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Chapter 1 - The Beginning

Av Lovi & Sara - 12 januari 2014 19:12

I sat on the black bar chair by the dinnertable, sipping my coffee in a slow phase. Suddenly my phone started buzzing like crazy beside me, I took a grip of it and answered the call from Ashley.
"Hey boo", her unforgettable sweet voice spoke in the other line of the phone. A wide smile spread across my face.
"Hi Ash, when are you here?", I asked as I jumped down from the chair and kept on towards the hall. I found my black Victoria's Secret backpack and stuffed my school books in there as I waited for an answer.
"I'm there in 3 minutes, be ready", I smiled and clicked off the phone after she had answered. I just needed to get my new shoes from upstairs and my look for the day would be completed. I went upstairs, into my room and found the shoes as I jumped into them and went downstairs again. As I made my way into the hall again I heard Ashley's car pull up outside, making me hurry slightly as I knew she hated waiting for stuff. I got my jacket on, and took my backpack on the way out as I locked the front door it walked her to the car.

Me and Ashley arrived at our school, both of us stepping out of the car at the same time. We walked together across the school grounds, with many looks after us we continued into the school. We seperated for a while to get to out lockers which were on the opposite sides of each other. I opened my locker and heard someone walk up behind me, suddenly in felt apair of arms around me. I turned my head to see Ashton smiling widely, I giggled and tried to get out of his grip.
"Hey babe", he whispered with a low raspy voice in my ear which made me shiver.
"Hey - I'm not your babe", I smirked and got out of his grip pushing him slightly. He smiled back and winked at me before Ashley met up with us, giving Ashton a weird look like she was annoyed with him.
"Ellie, don't tell me you're hanging out with this perv?", she eyed Ashton once again before turning to me, her hands full with books.
"Hey!", Ashton pretended to be offended and placed his hand over his chest. I let out a laugh and shook me head slightly.
"He likes to follow me around, don't you puppy?", I told her before turning to Ashton and smiling. He smirked but didn't answer, Ashley rolled her eyes and I finally got to my books, closing my locker. Me and Ashley got away from Ashton and his friends, getting to our lesson. Still followed by several guys checking us out, ugh animals.

I sat at the back of the class, next to Ashley as always listening to the history teacher talking about different myths.
"..and some people believed there was these creatures among us, who had special abilities." The magister spoke which had my attention for a few minutes, I furrowed my eyebrows together and looked down into my book again. I pulled out my pen and started to draw a young man, with light textures and dark shadows. For some reason it felt like had seen this man before, but I don't know from where. First now I noticed a guy staring at me and my drawing, like he was inspecting it.
"Wow, that's really good", he whispered from behind me. I turned around and saw the same guy I had just been drawing, he had blonde hair and as blue eyes as the sea. I let out a chocked gasp, just loud enough to make Ashley turn to me with raised eyebrows. The guy gave me a quick smile before the clock started shouting and he was out the door.
"Ellie, are you okay?", Ashley asked, trying to get my attention. I turned to her, not sure what to answer. What the fuck just happened?


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xoxo, lovi.


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Hello dear readers, this is a blog where two teenagers are in charge writing different magical novels. We make up everything ourselves, and all copying is reported! Leave a like and a comment, or suggestions. xx

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