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Av Lovi & Sara - 22 oktober 2013 19:17

I ordered a pizza for us and we sat down on the sofa. I took a deep breath and leaned forward.
"So, where have you been all these years?", I asked excitedly. She shrugged and smiled.
"Where haven't I been", she said and I raised my eyebrow but smiled at her.
"Mostly Russia", she then said and I nodded.
"How have you been?", she asked and swung her left leg over the right one and leaned back against the couch.
"Good, I've missed you", I confessed and looked down at my feet. She put a hand over mine, making me look up.
"All I've always wanted was to come back for you", she told me. I smiled at her, she smiled back but before we could say anything else her phone went off. She picked it up and answered it.
"Hello?", she said and I was just sitting there, waiting and thinking. This is the best day ever, first I get the house I've always wanted then Jai asks me to a date and now my sister is back. It's like a dream.
"What do you think your doing?", she asked the person on the other line. She seemed angry. She turned around facing me and I could see that something was really wrong.
"Who was that?", I asked with a worried tone in my voice.
"My past catching up on me", she said and started walking towards the door but I stopped her.
"Where are you going?", I asked, she sighed. She couldn't leave me, not again.
"There's something I have to do, stay here and don't leave", she said and I raised my eyebrows but I didn't protest when she exited the house. I sighed and walked into the house and sat down on the couch putting the tv on. I took a bite of the pizza and looked at my phone waiting for it to vibrate, it didn't. I decided to stay the night here so I took up my phone and started calling my mom. After 3 very signals she finally answered.
"Hey mom", I said and she yawned on the other line, it seemed like she was sleepy.
"Hey honey", she said and I could hear her sigh.
"Look mom, i'm gonna stay over the night at my new place. If thats ok?", I said and waited for her to answer.
"Alright, but come back tomorrow because were gonna move your stuff", she said and I smiled widely.
"Alright mom. See you tomorrow", I said and played with my hair.
"See you honey", she said and we hung up and right after I put my phone on the table it started to vibrate. I picked it up and saw it was a text from an unknown number.
'I'm sorry, but who is this?' I wrote and sent it.
'Have you already forgot your date for tomorrow?' The person texted back and I started smiling like an idiot. It's Jai.
'Jai?' I texted back.
'Thats right. So you're still on for tomorrow right?', he texted back and I smiled I decided to tease him a little.
'Tomorrow?' I texted back smirking.
'Our date..?', he texted back and I laughed, it was so cute when he said and wrote our date.
'I'm sorry, but I cant. I have this thing...', I texted back and I was laughing about how mean I was.
'Oh.', was the only thing he texted back and I defiantly understood that he got sad.
'I'm just kidding!' I texted with and happy smiley face.
'Omg, you scared me!', he texted back and I laughed again.
'Sorry hun :)' I texted and smiled.
'No problem. But wear something nice tomorrow ;)', he texted and I smiled.
'Sure babe', I texted and smirked because of how I called him babe.
'Babe? so soon? ;)', he texted and i just started laughing hysterically.
'I'll see you tomorrow.' I texted back and put the phone away from me and started to watch tv.

Then I started hearing a motercykle outside and I assumed it was Nat. And she walked in with Eliza..?
"This is just, much..", Eliza gasped and sat down on the couch.
"What the fuck? What is going on?", I asked confused, lookng up at Nat.
"My old partner is out of his mind", she answered and I just looked at her with raised eyebrows.
"Partner..?" I asked really confused. She took in a deep breath.
"I'm a spy. I'm called Black Widow, and the guy who had you're friend here is called Hawkeye and i'm not sure what he is doing. He just said he is following orders", she said and I just gasped.
"Woah woah... back up a little bit. Your a spy?" I gasped. I couldn't believe my ears. It kinda would explain her tight catsuit outfit.
"Look, let's go to sleep and I'll explain everything tomorrow. And you're friend here needs some rest too", Natasha answered easily and I just nodded. 'A spy?..'
I hope you like this chapter:)

