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Av Lovi & Sara - 26 november 2013 18:51

The words just played in my head over and over again.
"He's dead",

I couldn't believe my ears, the first guy I actually loved and still do is dead and its because of me.
"I'm sorry Kat", Amara started, I didn't even wanted to hear anything. Because 'sorry' is not gonna bring him back to me, sorry is not gonna help.
"Sorry? You're sorry?", I said with a loud voice. I closed my lips and shook my head with anger in my eyes.
"Sorry doesn't even cover it", I said again and disappeared before she could say anything.
I was broken in pieces, I couldn't believe it. How is this possible? Why am I the reason of his death? I though to myself and I didn't even realise till now was on the rooftop. I sat down with my legs hanging down, I looked down at all the people going around in the mall with smiles on their faces. They all were so normal, they had normal lifes and normal problems.
Why can't I have a normal life? Why can't I go near someone without them dying later? Why can't I be happy? I keep on thinking as the tears just roll down my eyes. Scott was my actual real love, I've never had the same feeling towards other guys I'd dated. Scott was different but in a good way. He was the most protective boyfriend ever but I liked it, I loved knowing he cared for me so much. He was that kind of guy you wouldn't mind being stuck with for the rest of you're life. He was a bad guy so no regular girls got near him because they were afraid of him, but they were afraid because of all the bad things they heard abut him. They never knew the real him, they didn't knew the Scott I knew. The sweet, caring Scott. He was the only one who could understand me and all the pain I went through.
And now he's dead. The only person that understood my pain was gone. My lifesaver is gone.. Forever.
"Katherine!", I heard Amara shout interrupting my thoughts. It was too late and before I knew it I was fighting with the double J's.
"I'm so not in the mood for you guys", I said and took out my gun and pointed it at Josh. I forgott about James. James came from behind me and held me real tight so I was literary pressed to him.
"Damn..", he whispred in my ear, I could feel him smirk. What does he mean with 'Damn'? I kicked him with my foot as he let go of me. I took my other gun out and pointed it at both of them.
"She's cocky", James said as I rolled my eyes and Josh just smirked at me. And like that Amara stood by my side, I looked at her surprisly but kept my attention on Josh and James.
"Ah, two flies in one hit", James said and looked at us both. Both me and Amara rolled our eyes, I avoided her stares and kept holding my guns pointed at the double J's.
"What are you doing here?", Amara asked and looked first at Josh and then James but she looked back at Josh.
"I could ask you the same thing", he said and stared at her.
"We happened to look for a guy named Aiden Shaw, we know you had.. a past", Josh answered her question. I lifted my eyebrows in surprise. How can he know about that?
"I don't know what you're talking about", Amara said and I stiffened beside her.
"Cut the crap Cupid, just tell me where he is and we won't hurt you", James said with a harsh tone of voice. I made a face, so did Amara. Who does he think he is? I thought but got intruppted my Aiden's voice in the background.
"Her names Amara", he said with his dark voice and stepped out of the shadows. I gasped as my eyes went on James. He looked at me with a smirk and winked, I lifted my eyebrows as he turned his attention to Aiden who now was pointing two big guns at the double J's. I turned my attention to Amara as she mouthed 'on three', to me and I nodded. She held up her fingers behind her back and showed from three, two.. one. Both of us kicked the boys on their backs so they fell, I bent down and grabbed James gun before I ran over to Aiden as Amara joined my side. We ran together down the stairs. Amara locked the door and we kept running, we got out of the building.
When we got to our 'work' building Aiden opened the door for us, I walked in with fast steps. Today was just too much.
"Hey-..", Amara said beside me and I looked at her knowing what she was gonna say so I cut her off.
"Amara, it's okay.. I kinda overreacted", I said and faked smiled making her smile. I didn't want to talk about, it just made it worse.
"I'm sorry", Amara said after a while and I nodded fake smiling again and we hugged tightly. Aiden caught up with us, I looked at them both before I excused myself and walked away. I went straight to my room and laid down on my bed. Amara can deal with our boss and Aiden.

