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Chapter 5 - Invitation

Av Lovi & Sara - 2 februari 2014 11:48


I sat on the sofa with a white thick blanket tucked around my body. My mind was thinking about a million things, several times I had to stop myself for a while or I would of blacked out. Who were those people? I let out a small sigh and straightened my back as I reached for my notebook, opened it on a new blank side and started to scribble down my thought onto the white soft paper. Just as I wrote the name of the boy from earlier that had caught my attention as my phone started buzzing beside me, which made me jump slightly. I dropped the book and my pen into the floor, leaving an echo in the room. I drew my hand through my hair and grabbed the phone, answering the call.
"Hello?", I spoke with a slight frustration. The person on the other line didn't answer, the only thing my ears could hear was heavy breaths.
"Ellie Swan?", a mans voice spoke in a thick tone.
"Yes?", I answered casually, who was this? The line went dead and I placed the phone beside me in the sofa, that was weird? As I went into the darkness that is my mind again I heard footsteps on my porch outside. Turning around I saw a shadow of a man on the other side of the door, I turned around and got out of the sofa just as he slid a letter under the door then leaving. I stood there for a while until I finally got the courage to walk over to the letter and pick it up. The letter was wrapped in a yellowish hard paper and a red old seal to hold the letter closed, huh weird? I thought and turned the letter around seeing my name on it, Ellie Violet Swan. I furrowed my eyebrows together and made my way over to the kitchen and got a hold of a knife and used it to open up the letter, it was a invitation to a bal. I raised my eyebrows questioningly but read the whole letter word by word, you could see it was handwritten by a young man by the light curves on the letters. In the end it said, I'm sorry for mine and my siblings behavior earlier - E. I rolled my eyes.
"Is this supposed to be an apology?", I let out a small laugh before walking over to the sofa and getting my phone. I dialed Ashley's number and waited for her to answer, after two tones she answered with her cheerful voice.
"Hey Ellie!", I could hear her smile from her voice.
"Hey Ash, uh - I think you should come over", I said and we clicked the call. In about 10 minutes Ashley stood outside my door, her eyes were filled with excitement. Just as mine, she stepped inside and jumped out of her shoes and jacket before she walked after me to the living room. Her eyes landed on the invitation, she practically flew over to it and read it with wide eyes.
"No way! Is this an actual invitation to a dance?", she shouted jumping up and down. I laughed at her then nodded.
"And guess what, you'll be my +1", I smiled.

Short but interesting, don't kill me please.

xoxo, lovi.


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