Av Lovi & Sara - 20 oktober 2013 17:25

Me and Jai got in my car and I started driving to my new house and I could see he was kinda exited.
"So how old are you Brittany?", he asked and looked at me with a small smile on his lips.
"18, you?", I answered and looked at him for a second then I looked back at the rode again.
"19", he said and I could feel him staring at me which made me giggle.
"What are you staring at?", I said and smiled.
"Your just so beautiful", he said and started blushing, I looked at him and he was biting his lip like he didn't mean to say that.
"Thanks, your cute", I said and smiled my sweet innocent smile at him and he just smiled back. I looked back at the rode while blushing. We arrived at the house and I smiled big at my new house. It sounded weird when I said 'My new house' I feel so proud I myself.
"So this is your house?", Jai asked behind me and looked at the house with big eyes.
"Yeah, my parents bought it for me yesterday.", I said and smiled at him, he looked at me with surprised eyes.
"Let me guess, your family is very rich", he said and smirked at me I laughed.
"Diamonds and Chanel on a sunday morning", I said and laughed, he just nodded and smiled at me.
"I knew it, you can see it on your style and now this house got me convinced", he said and laughed slightly.
"This is just the outside, wait till you see the inside of the castle", I said and smiled while unlocking the door. I walked into the house and I looked by my side to see that Jai's jaw had dropped to the floor.
"You were right, this is a castle", he said and looked around with big eyes.
"What do you expect, I'm a girl which means I'm a queen and a queen needs a castle", I said and smirked he just laughed and sat down on the couch.
"So, what do you do for a living?", he asked and I sat down on the couch right next to him.
"Not much, I got two jobs and I'm just a normal teenage girl", I said and smiled slightly.
"No hobbies?", he asked and raised his eyebrows.
"Of course I have hobbies. Dancing, singing, shopping, designing clothes or other stuff, partying, drawing", I said and smiled at him.
"That's a lot", he said and laughed slightly.
"I know, what about you? Any hobbies?", I said and looked at him.
"Singing, drawing, partying, football and other stuff", he said and looked into my eyes, I was just melting. He was so cute and his eyes just burnt through my soul.
"Cool. Do you play any instruments?", I asked and just looked into his eyes.
'Wow, her eyes are so beautiful', I heard him, it was his thoughts and he was just biting his lip. I smirked and giggled.
"What?", he said and I just shrugged my shoulders.
"Nothing", I said and smiled.
"I play guitar and a little bit of the piano. You?", he said and just smiled.
"I can play guitar and piano. And I can play the violet which is one of my favourites", I said and smiled slightly.
"So your talented", he said and smirked.
"Of course, that's why I'm a queen", I said and laughed and he joined me. Some of my hair came in my face and he reached out his hand to put it back behind my ear, as he came closer to me I could feel his warm breath and just as our lips were about to connect something disturbed us, it sounded like a phone signal.
"I'm sorry", he said and took his phone out from his pocket and answered it.
"Hello?", he said and he was talking for some minutes.
"Alright, I'll see you soon", he said and laid on the phone then I saw him make another phone call.
"Hey, can you send a taxi to...", he started but then looked at me.
"Can you give me the address?", he said and I nodded.
"The address is St Evergreen 43", I said and he gave the address to the one he was talking to, then he put down his phone and looked at me.
"I'm sorry, I just remembered there was this thing I had to do", he said and looked down.
"It's ok", I said and smiled.
"Um, can I have your number? Maybe we can hang out sometime", he said and smiled, I nodded and gave him my address.
"Here you go", I said and smiled he smiled and took his phone back.
"I forgot to ask you something", he said and I looked up into his eyes.
"What?", I asked and waited for an answer.
"Are you single?", he suddenly asked and I looked at him with big eyes.
"Yeah.. Why?", I asked confused and looked at him. He bit his lip as he was looking for the right words.
"Do you wanna... Go on a date with me?", he asked and let out a deep breath.
"That would be lovely", I said and smiled sweetly. He looked up and smiled at me.
"Um.. Wow", was the only thing he said.
"What? You changed your mind?", I said and my smiled kinda faded away.
"No! It's just that you agreed so easy, I didn't think a girl like you would say yes to me just like that", he said and I looked up an smiled slightly.
"Why is it so surprising?", I said and giggled.
"Because most girls who are like you don't say yes to guys like me", he said and I smiled.
"I'm not most girls", I said and giggled.
"Good. I'll pick you up at 8 tomorrow", he said and nodded.
"Alright, but here is my parents house. I'm living there by the moment and I'm gonna live here on Friday", I said an handed him my parents address and he gladly took it.
"Alright", he said and we heard a honk outside, it was the cab.
"Bye", I said and smiled, he came closer to me and kissed my cheek as I blushed.
"See you tomorrow", he said and walked away to the cab, he got in and the cab started driving away. I walked inside again and closed the door behind me. I started to walk upstairs to where my rooms gonna be, the good thing about this house was that it already had beds in the rooms. I opened the bedroom door and laid down on my bed and smiled for myself. 'How could a guy like Jai like me? He is so cute and just so ho-..' I heard a knock on the door, it can't be Jai, he just drove away. Maybe it's my mom. I got up and opened the door and there stood this beautiful young women with red and kinda orange hair.
"Hello Brittany", she said and I looked at her chocked and speechless. I looked at her closely and remembered that beautiful hair of hers and those eyes they were pretty similar to-..
"Natasha?..", I questioned and looked at her, she came closer as I backed away and she slowly nodded.
"Britt it's me, Nat... Your sister", she said with sad eyes as I looked at her.
"It can't be you..", I said and looked at her from top to toe.
"It's me", she said and came closer.
"Prove it", I said and sat down on my bed.
"When we were kids we used to go by the lake and throw food in it for the ducks. And once we were standing on the edge of the lake and you slipped and hurt your side. That's why you have this scar", she said and pulled up my shirt revealing my scar. My mom said it was from when I was little when I slipped and cut myself on a metallic thing.
"It can't be you..", I said and looked down.
"Once I offered you 200 dollars to shave dads sideburns in his sleep, and you accepted it and now he got that scar real near his ear", she said and started laughing and I threw myself in her arms. I couldn't believe after 9 years my sister was back and now I'm in her arms.