"I love you Katherine", he said making me smile widely as I kissed him still smiling.
"I love you too", I said and kissed him again. The kiss became deeper and more passionated, our tongues were fighting for domination. I finally let him win and he started exploring my mouth. I felt fireworks going on inside of me, I started smiling and he stopped kissing me as we backed away.
"What?", he said and gave me a small smile.
"Nothing", I said and smilied looking deep into his eyes.
"Tell me..", he said and held my hand caressing it.
"It's just that.. I feel so happy when I'm with you. I have no worries or cares in the world, I feel safe when I'm with you", I said and smiled as I laid down putting my head on his chest. I looked up at the stars above us, we were on a rooftop having the best moment of our lifes.
"You know I love you more than anything and I will do anything to make you happy. You're the girl of my dreams, your the only person I love. No matter what happens I will always love you", he said softly making me smile.
"I never had a safe place to land. But I do now", I said and smiled at him listening to his heartbeat.
"I will always be here for you. Forever?", he asked and kissed my forhead waiting for my answer.
"Forever", I said and kissed him hard on the lips. He lifted me up so I was on top of him as he was kissing me. His hands were messaging my back as the kiss got deeper. And then it stopped.
"Katherine, I'm sorry but I have to leave you", he said as I sat up looking at him chocked.
"What are you talking about?", I said feeling tears forming in my eyes.
"I'm sorry babe. I never meant to leave you but I have to", he said and stood up as I stood up with him.
"Please stay, I thought you'd never leave me", I said with tears running down my eyes hitting the ground.
"I'm sorry but I don't have any other choice. I love you", he said and like that he was gone, the feeling of holding his hand was gone.
"Scott!", I shouted and opened my eyes with tears running down my cheeks.
So was this chapet done. Pretty sad at the end i know, i actually started crying myself. Lol.
~Sara xoxo

Av Lovi & Sara - 17 november 2013 19:52


We stood a few feet away from the lady who owned the stand as I looked at the jewelry in front of my eyes. Hiding my guns and knifes under my leather jacket I saw Amara doing the same thing. Footsteps filled the air and before we could turn around I heard a familiar voice.

"Where is Amara Mortez and Katherine Rivers?", the man said and I knew exactly who it was, I bit my lip. Turning around at the same time as Amara we faced the man and his 20 guards. It was Bradshaw. A fat, pathetic idiot who thinks he owns everything and everyone.

"Mr. Bradshaw", Amara said with a questioning tone raising her eyebrows while glancing at the guards. I stood stiffly by her side breathing in and out slowly. He stepped closer towards us with his gun in his left hand, he tilted his head and looked at us both.

"What are you doing here?", he asked raising his gun slightly. I looked at Amara knowing what she was doing. She was gonna hypnotize him with her love power. But I also knew this never had a happy ending so I put my hand on my gun waiting for it to blast. I stood by Bradshaw's other side as I lifted my hand to take a hold if his gun, Amara lifted her hand to touch his cheek. But suddenly he snapped out of her grip and pointed his gun at her stomach, making all his guards point their guns at us.

"Shit", I mumbled as I backed away slowly, with Amara following. I looked at Amara and she looked up at the rooftop just a few meters away from us. I clearly understood what she meant, I looked back at Bradshaw and a smirk came across my lips.

"You're not getting away now", he said chuckling in a way that I just wanted to shoot him right in the head. I looked at my side and Amara nodded at me as I pulled out my guns and started shooting the guards behind him as I ran towards a way up to the roof. I heard fast footsteps behind me, I glanced over my shoulder to see one of the guards running after me. I turned around with my gun in my hand and shot him right in the head.

Soon enough I was standing on the rooftop waiting for Amara to come up, she joined my side and I gave her a small smirk as we started running.

"After them!", Bradshaw shouted at his remaining guards. I smiled and kept running with Amara by my side. And soon I heard a gunshot in the air and I saw Amara dodging the bullet who flew real close to her head. But she lost her balance and slipped.
"Amara!", I shouted and stood at the edge of the roof.

But she managed to grab a pole that was sticking out from the big building. She climbed up and joined my side again as we started running again. We jumped down from the roof and landed on the hard ground without any scratches.

