let it go after a while. He sighed and made his way out the room, I sighed and smiled slightly.
"I'm just glad you're okay", I said walking over to her and placing a kiss on her forehead before exiting the room with James on my trail.

I opened the door and we stepped in as I closed the door behind us.
"So your okay?", he asked and looked at me.
"Yeah, I'm fine", I said and smiled at him.
"Are you ready to tell my why it ended bad last time you fell for the enemy?", he asked as I took a deep breath, I looked at him and nodded before sitting down on the bed.
"Okay. So it was kinda 2 years ago I dated this guy called Scott, he was one of Bradshaw's agents but when me and him met each other we instantly fell for each other. And we had this whole secret relationship thing, it didn't really work too good. Bradshaw and my boss figured it out and they started to kinda hunt us down. So one day he said 'Go to my cabin outside town and I'll be there before noon, I promise' and then I never heard back from him. So a few weeks ago I heard that he got killed, by Bradshaw and my boss. Amara saw it all and she knew all about it. They all knew about it and none of them told me anything, until we met Aiden and he was the one giving me the news. By blaming it all on me. Saying it was all my fault, I'm starting to think it kinda was", I said as tears fell down from my eyes hitting the floor, I took a deep breath and sat down on the bed. I looked up at James who had tears in his eyes as he bent down in front of me, he held my hand and stared into my eyes.
"I promise you I'll never let anyone hurt you. I'll never let you go", he said and wiped my tears away.
"That's what he said too", I said as more tears started to roll down my cheeks. James hugged me real tight as I cried. After a while I was done crying and he backed away still looking into my eyes.
"I know this is crazy but.. I love you Katherine, and I'll do everything I can to protect you. Please trust me, I want you to give me a chance to protect you. To love you", he said and I looked at him with big eyes. What did he just say?
"What did you say?", I asked clearing my throat.
"I love you", he said and I just jumped into his arms pressing my lips against his. And for the first time after Scott's disappearing I felt safe and loved again.


Sad? I know. But that cuteness tho;)


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I struggled with my breath as the cold grip tightened around my throat, making it hard to breath. The thing stood in the dark which made it hard to see it's face. As it lifted my body up, so my feet were dangling in the air I grasped onto it's hands trying to get loose. 

"Please..", I stuttered under my breath. Suddenly a bright light started shining every where around me, I pressed my eyelids together not being able to see anything. The thing let go of me, dropping me to the wooden floor. I grunted and coughed while opening my eyes seeing the creature no where. I got a hold of a table next to me, using my arms to get myself up on shaky legs. What the hell just happened? I thought for myself, searching the room feeling my heart beat hard against my chest. After a while I realized the creature was gone so I made my way over the floor and went out the door. This was a crazy idea.

I sat in the car ready to get away from here, I placed my hand on the key and turned it around starting the car. I backed out from the place I had the car and started driving towards the house we were staying at. When I got there I saw Kat sitting on the steps, playing with her necklace. I got out of the car in an fast movement, slamming the door. Kat raised her head and as soon as she saw me she came storming towards me. I wrapped my arms around her, still feeling a little shaky from the incident. She placed her hands on the back of my head as she backed away and stared into my eyes.
"Where were you?", she asked worriedly. First now she noticed the red marks around my neck, and the stiff tears that had dried on my cheeks. Her facial expression turned from worried to worse.
"What happened?", she shot out carfully stroking my right cheek with her hand. I blinked, trying hard not to cry. Shrugging my shoulders up and down easily I just stared at her.
"I-I don't know..", I mumbled but before I could say anything else I heard Josh's voice fill my ears.
"Amara!", he shouted making me jump slightly. He came running towards me, I got out of Kat's grip and made my way over to Josh. We embrace each other in a hug, before he backed away and placed my chin in his hands. I then felt his lips on mine, and for once I felt safe.

I sat in the couch with a blanket placed inches away from my cold body. Aiden leaned against the doorframe as he watched me closely, Josh sat next to me in the couch and Katherine stood next to James.
"I'm just curious, how did you get away?", Aiden asked trying to get my attention. I placed my gaze on his, seeing the wonder in his look.
"I told you, it was this bright light and then.. it just disappeared", I told again. Aiden looked like he didn't believe it but let it go after a while. He sighed and made his way out the room, I rolled my eyes.
"I'm just glad you're okay", Kat said walking over to me and placing a kiss on my forehead before exiting the room with James. I rolled my eyes once again but laughed slightly. Those two need to get it on. I thought and laughed by my own thought. Josh raised his eyebrows and pulled a smile, you're so beautiful. I heard his voice, but his lips wasn't moving. I gasped slightly as my eyes widened.
"Josh..?", I said questioningly.
"What is it?", he asked and looked at me seriously.
"I just heard your thought", I said and he furrowed his eyebrows together. An Angel, an Angel of God.. A warrior.. I heard again, this time it was Aidens voice in my head. I looked over at him with furrowed eyebrows, how is this possible?
"We're connected Amara", I heard Aidens words from earlier play back in my head. What if I had a connection to them because I was an Angel? This is getting so fucking creepy.