So I hope you like this chapter, and now we found out that Britt has an older sister. Tell me what you think about this novel and about Britt having a sis.

Comment :)
Kisses ~Sara

Av Lovi & Sara - 18 oktober 2013 17:48

The last people got out from the bar and I decided to wait for Eliza at the door.
"Let's go", she said and dragged me out and locking the doors after her. We decided to walk home beside I was kinda drunk I couldn't drive in this kind of situation. Me and Eliza are kinda neighbors she lives a couple blocks away from me. On the way home we laughed and talked a lot.
"So you like that guy Sean right?", I asked and smiled, she bit her lip and then slowly nodded and we bot started laughing.
"And you like Jai", she said and I instantly felt me cheeks become all red and warm, I nodded and smiled a small smile. After a while our feet hurt so we took our shoes off, the cold asphalt was so relaxing.
"Look at that", I heard Eliza's voice who stopped me from thinking and dragged me back to reality. I looked at the way she pointed and it was a burnt down building, it wasn't much of it left just ashes. Both me and Eliza looked shocked at each other. I stepped into of what remained of the house, it was scary and it gave me the chills. I looked around in the house and it was just a wreck, who did this? And why?
"B..", I heard Eliza and walked over to her to see her holding a greenish book, I looked at the book and it hade some kind of symbol on it. It was kind of a witch symbol, Eliza turned the page and read it.
"The book of shadows", she said and flipped to the next page. It looked like a spell.
"It's a book of spells", I gasped even though it sounded really stupid. Eliza nodded and started reading it out loud. And direct after she was done reading it a cold chill ran through my skin and I was pretty much creeped out.
"Ugh lets get out of here", I said and she slowly nodded and closed the book.

The next morning I woke up by the sunlight shining bright in my eyes, I yawned and rubbed my eyes.
"Ugh..", I whined and slowly got up from my bed, I put my small feet on the white and cold wooden floor. I walked to the bathroom and washed my face and my teethe and after that I started to walk downstairs to see my family eating breakfast.
"Morning", I said tired and sat down on the chair next to my dad.
"Morning honey, you look tired", my dad said and smiled a small smile at me.
"I am", I said and laughed, I made a cheese sandwich with cucumber on and took a bite of it.
"Did you drink a lot last night?", my mom asked me and I looked up at her.
"Not really", I said and looked at the clock because I was gonna meet Eliza later on.
"Because I didn't see your car last night when you came home", my mom said and raised her eyebrows.
"Yeah I left it at the club, because I couldn't drive. I was a little bit drunk so I thought I could walk home with a friend", I said and she slightly nodded.
"Me and your mom got something to tell you", my dad said and captured my attention.
"What is it?", I asked careful and hoping it wasn't bad news.
"We bought you that house you wanted", my dad said and smiled big, I just jumped up from my chair looking at them all with big eyes.
"What! Are you serious?" I squealed and jumped up and down.
"Yeah", my brother said and smiled widely, I run up to my dad and hugged him and just laughed.
"Thank you!" I said and laughed.
"We did that yesterday, and it is a big house so you have to take a good care of it", my dad said and I just smiled and nodded.
"I will I promise", I said and smiled big making my green eye shine brighter.