We stood up and started running but as we turned around the corner we got stopped by a gun pointed at us, I looked at the guy with big eyes. He had a cheeky smile on his lips, and then an another guy come out from the corner with a gun pointed at me. He got wavy brown hair and sparkly green eyes honestly he was kinda cute. He gave me an evil smirk as I bit my lip and lifted my eyebrow.

"Hello Amara", said the other guy so I turned my head towards him, who is he? Or this other guy.

"And you're Katherine", said the other one in front of me and smirked.
"And you're just an another idiot who works with that pathetic fatty", I said and smirked. And just like that I felt someone hitting my head with the back of a gun.

"You're too bitchy", said the guy behind me, and I instantly knew it was Bradshaw, I rubbed my the back of head.
"Son of a bitch...", I mumbled as I stood up with an annoyed look on my face.
"What did you say?", he said smirking at me. I felt the electrical power going through my palms as I put them around his neck, he was slowly falling as I hit him hard with my head. I hit right in his nose and he started bleeding everywhere. I smirked and chuckled.

"I said you messed with the wrong sister", I said and smirked but before I knew the other guy took a hold of my arms so I couldn't do anything.
"Take them away!", Bradshaw shouted holding his bleeding nose.


Here is chapter 2 people, hope y'all like it.

Comment what you think:)

Kisses ~Sara:*

Av Lovi & Sara - 3 november 2013 18:41


I put all the clothes I needed in my white suitcase and started to struggle to close the suitcase. I then put all my high heels and sneakers in an another suitcase. When it came to my makeup I just put them all in my makeup bag. And I put all my jewellery in an another bag. I then started to put all my bikinis and beach supplies in an another suitcase. I guess I have a lot to carry, three suitcases, well what are you gonna do when you're a girl?

Where is Alicia? I have been waiting here for like 30 minutes. So I started calling her. After 2 signals she picked up.
"Yeah?", she answered on the other line.
"Hey we're waiting outside, hurry", I said impatient and hung up. She finally came and I welcomed her with a big smile. I was so exited for London and shopping.

The drive to the airport was quite long, it took 2 and a half hour to get there and it would take 3 hours to get to London now. We walked across the dusty ground. We had people who helped us with our luggage, which was a relief, I couldn't carry three suitcases. I held Alicia's hand as we stepped into the private jet. We did get a free ride to London, it included in the prize, so did a week at the most expensive hotel in London.

We will arrive in a couple of hours and I will meet the guys Alicia is always obsessing over. This is a big deal for her since they are her idols.

I sat down on my seat and took out my phone and put my headphones on and started to listen to music. The plan lifted and I took a deep breath, I hated flying. I looked outside from the window it was beautiful, all I could see was clouds who looked like marshmallows. And all the houses looked like little playhouses similar to Barbies dream house. I shut my eyes and as of that I was in a deep sleep.

Alicia took a hold of my hand again and we stepped out the taxi that had driven us to the hotel we are staying at. We looked at each other with smiling faces before we walked up the front steps and walked into the hotel. And the first the thing we saw were the boys standing a few meters away from us. Then I saw this muscular man coming towards us.

"Chloe Young and Alicia Snow?", he asked with a deep voice. We nodded slightly and he turned around meaning we should follow him. As we walked after the man the boys were staring at us. I felt a real tight grip on my hand which hurt, I looked at Alicia with a annoyed look. She mouthed a 'sorry' and I rolled my eyes and let out a small laugh. We were standing face to face with her idols.

"Hi girls, you must be Chloe an Alicia, right?", asked a guy who I believe was Liam. I knew all their names I actually knew a lot about them since Alicia always talks about them.
"Yeah, uh you guys have any idea where we can eat around here?", I asked rudely. If I was gonna be with thees guys for a week I think they should know the real me. I looked around as my eyes stopped at this guy with blonde hair and beautiful blue green eyes. It was Niall.
"Sorry about my friend, she's a bit much", I heard Alicia's voice I looked at her and rolled my eyes.

