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Av Lovi & Sara - 1 augusti 2013 17:21

I woke up by my ringing alarm clock, I hit it lightly with my hand and I started rubbing my eyes.
"Mom!" I shouted and waited for an answer.
"Mom, do you hear me?" I shouted again. Ugh, I got up on my feet and fixed my hair a little. I got out from my room and into my moms. She wasn't there so I headed downstairs. I saw a note on the table.

'Morning honey. I'm sorry, I needed to get to work early this morning. I'll be home late, so if you want you can bring someone here or sleep over at Allison's or Ariana's. ' I sighed and started walking up to my room. I opened my closet and took out my black dress and my black heels. I walked up to my makeup table and started to put on my foundation and then I picked up my maybeline mascara and put it on. I picked up my red Star Lips-lipstick. I started to curl my long strawberry blonde hair. When I was done I put on my jewelry's. When I was done I looked at my self one last time, great look as always. I smiled at my reflection. I took my bag and my phone and of course my car keys. I started walking down stair and walked into the kitchen and I made myself a sandwich. When I was done eating breakfast I put on my jacket and got out. I got into my car and started driving to the school.

[ At School ]
I saw Alison walking towards me so I started walking to her too.
"Hey." She said and hugged me.
"Hi." I answered and smiled big.
"How are you doing?" She asked and smiled her casual smile.
"Fine. What about you?" I asked and smiled a little.
"Lydia, I meant..- How is it going with.."
"-Don't say his name." I said interrupting her.
"Sorry." She said and looked at me. I shrugged my shoulders.
"It's ok.. Um, where is Ariana?" I asked and looked around. Then I saw Stiles blue jeep driving into the parking lot. My whole body just lighted up somehow, it was weird I have never had this feeling. Then I saw Ariana coming towards us and we started walking up to school grounds. I saw Stiles smiling at me and then he waved at me, I just stared at him but I was actually smiling just because he smiled and waved at me. We walked up to our lockers and I started taking out my books for the first class which was with Ariana.
"Ready to go?" I heard her saying behind me. I nod and smiled.
"Yeah, come on." I said and held her arm and started walking.
"How does it feel without..." she stuttered.
"Weird and kinda lonely." I admitted and looked down at the ground on my shoes.
"It's going to be ok hun." She said and smiled at me.
"I really hope so." I said and smiled back.
"Let's do this, sleep over at my place tonight. If its ok for your mom of curse." She said and smiled widely.
"Yeah sure, she's working late anyway." I said and smiled.
"Great. Come on." She said and we walked into the class. Mr. Harris, our teacher came in to the classroom and started talking about history.

Chapter 2 is done(:
Comment please. Alright?
Mkey bye:)

Kisse -S

Av Lovi & Sara - 1 augusti 2013 12:22

Lydia Martin
Is a beautiful tall girl with strawberry blonde hair and a beautiful smile. She loves to dance and sing. But she loves shopping and most of all she loves boys. A lot has happened in Lydia's life. She has been together with the schools jock, she wasn't really happy with him. He was selfish and mean. But there is one guy that cares about her, and that is Stiles Stilinski. But somehow she don't feel like he is the one for her, at least not yet.

But she mostly spends her days with Allison and Ariana. They have been best friends for a while and they have actually helped her a lot. They helped her getting through Jackson, they were here real friends and well... They were her only friends. 

Lydia is a strong girl. She is really smart and tuff but when she was together with Jackson she always  plaid dumb and weak. She hated that feeling, the feeling that she always needed help or she needed to be rescued. But this year she is not going to hide away she is going to be herself. And nothing is going to stop her.

Lydia lives with her mom, her mom means the world to her. She has already lost her dad but she don't want to loose her mom. Lydia has a cute little puppy named Prada. He loves to play with Lydia and going for a walks. 

So that was Lydia. Chapter 2 is coming today. And chapter one is already written by Lovi. 

Kisses! -S 

Av Lovi & Sara - 14 juli 2013 14:50

Detta är bara ett litet inlägg till vår kära Cory Monteith som lämnade våran jord, gud har fått ännu en ängel. Jag hoppas han får det bra där uppe, mina hälsningar går till Corys familj och hans kära Lea. De skulle gifta sig om två veckor och istället för att Cory väntar på altaret på Lea i hennes brudklänning får Lea se Cory i en kostym i en dödskista. Detta krossar mitt hjärta, ett Glee fan Tweetade detta tidigare; "Tell your idol that you love them because I don't have mine anymore." - Gleeks

Jag är så himla ledsen just nu, jag var inte ett super stort fan av Glee men jag kollade gärna på det och det var underhållande. 

Rest in peace beautiful, 

1982-2013 Cory Monteith. 



// lovi xx

Av Lovi & Sara - 2 juni 2013 15:16

Heej, jag vet att jag och Lovi har inte skrivit mycket på sistone och det är för att vi båda har mycket att göra och som alla vet så är det sommarlov snart och vi har mycket att göra och så.

Lovi kommer börja skriva när sommarlovet har börjat, så förmodligen kommer vi skriva många kapitlar och det kommer hända rätt mycket. Förlåt att vi inte har skrivit på länge!<3


Av Lovi & Sara - 1 januari 2013 13:35

Gott nytt år läsare! Hoppas ni haft en underbar kväll, kram Lovi! <3

Av Lovi & Sara - 31 december 2012 20:18

Heeej jag ska bara säga att Lovisa kommer inte skriva idag eftersom det är nyår och jag kan inte heller skriva nått! Och det var allt hoppas ni får ett bra nyår!

Puss o kram<3 ~~Sara~~


Hello dear readers, this is a blog where two teenagers are in charge writing different magical novels. We make up everything ourselves, and all copying is reported! Leave a like and a comment, or suggestions. xx

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