After I finished eating my breakfast and started walking up to my room to change. I changed into (outfit below) and looked at myself in the big and large mirror as I smiled at my reflection. I put on my Supras and started walking downstairs.
"Bye mom, bye dad and bye Mike", I said and walked up to the door.
"Where are you going?", my dad asked and I turned around to face him.
"I'm just gonna meet up with my friend and then I'm gonna go and get my car", I said and smiled at him.
"Alright, but here is the keys to the new house and you can check it out if you want", my dad said and handed me the keys and smiled at me. I gladly took them and hugged him.
"Thanks dad", I said and smiled, I backed away and walked out from the house. I started to walk to the café shop that me and Eliza were supposed to meet. I finally arrived and walked into the café shop and sat next to her and smiled.
"What's up", I said and smiled.
'You wouldn't believe me if I told you..' I heard Eliza's voice but her lips didn't even move I just heard her... Thoughts?
"Try me", I said and she looked at me with big surprised eyes.
"I didn't say that...", I gasped, what is happening?
"I-..", I started.
"Something weird happened to me too", she said and I raised my eyebrows at her.
"I set my bed in fire, with my mind", she said and I gasped again.
"What the hell is going on?", I said while biting my lips. She drove her hand through her hair and that's when it hit me.
"The book!", I shouted. 'The book of shadows?' She thought and of course I heard. I nodded. 'How is that possible?' She tough again, I shrugged my shoulder. She took a long sip from her drink and I could see she wasn't okay.
"You okay?", I asked and she shrugged.
"It's not really everyday information", she said making me laugh slightly.
"No, not really", I said and we started laughing. We knew it wasn't a joke but it was the best way to forget about it.
"I need some more milk in this", Eliza said and just like that the metallic milk can was in her hand. Me and her both gasped and I put my hand over my mouth and smiled.
"Omg", she mumbled and looked at the clock.
"I gotta get going, I have a 'date' with Sean", she said and I smiled.
"Good luck", I said and smirked, she stood up and we said bye and she walked away. I walked up to the desk to order a drink.
"What do want to order?", the guy behind the desk said and smiled at me.
" I would like to have a skinny vanilla", I said and smiled back. The guy nodded smiling, he looked good. He had caramel blonde hair and beautiful blue eye who stood out.
"Here you go", he said and handed me the drink, I smiled at him and he winked as I started blushing.
"Your pretty", he said and I blushed even more.
"Uh.. Thanks", I said and smiled.
"I'm Jackson", he said and nodded.
"I'm Brittany" I said and he smiled.
"Can I have your number?", he suddenly asked and I looked at him with big surprising eyes.
"Maybe we can hang out sometime", he said and I nodded. I handed him my number and he typed his number in my phone.
"See you later then", I said and walked away as he smiled. I started to walk back to the club Eliza works at to get my car, I was lucky because the club was just some blocks away. I was finally there and I started to walk up to the parking lot when I heard a familiar voice.
"I never heard back from you", I turned back to see the smiling Jai.
"Um.. Sorry", I said and felt guilty.
"It's ok, wanna hang out?", he asked and smiled.
"I-I can't, I'm gonna see this new house", I said and shrugged my shoulders. He looked down and his smile faded away.
'Crap, now what am I gonna do?' He tough as I heard him, and I felt guilty again because I did promise him to dance with him.
"You can come with me if you want?", I said hoping it would cheer him up. He looked up and smile widely and his eyes were shining.
"Really?", he said and I nodded.
"Yeah why not", I said and smiled.
"Alright then", he said and smiled at me.
So I hope you like this chapter and comment what you think of this new novel:)