When we had settled in our new room a small knock sounded on the door. I signaled Alicia to open it since I was lying on the bed going through my phone. I was looking through my twitter and Instagram while texting a few people. I first now saw it was Harry at the door but I didn't bother them.
"Me and the guys were going to get something to eat, we wondered if you wanna come", Harry said and I was fast up on my feet. Something I loved more than fashion and makeup was food.
"Did someone say food?", I smiled and grabbed Alicia and we walked out from our room. We walked into the elevator and Harry pushed the button to the main floor.

"So which one of you guys is Chloe and which one is Alicia?", Louis asked and smiled.
"I'm Chloe", I said as smiled back.
"And your Alicia then", Harry said and looked at Alicia.
"Yeah", she said and blushed as I just rolled my eyes at her.
"So, where are we going?", I asked and looked out from the car window.
"Nandos", Zayn said and smiled a small smile.
"Wait, isn't that one of you guys favorite restaurant?", I said and looked around.
"Yeah it is. Guess who?", Harry said and looked at me.
"Niall's", I said and looked at Alicia and smiled.
"How did you know?", Niall asked and looked at me straight in the eyes, my heart just melted. He was so cute.
"Her", I said and pointed at Alicia.
"I never though you listened", she said and giggled.
"So you're not a fan?", Liam said and raised his eyebrows.
"Sorry", I said and shrugged.
"We are gonna make you a fan in just a week", Louis said and I laughed.
"Is that a dare?", I asked and looked at him.
"Yeah", Niall said and I looked straight at him.
"Good luck", I said and smiled. We arrived at the restaurant and we all walked out and walked into the restaurant.

After we all had eaten we just sat there and talked a little.
"So do you guys want to go bowling or swimming?", Liam asked and looked around at the table.
"Bowling", Alicia said and I nodded at her in agreement.
"Yeah, I'm with her", I said and smiled.
"Bowling sounds great! How about you guys?", Zayn said and looked at the other guys.
"Yeah sure", Niall said and smiled at me. So we all decided to go bowling.


So I hope you like this chapter and Lovi will write more later.

Kisses ~Sara:*

Av Lovi & Sara - 30 oktober 2013 10:47


I woke up in the morning by my phone ringing right next to my ear makig me jump. I took it up and answred.

"Hello?.." I said with my tired morning voice.
"God, were you sleeping?" I heard Alicia's voice on the other line.

"If I find you, I will kill you", I said and yawned.
"Haha, good luck. So you up for shopping today?", she asked and a smile came across my lips. I was always up for shopping.
"Of course", I said and smiled.
"Alright see you at you're house in an hour", she said and I slowly got up from my bed.
"Yeah, bye", I said and hung up.

I started walking towards the bathroom, I opened the white wooden door and walked in. I put on the hot water and started stripping out from my clothes, I walked into the shower letting the hot water hit me and soaking my perfect long blonde hair. I bent down and took up the shampoo and squirted it on my palm and started washing my hair. I washed away the shampoo, and picked the body lotion up and started to wash my body. When I was done I wrapped my white towel around my perfectly shaped body and stepped out from the bathroom. I started walking towards my huge walk-in closet full of clothes and started to look for the perfect outfit. I found what I wanted and started to change to (Outfit below).

When I was done putting my cloths on I started to blow dry my hair. When my hair was completely dry I started to curl the end of my hair. After some minutes my curls looked great. I looked at the time and I still had 30 minutes left, so I started to put on some makeup.

When I was done with my makeup I started walking downstairs to the kitchen, I saw my mom and my sister Jane eating breakfast.
"Morning", I said and sat down on the chair across my mom.
"Morning honey", she said and smiled while putting the plate of eggs and bacon infront of me.
"Thanks", I said and smiled.

"You got a hang over?", my sister asked me and smirked.
"Yeah, my head is like about to explode and im going shopping with Alicia", I said and rolled my eyes.
"Woah, you had a rough night yesterday", she said and making me giggle.

When I was done eating I put on my jacket and the doorbell rang. I took my bag and walked out seeing the smiling Alicia.
"Wow, you're actually in time", she said and giggled.
"Shut up", I said and smirked opening the door to her car.
"So.. One Direction's new single is coming out tomorrow!", she squealed and I just rolled my eyes.
"Ugh.. Please dont start! You know I have a hangover since last night", I said and put on my seat belt.
"But-", she started but I cut her of.
"But nothing! Now shut up and drive, before I manage to kill my self", I said and she started laughing. She had the cutest and funniest laugh ever, it always made me laugh.

