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I was shaking while sobbing. I was about to be raped by that douche Jackson. I can't believe it, and then this stranger comes from nowhere and rescues me?

Then I saw Ellie coming towards me as she threw her arms around me as I shakingly hugged her back while sobbing.

"I'm sorry..", the guy mumbled and walked away, without looking at us. How could he hear me when no one else could? Ellie helped me up and took my hand as I stood up on my shaking legs.
"Let's go get something to calm ourselves", Ellie suggested and I nodded. Wiping away my tears and fixing my hair as we walked away from the school, and as we arrived at the parking lot I saw the blonde guy from our class and a brunette girl and the guy who just saved me standing facing each other. I need to know his name, I can't keep calling him that guy. But then Ellie let go of me and walked up to them with fast steps.

'Oh shit, she can't blame it on him'.
"What the hell happened to Ashley?", Ellie shouted slightly. 'Oh my god, no not now. Not today.'
"I just came there and she was sitting on the floor crying", he lied easily. 'What the fuck? Why did he lie? Why didn't he say that he saved me?'

"Bullshit!", Ellie shouted and I saw him and the girl tense up. I gasped slightly at Ellie's voice.
"Listen, I didn't have anything to do with this okay!", the guy shot back obviously loosing his temper. Now I was scared and shocked. And then the brunette girl stepped forward.

"Listen - girl, if my brother says he didn't have anything to do with this he didn't", she hissed fast but I didn't let Ellie to answer as I walked up to them. I placed my hand on her shoulder, letting her know it was time to go. I didn't wanted this to be a fight at least not now.

"Whatever, you're not off the hook yet", Ellie hissed leaving a silence between them before giving the blonde guy a quick look and turning around with me beside her.

Me and Ellie walked up to my car and I opened the doors as we sat inside.
"Ash.. What happened back there?", she asked, I sighed.
"Nothing", I answered shortly.
"Something must of happened, you don't cry easily and when I saw you it was like you had been crying for hours", she said as I started the engine and started driving.
"Just let it go. I don't want to talk about it right now. I'll tell you when I'm ready, alright?", I said and sighed as I looked at the rode.
"Fine", she sighed and she smiled slightly. I smiled back and kept on driving.

After I had driven Ellie to her house I drove to my dance rehearsal. I stepped out of my car and started walking to my dance studio. As I walked in I saw him again. Why is he everywhere I go? Is he stalking me? We'll if he does then it needs to end right now. I walked up to him and faced him with a raised eyebrow.

"Are you stalking me or something? Why are you everywhere I go? And don't say your dancing here because it's only for girls. Unless you're a lesbian who dresses as a guy", I said and smirked. He just looked at me with raised eyebrows.
"First of all I'm defiantly not a lesbian and I'm not stalking you. Like why would I? You're not Megan Fox or something. I'm waiting for my sister", he said and smirked back.
"Whatever..", I said and rolled my eyes as I slowly were walking away.
"Aren't you gonna thank me?", he questioned and I turned around and smiled.
"For what? You did say earlier that you didn't do anything and that you just found me crying. Didn't you say that?", I said and smirked, then I saw the girl from earlier walking towards us. They started to walk away. I have to know his name. Now or never.

"Wait", I said as he turned around and looked at me.
"What?", he said and smirked with raised eyebrows.
"Who are you?", I said and waited for his answer.
"Jason", he said and smiled slightly.
"Ashley", I said and smiled he nodded and winked as he walked out.

During the whole dance I was only thinking about Jason. Why am I thinking about him?


Sorry for the wait I have been too busy, but I hope you like this chapter.





Hello dear readers, this is a blog where two teenagers are in charge writing different magical novels. We make up everything ourselves, and all copying is reported! Leave a like and a comment, or suggestions. xx

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