Av Lovi & Sara - 16 oktober 2013 23:21

"Mom, please?" I whined and walked after my mom like a lost poppy, she finally turned around and faced me.
"No! Your too young to live by your own." She said and started to put the food in the refrigerator.
"I'm almost 19 mom, Mike moved out when he was in my age. Please, it's a beautiful house and I know how to take care of myself." I begged with hope in my eyes.
"Your brother is an adult, you can't compare yourself with him." She said and I just rolled my eyes.
"Yeah, he grew up when he moved to his own place and now he looks like my grandfather.." I said and gave my mom a 'are you serious?' look.
"You don't know what you have until you move out of here. You will regret it." I heard my brother say while he walked into the kitchen.
"Look, he even talks like my grandpa.." I said and pointed at him while looking at my mom.
"Are you sure you want to do this? I mean honey, your really young." My mom said and looked at me.
"Yes mom, and I will grow up and stand on my own feet." I said and smiled with hope filling my whole body.
"Alright.. But I have to talk to you dad first." She said and sighed before smiling at me.
"Omg! Thank you so much mom! I love you." I shouted happily and hugged my mother real tight while smiling widely.
"I love you too baby." She said and hugged me back.
"Your growing up sis!" My brother. Said behind us and I turned around facing him.
"I know, but when I grow up I don't want to talk and act old like you." I said and laughed he just stuck his tongue out and laughed with me.
"But how about a job?" My mom asked and smiled widely.
"Already fixed up." I said and smiled proudly.
"What kind of job is it?" My brother asked and sat down on the chair.
"I actually have two jobs, the first one is in a cafeteria. It's kinda like Starbucks but like for old peoples and the other one is in a restaurant and I serve people food an take their orders and all that." I said and smiled, both my mom and brother looked at me chocked with raised eyebrows and their yaws dropped to the floor.
"You serious?" My brother blurted out and looked at me with big eyes.
"Yeah." I said easily and smiled my normal sweet smile.
"Nice done sis, when I looked for a job I had to look for weeks." He said and looked at me proudly.
"We'll I guess I'm just lucky." I said and smiled.
"We'll congrats honey." My mom said and smiled at me making her green eyes glitter of happiness.
"Thanks mom. So I'm gonna get going." I said and put my shoes on again.
"Where?" My mom asked me and raised her eyebrows.
"Out with some friends, we are going to this club downtown." I said and smiled.
"Alright, but don't drink too much. Okay?" My mom said and sighed looking at me.
"I know mom, bye. And don't forget to talk to dad!" I said and smiled before walking to the door.
"I won't." My mom said and smiled.
"Bye." My brother said and I just waved and walked up to my car and started to drive to the club, when I finally arrived I stopped the car and looked at myself in the mirror and I looked good as usual. I smiled and walked out of the car and locked the doors, then I saw my friends Julie and Rose.
"Hey guys." I said and smiled at them and they turned around smiling at me.
"Hey Hun!" They both said and hugged me.
"So let's go inside." I said and dragged them with me, we walked into the club and it was fully crowded. I loved it, it was a lot of good looking guys around and I just smiled. I loved the loud music, dancing people and getting drunk and just dance with hot random strangers. I smiled and dragged the girls with me to the dance floor and we instantly started dancing and having fun. After a while the girls was gone so I just walked around and said hi to some people I knew, I saw a crowd of people clapping and I just walked over there to see this pretty girl with dark brown hair dancing with this hot guy with golden brown hair. I smiled and 'whooed' them.
"Do you know them?" I heard someone say behind me, I turned around and saw this cute guy with dark brown hair and brown eyes, he looked pretty muscles and he was just standing there smiling at me and eying me.
"No, uhm... Do I know you?" I said and smirked at him, I always played hard to get.
"No, but I'm Jai." He said and smiled and winked at me.
"Brittany." I said and smiled, I looked back to the crowd but the girl was gone I walked up to the bar to get a drink and then I realized it was the girl from earlier who danced. She turned around and I smiled.
"That was amazing!" I complimented her and smiled at her, she looked up and smiled at me. Now that I saw her more properly she was really beautiful.
"Thanks." She said and smiled, I nod and looked at her.
"I'm Brittany." I said and shook her hand.
"Eliza." She said and smiled.
"You want a drink?" She asked and I noticed that I haven't had a drink since I got here. I nodded and she handed me a martini and I took it gratefully. I took few sips from my drink and Eliza sat next to me.
"So who was the hot guy you danced with?" I asked her and winked at her with a smirk. She giggled and I smiled at her waiting for her answer.
"Sean, I don't really know him." She said and smiled, I smiled back and stood up.
"Go dance with him!" I demanded and laughed. She said goodbye and disappeared into the crowd and I started to look after Julie and Rose while I took some few sips from my martini.
"Hey! Where did you go?" I heard a familiar voice and I turned around to see the guy from earlier, he smiled at me and I just looked at him.
"I was just talking with someone." I said and smiled at him, he was actually good looking.
"Wanna dance?" He asked with hope in his eyes.
"I'm sorry, but I have to look for my friends." I said and shrugged my shoulders.
"Later maybe?" He asked with still hope in his eyes.
"Sure." I said and gave a wink before walking away to the crowd, I saw both of them laying on the couch. They were pissed. Great.
"Seriously guys?" I sighed and poked them in turn.
"Are you awake?" I asked them and Julie opened her eyes looking at me.
"Yeah?" She said and stood up.
"Great your not drunk." I sighed and looked back at Rose.
"She's pissed." She said and rubbed her head.
"Can you take her home?" I asked her and looked at her worried.
"Sure, are you coming?" She asked and picked Rose up.
"I can't sorry, I need to do something first." I said and smiled she nodded and walked away with Rose. I walked back to the bar hoping to see Jai but I didn't see him anywhere so I assumed he got home. But I saw that the guy who danced with Eliza just walk past me and she was walking towards me.
"And so was prince charming gone.." I said and smiled at her. We talked in hours and then I saw a note laying right beside me I took it up and it was a phone number.
"Call me." Someone whispered in my ear I giggled and turned around to see Jai.
"Sorry for the dance." I said and bit my lip.
"It's ok. We can dance later." He said and kissed my chin and walked away. I was blushing like crazy.
"Someone's interested." Eliza said and winked at me.
So I hope you liked chapter 2, and I hope you will like this novel, I know it's a little bit late to post this. But I just couldn't wait to tomorrow. So I hope you'll enjoy it:D