We arrived at the mall and I got out of the car and started walking as Alicia joined my side, it was then we saw some guys standing there and as we passed them they started to whistle I looked at Alicia and smirked.
"One, two, three", I said and we both turned around and blew kisses and made winks. We turned around again and started walking to the mall giggling.


So this was the first chapter on
Kiss You and I hope you will like this new one and I hope we can finish this. And not start on an another one.

Comment of what you think and stuff:)


Av Lovi & Sara - 29 oktober 2013 20:32

Chloe Young is a 18 years old girl who loves to sing and dance. She loves spending times with her best friend Alicia. Alicia is a big Directioner and she just dies for them, but Chloe is not a big fan. She hates them because they are just annoying and are everywhere. But every time Alicia wants to do anything that has to do with One Direction she have to take Chloe with her.

Chloe and Alicia has been best friends since kindergarden, they both have a lot in comment. Apart from 1D. Chloe loves all type of music. Chloe is kinda the Queen B. She loves to rule over everyone. She is a fashionable girl, fashion and beauty is her thing.

Chloe is a beautiful girl that ever boy wants and every girl wants to be. But she's single, she doesn't fall for anyone so easy.

Chloe and Alicia's life is about to change when Alicia forces Chloe to enter a contest. The winners will win a week with one direction in London. Will they win, Or not?


New novel! And I'm sorry guys that we start with a new one like 24/7. But it was my turn to write but i didn't heavy any ideas of how to write my chapter without any ideas. But I hope you'll like this new one, and well... It's a One Direction one!

Comment of what you think when we keep changing stories and write new ones. :)


Av Lovi & Sara - 29 oktober 2013 20:25

Hey readers, under some talk me and Sara have decided not keep writing on Control Your Powers considering we didn't have that much fantasy left for that novel, I believe it's quite much harder to write a novel about magic and stuff than a normal one. So now we have both decided to start writing a One Direction - Novel. It will be named Kiss You and in that novel you will follow Alicia, a real directioner and her best friend Chloe, who isn't that much of a fan. More info you'll read in the descriptions!

Ps. Sorry for stopping in the middle of novels then starting new ones all the time, like I wrote before it's so hard to write about something so special. I hope you can bare with us.

xoxo, Lovi.

Av Lovi & Sara - 27 oktober 2013 18:16


I woke up with a sweet smile on my face and giggled a little. I threw the blanket aside and stood up. Today is my date with Jai, I just hope it will go great. And my parents are going to send my stuff with a moving van, they couldn't come because they had guests so they also sending some guys who can help me with the heavy stuff. I looked at the clock and it was 8 in the morning so it was really early, I decided to take a quick shower. I got out and changed (Outfit.1) and started to walk out of my room when I saw Nat at the corridor. I smiled at her.
"Morning", I yawned and we hugged each other. We walked down and she walked straight to the fridge but she then looked at me. I realized I didn't have any food here.
'Coffee, I need coffee' I heard Natasha thinking, I smirked a little.
"We can get coffee at Starbucks?", I said and she nodded a little confused. We took our jackets and I took my purse and we started to walk to Starbucks which was a few blocks away from me. We walked into Starbucks and Nat started to order while I picked a table. Few minutes later Nat came back with our drinks.

"Be right back", I said and walked in to the bathrooms. I was just fixing my makeup when my phone started ringing. I picked it up from my bag.
"Hello?" I said and put some gloss on.
"Hey, it's Jai", Said the person on the other line.
"What's up?" I said and put mascara on my already long lashes.
"Should I pick you up at 8 at your parents house or..?" He asked and I smiled.
"Mine", I said and smiled at myself.
"Alright, see you later then?", he said and I put my makeup in my bag again.
"Yeah", I said and looked at my reflection.
"Bye sweetie", he said and I started blushing like crazy.
"Uhm... Bye", I said and we hung up, I was so exited I literally just jumped. I started walking out from the bathroom and Nat got up an handed me the drink.
"Thanks", I said but she didn't answer so I just shrugged it off and we started walking out from Starbucks.

