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Av Lovi & Sara - 27 mars 2014 19:35

Savannah Leah Jones

Savannah also called Sav is a normal 19 year old girl who goes to a higschool called Meadows Highschool in California. Besides going to school she works at a coffe shop called Victoria. She loves to work there, Savannah has her own place but she's mostly at her parents house. Savannah is a very flirtatious girl who's full of energy and loves to party and have fun. There is just something with her that attracts guys, she's like a guy magnet. But besides that she is a real sweetheart, until you hurt someone really close to her. Sav is really fast with getting things done, she got a pretty big brain - most of the time. She loves to sing, she is a really good singer but she is also a really good dancer. Not to mention she adores fashion.

Savannah's life is perfect, she is one of the richest girls in town and she got the most perfect parents and of course the awesome bestfriend. Savannah's best friend Kaitlyn is a real sweetheart who also loves to party. But all this perfectness is about to come to an end when Savannah and Kaitlyn finds out about what they are capable of. Will they be able to control it or will they let it control them? But one things for sure, whatever happens they cant tell anything to anyone. Not even their family's.

So that was my person description, so now you just have to wait for chapter 1:)


Av Lovi & Sara - 23 mars 2014 21:30


Young Kaitlyn Johanson is as normal as any teenager in her age, 18, interested in fashion and boys. Kaity, as she's called, is a very sociable person and she loves to hang out with her friends. She is also very popular in school, many people adore her and most guys fancy her, but even when, she doesn't fall for just any guy. Kaitlyn has a very busy life with school and friends she also fits in dance, guitar and singing lessons in her schedule, she hates to just sit around and do nothing.

Kaity lives with her aunt Celine and her big brother Joshua at a big mansion at the end of Saphirestreet, it's the biggest house on the street, the Johanson family is very rich. Her mother died two months after Kaitlyns birth and her father is out of the country, working for a big company, as he has done for the past 15 years. Kaitlyn tries not to think about her parents a lot, since she doesn't really know them, they're more like strangers then family. Ever since her parents got out of her life Celine has been there and raised Kaity and her brother as her own, Joshua has also been very protective and caring of her.

When Kaitlyn and one of her closest friends get to know they have certain abilities everything changes, for better or for worse, the only thing they do know for sure is that they can't tell anyone about this.

This is my new persona identity or whatever, hope you like it.

xoxo, lovi.

Av Lovi & Sara - 23 mars 2014 20:57

Hey dear readers, under conclusion me and Sara has yet again decided not to start on this novel. Its been very busy in both our lives but we have now decided for once that we are going to keep on writing and regularly too, so expect at least two chapters every week. We have come up with new ideas for another novel, it will be a bit more on our territory and so I will be easier for us. It will be about two girls; original I know, they later become known of their powers and that they are actually werewolfs. More information will be realised in a short amount of time. Hope you enjoy! 

xoxo, lovi. 

Av Lovi & Sara - 16 februari 2014 17:50


Alex Violet Pierce - Silhouette;

is a beautiful young woman, at her early grownup years. Her extraordinary looks are complimented often, she is quite popular around her street. Knows the most people and is as sweet as she looks like. In her school she is the popular cute girl, every girl wants to be and every boy wants. She is also very smart, even under pressure she can think clearly and has very fast reflexes. She lives in a mansion with her mother and little sister Dalia, their father on the other hand sits in a prison somewhere far away. Alex sometimes has trouble with that, the fact she doesn't have her father there with her makes her a bit depressed. She does live a normal life thought, until she sleeps. She then falls into another dimension; a dream world. There Alex meets others like her, people who has another life. Savannah is one of the people inside the dream world, here they have to work together to fight through the challenges. And you know what they say, if you die in a dream - you die in reality. Alex's other name in the dream world is Silhouette.


That's about it, hope you like it.
xoxo, lovi.

Av Lovi & Sara - 16 februari 2014 14:20

Hey folks, it's been a while and we're terrible sorry for that. We have a explanation, please don't kill us! Since we had a week off you'd think we'd be able write a lot this week - it was more like the opposite. I didn't even have time to sleep most nights, yes I stayed up all night. But that's not the problem, no not at all. Me and Sara has come to the point when you feel like you have all the time in the world but at the same time we don't even have time to do anything. But we have decided that we are going to quit this novel. It just didn't click for neither of us, but we have on the other hand figured out a new novel; I'm sorry that we change our mind all the time. But you know life is just stressful, and for us to keep writing and think it's interesting we need to find good long lasting ideas to float on. Which is really hard by the way, that's kind of why we change our blog twice (twenty times) a month. Please don't be mad, we love you all and hope you'll stick with us. If you do, I promise you we will reward you.

New novel; so our characters will be as normal as you can be in this twisted world, there is just one slight difference between us and them. Once they fall into their dreams something happens, they come into whole new different world. They're inbetween the state of reality and dreams, where they have to fight together to live through their challenges.

More information will come. Descriptions and first chapter will be written shortly.
xoxo, lovi.

Av Lovi & Sara - 12 januari 2014 17:28


Jasmine Villegas ~ Ashley Rose Jackson 


Ashley Rose Jackson is a 18 year old highschool student, she is a sweet girl from a nice family. Ashley is really curious and energyfull. If she's after something she's fearless. She's a really good dancer and a good singer too, Ashley's family are the ritchest family in their town, so it means Ashley always gets what she wants, she hates to wait. If she wants something she gets it not to mention she has her bestfriend. Ellie Violet Swan, and her are the most popular girls in school. They run the school. But it's not like they're mean girls, they are actually really sweet, but with popular I mean popular around the guys. All the guys in school just drools over them. But they dont easily fall for guys, they are hard to get.

What happens when Ashley and Ellie falls for the wrong guys? The guys with the biggest and darkest secrets. Her life is about to change, the normal world of hers becomes the stranger world. A world she no longer knows.


So that was Ashley, and chapter one is coming soon:)


Av Lovi & Sara - 11 januari 2014 21:30


Ellie Violet Swan,

is as normal as any young teenager that only has High School and boys to worry about. Ellie is not at all shy, she's more like the opposite of it and she loves to be in the center of attention. She basically does anything to get more people to look up to her, and follow her around. For Ellie everything is a game, she likes to play around with people and frighten them. She's also very popular around her school, for several reasons. Ellie is often complimented by her looks, her long blonde hair and deep green eyes often catches ones attention. Ellie isn't scared of much but there is something about being left alone that scares her. Ever since her father died in a car crash her mother has started drinking and not caring about Ellie or anything else for that matter. Which made Ellie feel alone, and she hates it. Ellie has her best friend Ashley Rose Jackson by her side all the time, they spend every single possible minute together. If Ellie wouldn't of had Ashley she would be lost.


This was my description of Ellie for the new novel. Sara's will be up shortly, I hope you'll like this novel.

xoxo, lovi.

Av Lovi & Sara - 11 januari 2014 21:13

So me and Lovi thought we should start on a new novel since none of us have more fantasy left for Hunters Power. I'm really sorry that we keep starting on new ones and we never finish a novel but let's be honest it gets really boring writing on the same novel and eventually our ideas fades away, so we have to start on a new one.

But as it looks everytime we start on a new one you guys seem to like em even more and more, so i hope you guys are gonna like this new one even more. And more information about the new novel comes up soon:)

Thanks for reading our novels even when we keep changing and writing new ones like 24/7. Love you guys.

Kisses ~Sara:*


Hello dear readers, this is a blog where two teenagers are in charge writing different magical novels. We make up everything ourselves, and all copying is reported! Leave a like and a comment, or suggestions. xx

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