Av Lovi & Sara - 15 oktober 2013 19:15

Brittany Miller is a 18 year old girl with long dark brown hair and shining green eyes with a bit of blue in it, she got small red lips. She loves music and dancing, and most of all she loves her dog Billy. Britt as she is also called lives with her mom and her dad, she got and older brother who is 21. Brittany loves her appearance and her body. She got and thin body, it's not like she's really small she got a model figure that most girls would die for. She's not that slutty girl a guy can do whatever they wants to, she is actually really nice and careful of what she is doing. If guys wants to win her heart they better be careful and nice with her. She loves being threaten like a queen.

After a while Brittany's life is about to change, she founds out she got hidden powers that she cannot control. She also finds out that her best friend is also like her and that it was destiny who brought them together. What happens when they are forced to control their powers to not hurt the people around, and they are forced to save everyone they love?
So that was Brittany's person description and I hope y'all will like this new novel we are starting with.
Comment what you think:)


Av Lovi & Sara - 15 oktober 2013 18:37

Hello dear readers, I am sorry that I have to announce this but we aren't gonna keep writing anymore.. on that novel! We are instead starting a new novel that will be called 'Control Your Powers', the reasons for this decision are many. For example it was quite hard to write a story about Teen Wolf [that is a Tv Show] and still keep it ours and interesting. Both me and Sara felt it became too much with that novel so we wanted a fresh start, I hope you'll like this novel. Descriptions of characters will be made shortly after this is posted, thanks.

Peace and love, Lovi xx

Av Lovi & Sara - 12 oktober 2013 20:23

I was just sitting on the stairs when I heard a car stop by my driveway. Then I heard several knocks on the door, I was paralyzed and I couldn't move. My eyes were filled with water and I was sobbing real hard.
"Lydia?" I heard behind the door and I recognized the voice. I got up on my shaky legs and got up to the door.
"Lydia it's me Ariana." I sighed in relief and opened the door fast. She ran up to me and threw her arms around me and I was still shaking. She pulled back and looked at me.
"What's wrong Lydia?" She said trying to be as calm as possible. I stared into her worried eyes.
"I-I was... Attacked." I said, looking for the right words.
"What happened?" She asked in a serious tone.
"I was just walking downstairs a-and..." I started but tears filled my eyes as I was holding my sore throat.