Wow, this is getting out of hand.


xoxo, lovi.

Av Lovi & Sara - 9 december 2013 17:46


I took a breath in as James kissed down my neck, soon he started to kiss my lips again.
"James..", I mumbled but he just kept on kissing me. I stopped kissing him and he looked up.
"What's wrong?", he asked and smirked. Damn he was hot, I just wanted to throw myself on him but I couldn't because it was wrong.
"This is wrong", I said and he put me down on my feet again.
"Why?", he asked confused.
"I told you before. Falling in love with the enemy never ends well", I said and sighed sitting down on the bed.
"You never told me why it was wrong and by the way you like me", he said and winked, I just let out a laugh and shook my head.
"I never said I liked you", I said and smiled. He smiled back and kissed me on the lips again, I could feel fireworks going on in my stomach. It felt amazing. Soon he was sitting on top of me smirking evilly.
"Oh, so you don't like me? Huh?", he said and started to tickle me.
"Omg! Stop", I started laughing and kicking.
"Tell me you like me", he said and kept on tickling me.
"No!", I laughed as I turned around making him fall beside me as I sat on top of him.
"Your gonna punish me now?", he asked and smirked.
"Shut up", I said and hit his chest as I stood up and walked over to my clothes.
"So you're just gonna leave me like that?", he asked and laughed a little.
"Yeah, can you get out for a sec? I need to change", I answered and looked at him.
"Why can't I stay and see that sexy body of yours?", he asked and made a puppy dog face.
"No, get out or I'll kick you out", I said again, he put his hand up in the air as he surrounded and got out from the room. I sighed and smiled, I started to put on my black Victoria's Secret lace caning set. As I was putting my hair up in a messy bun James walked straight in making me jump.
"God damn it! I never told you to come in", I said as I let out a breath.
"Well I was tired of waiting - but god damn you're hot", he said and bit his lip looking at me. I raised my eyebrow and looked at him.
"Excuse me?", I said and snapped him back in reality.
"I mean, you got a stunning body- ugh, I mean let's sleep", he stuttered making me giggle. I laid down as he laid down beside me wrapping his arms around my tiny body. I started to fall in a deep sleep.
"Goodnight beautiful", I heard James say before I drifted off. I smiled as I was gone in the dream world.

I woke up the next morning feeling empty, I looked to my side not seeing James. I sighed and got up walking towards my suitcase full of my clothes, makeup and the other suitcase full of my shoes and jewelry. I started to pick some clothes from the suitcase.

When I was done putting my clothes on I started to put on some make up. (Outfit below) I put on some red lipstick and looked at my reflection as smiled. When I was done I started to put my jewelry on. I looked at the necklace and smiled, it was my moms.

I started to walk downstairs noticing Josh and James were behind me, I walked into the kitchen seeing Aiden and Amara. I raised my eyebrows at them, what are they doing? I realized Josh and James were also looking at them with questioning eyes. Amara stood up from the chair and led us to the sofa as she started to tell us about what Aiden had told her.

"So you're an Angel?", I asked making a confused face, she laughed slightly as I still looked at her waiting for an answer. She nodded and I just raised my eyebrow as I always did when I was confused.
"This doesn't make any sense", Josh suddenly muttered. I looked at him and slowly nodded, he was right. It doesn't make any sense.
"What doesn't make any sense?", Amara asked and that's when I noticed the book placed in his hands. He lifted his head, staring at Amara with a wondering expression on his face. He studied her shortly before opening his mouth to speak.
"In this book, it says Angels are warriors of God", he read from the page making me and Amara gasp at the same time. What the fuck is going on? Now she's a warrior of God? She walked over to Josh and got a hold of the book, reading the exact words again. I snatched the book out of her hand and read the words as did James. We all looked at each other before turning to Aiden, who apparently was the only person who knew what was going on.
"Don't look at me, I know as much as you do about this", he said and let out a frustrated sigh. Now what are we gonna do? I was so confused and frustrated. Before anyone could react Amara was out the door, walking straight towards the car. Me and Josh were about to walk after her when Aidens voice stopped us.
"She need to figure this out on her own", he said and we just stood by the door and watched as she drove away. I walked inside towards Aiden and looked at him seriously.

"How did you know?", I said and looked at him as he raised his eyebrows.
"I have been familiar with this before", he answered shortly.
"Uh, and how did it go last night? Did you kill the spirit?", I asked and rolled my eyes.
"Yeah", he answered making me gasp.
"What? How?", I asked shocked.
"Save that for later", he said and I just surprisingly nodded.

I sat down on the couch playing with my moms necklace when Aiden sat down beside me.
"Where did you get that from?", he asked and looked at the necklace with big eyes.
"My mom gave it to me before I died. Why?", I asked and looked at him with surprised look.
"That's a.."


What do you think that necklace means/ is?



Hello dear readers, this is a blog where two teenagers are in charge writing different magical novels. We make up everything ourselves, and all copying is reported! Leave a like and a comment, or suggestions. xx

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