"So where do you live?", I asked and looked at Natasha but she looked like she was thinking really hard.
"Hello? Earth to Natasha, are you there?", I said and snapped her back to reality. She turned to me and smiled slightly.

"Yeah, yeah... What's up?", she asked and I lifted an eyebrow.

"Where do you live?", I asked her again and hopefully she heard me.

'I don't have a place to stay here thought so I didn't really live anywhere', I heard her thoughts again. I smiled slightly.

"Great, then it's settled. Your living with me", I jolted and smiled big at her. And she smiled back. We started laughing. After 10 minutes we were home and I saw the moving van at my door. Nat started walking in so I decided to move in my stuff with the help of the guys. I started to take all the boxes and the guys should take the heavy stuff. Like my bed, the tv. And other stuff.

After some long hours of moving in stuff I thanked the guys and they left so I just fell down on the couch next to Nat.

"You look tired", she said and smiled.
"I am, um... What time is it?", I asked her and ran my hand trough my hair.
"It's 6.30 Why?", she asked.
"Shit! I have to get ready", I said and jumped up from the couch.
"Where are you going?", Natasha asked and smiled.
"I got a date with this guy. Look I'll tell you later I need to shower and get ready!", I said as started running up the stairs.
"Alright", Nat said and laughed slightly. I run into my rooms and took my towel as walked into fe bathroom.

Stripping out of my clothes, I turned the shower to the settings I preferred. Pulling the shower curtain aside, I let the warm water hit me. Soaking my long dark brown hair, I ran my fingers through it. Reaching down, I grabbed the shampoo bottle, turning it upside down, I squirted the soup onto my palm. I lathering it up in my hands and I started washing my hair. After I was done with my hair I took up the body lotion and started washing my tiny body.

After I was done I walked out from the bathroom with my towel wrapped around my body, I started changing. (Outfit.2 below)
I walked up to my makeup table and started to put some light makeup on. I looked at the clock and it was 7.40 so he was going to be here in 20 minutes. I smiled proudly at my reflection and started to walk out from my room and down to the living room where Nat was sitting and watching tv.
She turned around and looked at me from top to toe.
"Wow! You look beautiful", she said and smiled big.
"Thanks sis", I said and smiled, I walked over to her and sat down next to her.
"So, who's the lucky guy?", she asked and smirked.
"His name is Jai, I met him in a bar.", I said and bit my lip.
"You met him in a bar?", Natasha asked and raised her eyebrows at me.
"Yeah, we were talking about dancing and stuff", I said and laughed slightly.
"Yeah, learned any new dance moves?", she asked and laughed and I hit her arm slightly.
"I know it's sounds crazy", I said and smiled while blushing a little.
"It doesn't sound crazy, it is crazy", she said and laughed.
"I know, but he's a nice guy", I said and smiled she just nodded and as that I heard the doorbell ring. I squealed and jumped up.
"Be careful, and have funny", she said and smiled at me.
"Thanks", I said and smiled back as I walked to the door. I opened it and there he was looking handsome as always. He was eying my look.
"What? Is it too much?", I asked and bit my lip.
"No! No, it's perfect", he said and smiled at me as I blushed.
"You don't look bad you either", I said and smiled, we walked up to his car and he opened the door for me.
"Ladies first", he said and smiled sitting in his car.
"Oh, thanks gentleman", I said and smiled as he started the engine while smiling.


So I hope you liked this chapter and Lovi will be writing more later.



Av Lovi & Sara - 25 oktober 2013 19:31

Hello dear readers,

during some consideration and talking me and Sara, my fellow writer on this blog has decided to take away Eliza as a character. I felt like she was boring and just stood in the way, so now I will on,y be writing from one perspective, Natasha's POV. I hope you understand how we thought here and don't get too disappointed. Anyway, new chapter will be up shortly.



Hello dear readers, this is a blog where two teenagers are in charge writing different magical novels. We make up everything ourselves, and all copying is reported! Leave a like and a comment, or suggestions. xx

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