After I had told her everything she tried to comfort me.
"It's ok now sweetie, he's gone." Ari said and put her arms around me letting me sob into her shoulder. I couldn't believe that all of this was real, why me? And how did Ariana know I was in danger? And can it be true that she is a werewolf? I was so deep down in my thoughts I didn't hear Stiles and Scott walking into my house.
"Hey." I heard Stiles worried voice, he looked straight at me and I looked at him with tears in my eyes. He walked right past Ariana and up to me, I tried not to cry.
"What happened?" He asked worried and looked at me in the eyes. I started walking out to my backyard.
"Lydia..?" I heard stiles voice behind me, I was trying to hold in my tears as I walked over to our chairs.
"Are you ok?" He asked again and held my shoulder, I turned around and looked at him with a sad expression.
"I-I was attacked Stiles.." I said and a tear slipped and run down my cheek.
"It's alright. Your ok." He said and wiped away the tear as he hugged me. I felt safe in his arms.
"I'm here," he said and it warmed my heart. I backed away and sat down on the chair. I still couldn't believe this was happening, what if that guy killed me?
"Come on," Stiles said an stood up and started walking towards Ariana and Scott, so I just walked after him.
"We need to get back to school." Stiles said, Ariana gave me a look but I just nodded and looked down at my legs and then my feet. I was fighting so hard to keep my tears in. Ariana put her arm around my shoulders and took me to Stiles jeep. We started driving back to school, the ride was more quite than ever, none of us said anything and I was mostly fighting to hold the tears in. When we arrived at school I quickly jumped out the car and started walking. I saw Alison and run up to her hugging her real tight as the tears came back.
"What happened? Lydia? Why are you crying?" She asked panicked and wrapped her arms around me but I couldn't answer her.
"I'll tell you that later.." I heard Ariana say behind me but I just held tight to Alison, while crying.
"Lydia.. Your okay, I swear that will never happen again." Ariana reassured me, I turned around and hugged her. I pulled back from the hug and wiped away my tears.
"I got to go to my class." I said and looked at them with my worried eyes.
"Do you want us to come with you?" Alison asked and put her hand on my arm.
"No, it's fine I'll go by myself." I said and started walking to my class without waiting for an answer from Alison and Ariana. I walked up to my locker and started to take out my books and stuff.
"Hey Lydia!" I heard someone say behind me and I literally just jumped. I turned around to see Dani smiling big at me. I sighed and look at him.
"Hey, Um. One thing, don't ever do that again!" I said and showed him a small smile, he nodded and smiled.
"You coming?" He asked we had history class together and he was Jackson's best friend. But he was a real good friend of mine too.
"Yeah." I said and closed my locker and started walking with him to the class.
"Have you heard anything from Jackson?" He suddenly asked, I looked at him surprised.
"Uh, No?" I said and gave him a confused look.
"So you don't know..?" He said and I looked at him with big eyes.
"Know what?" I asked and stopped so he stopped and looked at me then down at the ground.
"No-Nothing." He said quickly and started walking.
"Dani!" I said and held his arm and dragged him back to me so he was facing me.
"I can't tell you anything-" he said and looked at me then down to his feet.
"Just tell me already or I swear to god I'm never going to talk to you again!" I said and looked at him surprised. He sighed and decided to tell me.
"He's coming back.." He said and I raised my eyebrows and looked at him with big eyes.
"Who is coming back?" I asked in hope he wouldn't say the name I was thinking of.
"Jackson.." He said and I just stared at him.

So that was chapter 8 and I hope ya'll liked it. And I'm so so so sorry that it took such a long time it's just that I'm so busy that I just forgot about writing. But again I'm so so sorry! :(

Comment? :)


Av Lovi & Sara - 19 september 2013 19:34

Sorreh, for not writing. We both apolagize, it's just that we have been so busy. With a teenager there is school, friends and family that goes before writing on a blog. Even thought it's not my turn to write, Sara, has a lot of things on her mind too. Well, I hope you guys can stand us and will keep reading our blog even tho we don't update often. Thanks if you stay and read.

Peace and love, 

//lovi xx


Hello dear readers, this is a blog where two teenagers are in charge writing different magical novels. We make up everything ourselves, and all copying is reported! Leave a like and a comment, or suggestions. xx

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