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Once Joshua made his way out of the room I threw myself onto my bed, burying my head in the pillow, as I had done moments earlier. This seemed to be the only way I could kind of disappear from my own mind. I wasn't sure what was going on, but it was exhausting. After a while I pulled up my phone, plugged in my earplugs and started listening to music loudly. In just a while I realized how tired I actually was and slowly but surely I began to drift into a deep sleep of unconsciousness.


When I opened my eyes again everything was dark, the moons light reflected into my mirror and then me - almost making me blind in the process. I rubbed my eyes, yawned and searched for my phone on the bed. I had dropped the phone on the floor beside me, I sighed and leaned down to grab it. My hair fell down over my head, and as I leaned down the floor to pick up the phone I swear, I heard a growl. I sat up, out of instinct I put my hands in front of me for protection. I then realized how stupid I must of looked and laughed at myself before lowering my arms, jumping down from the warm bed in the process.

I tipped over to my window, which I was sure I had closed when I got home but was now wide open. I searched the nature outside my window, stared at the sky before meeting the moon with my own eyes, it was like I was mesmerized. I kept on staring at the moon, unable to do anything else and I would of continued doing it if it weren't for the other growl I heard. This time louder then before, like it was something beside me. I turned, faster then expected and searched the room, inch by inch. That's when I saw it, from my door and out in the big corridor I saw something, a silhouette of something big - something hairy almost.

Whitout thinking I started to follow the beast, surely this thing was here for a reason and I needed to know why. I tipped lightly in the wooden floor, not lighter then a feather so I wouldn't wake anyone up, and for some reason it felt natural and easier then ever. Normally I would've fallen or walked into something by now but it was like I saw everything perfectly in the dark. As I followed the shadow, it began to run, I as curious as I was took off after it.

Suddenly I was in a big black corridor, nothing I've seen before. Then in front of my eyes appeared a huge castle, it looked to be very old. I let out a quiet gasp and approached the building slowly, not wanting any traps of some sort to be set off. When I reached the door I pushed it open, realizing how heavy it was I had to use all of my strength to get it open. When I'd stumbled inside I was met by a bright light, and in the middle of it stood the beast, as I could see now was a wolf. We have no wolfs here? Right? But suddenly the wolf turned into a human, facing the wall there stood a boy. Someone I recognized, even. When I stepped closer I could indeed verify I knew this boy, it was Ryan. And just as he had heard me he suddenly looked up at me, sending me a smile which made me shiver.


I awoke the next morning, greeted by the sunlight and for once I was happy to wake up. I slid out of bed, getting out of my oversized hoodie; which was my pajama at the moment, then I made my way over to the bathroom and got into the shower after turning it on. When I was done I wrapped my wet body into a freshly cleaned towel and walked over to my room once again. I got into a pit of black skinny jeans, getting into a green military top and a matching green jacket and a pair of black high heels. I got some make up on before I slipped out of the room, soundlessly I made my way down the stairs and into the kitchen to see Joshua by the table eating.

"Morning", I cheered wrapping my arms around him from behind. He jumped slightly, not hearing I had come down.
"Hey", he chuckled and got up, hugging me tightly. When we were done I started fixing breakfast for myself, taking a sip of the steaming hot coffee I sat down on the opposite side of him. I took another sip of the coffee as my phone buzzed beside me. I got it up from my pocket and saw a text from Savannah, it led; Hey love, you gonna pick me up today? We need to talk xx

I frowned slightly but ignored the seriousness in the text for now. I jumped down from the chair, grabbing my bag I kissed Joshua on the cheek before leaving the house and getting into the car. We drove the short while to Savannah's house, a while earlier then usual, I felt we needed extra time with this 'talk'. We stopped outside Savannah's house and she opened the door and I scooted over, letting her in.

"Hey!", she greeted happily but I could instantly feel something was up.
"Morning", I smiled and when she had sat down she gave me a meaning look.
"What's wrong?", I asked. Noticing the tense air around us all of a sudden, she as nervous and a bit afraid.
"I-I don't really know.. But, I had this.. dream?", she began and tell me all labour her dream. I shivered when she was done, realizing I had had the exact same dream except with Ryan. What the hell was going on?


Oh, here y'all go lovelies. Chapter 5.

» see ya friends, lovi.

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