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I was just sitting on the stairs when I heard a car stop by my driveway. Then I heard several knocks on the door, I was paralyzed and I couldn't move. My eyes were filled with water and I was sobbing real hard.
"Lydia?" I heard behind the door and I recognized the voice. I got up on my shaky legs and got up to the door.
"Lydia it's me Ariana." I sighed in relief and opened the door fast. She ran up to me and threw her arms around me and I was still shaking. She pulled back and looked at me.
"What's wrong Lydia?" She said trying to be as calm as possible. I stared into her worried eyes.
"I-I was... Attacked." I said, looking for the right words.
"What happened?" She asked in a serious tone.
"I was just walking downstairs a-and..." I started but tears filled my eyes as I was holding my sore throat.

After I had told her everything she tried to comfort me.
"It's ok now sweetie, he's gone." Ari said and put her arms around me letting me sob into her shoulder. I couldn't believe that all of this was real, why me? And how did Ariana know I was in danger? And can it be true that she is a werewolf? I was so deep down in my thoughts I didn't hear Stiles and Scott walking into my house.
"Hey." I heard Stiles worried voice, he looked straight at me and I looked at him with tears in my eyes. He walked right past Ariana and up to me, I tried not to cry.
"What happened?" He asked worried and looked at me in the eyes. I started walking out to my backyard.
"Lydia..?" I heard stiles voice behind me, I was trying to hold in my tears as I walked over to our chairs.
"Are you ok?" He asked again and held my shoulder, I turned around and looked at him with a sad expression.
"I-I was attacked Stiles.." I said and a tear slipped and run down my cheek.
"It's alright. Your ok." He said and wiped away the tear as he hugged me. I felt safe in his arms.
"I'm here," he said and it warmed my heart. I backed away and sat down on the chair. I still couldn't believe this was happening, what if that guy killed me?
"Come on," Stiles said an stood up and started walking towards Ariana and Scott, so I just walked after him.
"We need to get back to school." Stiles said, Ariana gave me a look but I just nodded and looked down at my legs and then my feet. I was fighting so hard to keep my tears in. Ariana put her arm around my shoulders and took me to Stiles jeep. We started driving back to school, the ride was more quite than ever, none of us said anything and I was mostly fighting to hold the tears in. When we arrived at school I quickly jumped out the car and started walking. I saw Alison and run up to her hugging her real tight as the tears came back.
"What happened? Lydia? Why are you crying?" She asked panicked and wrapped her arms around me but I couldn't answer her.
"I'll tell you that later.." I heard Ariana say behind me but I just held tight to Alison, while crying.
"Lydia.. Your okay, I swear that will never happen again." Ariana reassured me, I turned around and hugged her. I pulled back from the hug and wiped away my tears.
"I got to go to my class." I said and looked at them with my worried eyes.
"Do you want us to come with you?" Alison asked and put her hand on my arm.
"No, it's fine I'll go by myself." I said and started walking to my class without waiting for an answer from Alison and Ariana. I walked up to my locker and started to take out my books and stuff.
"Hey Lydia!" I heard someone say behind me and I literally just jumped. I turned around to see Dani smiling big at me. I sighed and look at him.
"Hey, Um. One thing, don't ever do that again!" I said and showed him a small smile, he nodded and smiled.
"You coming?" He asked we had history class together and he was Jackson's best friend. But he was a real good friend of mine too.
"Yeah." I said and closed my locker and started walking with him to the class.
"Have you heard anything from Jackson?" He suddenly asked, I looked at him surprised.
"Uh, No?" I said and gave him a confused look.
"So you don't know..?" He said and I looked at him with big eyes.
"Know what?" I asked and stopped so he stopped and looked at me then down at the ground.
"No-Nothing." He said quickly and started walking.
"Dani!" I said and held his arm and dragged him back to me so he was facing me.
"I can't tell you anything-" he said and looked at me then down to his feet.
"Just tell me already or I swear to god I'm never going to talk to you again!" I said and looked at him surprised. He sighed and decided to tell me.
"He's coming back.." He said and I raised my eyebrows and looked at him with big eyes.
"Who is coming back?" I asked in hope he wouldn't say the name I was thinking of.
"Jackson.." He said and I just stared at him.

So that was chapter 8 and I hope ya'll liked it. And I'm so so so sorry that it took such a long time it's just that I'm so busy that I just forgot about writing. But again I'm so so sorry! :(

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Lydia had just gone home, me and Allison were sitting outside embracing the suns warmness on our selfes. 

"There is something different about you Ari.." She started and drew her fingers trough her thick brown hair. Her big brown eyes sparkled in the sunlight, I raised my eyebrows and sighed.

"I've gotten that quite often lately, what is it?" I asked, I could feel I was a bit upset off the question. I don't get why all these people need to ask me that, before I was just a scared girl but now I'm unstoppable. 

"Oh, apart from the fact that you're wearing that.." She says firmly eyeing my clothes, I give her a sharp look.

"And your additude is very different." She continued, I shrugged. I knew it was true, but didn't bother answering.

After a while off shatting and enjoying the sunlight on our faces, I started wondering where Lydia were.

"Lydia's been gone for quite a-.." I started but got interupted by a scream so loud it hurt in my ears, I fell to the ground holding my ears. Allison jumped down form the bench and held her hand on my back wondering what was going on. I couldn't talk until teh sound was gone, I could feel I was different in the face, I looked at Allison and she almost fell where she sat beside me. 

"Ariana?" She said terrified. I looked at her, she held up her pocket mirror for me too look in. My eyes where a golden yellow color, and I had white sharp fangs. What the? I shook my head, feeling the fangs go away. Allison put down her mirror and looked at me with a confused expression.

"I guess Lydia was right..?" I said, not wanting to believe it. I was a werewolf. When I thought of it, it actually didn't sound that stupid. Then I got a bad feeling, that scream.. It was almost like..

"Lydia!" I said and gasped, running away from Allison towards Stiles Jeep, jumping in with the car keys inside driving towards Lydia's home. What if something had happened to her? 


When I finally arrived at Lydia's I jumped out of the car, almost while it still was rolling, running up to her door knocking on it a bit packined.

"Lydia?" I gasped through my lips, knocking again on the door. I consentrated and heard her light but fast footsteps walking towards the door, she was scared. 

"Lydia it's me Ariana!" I said again, I heard her sigh in relief and then the door opened with a click. I run up to her and put my arms around her. She was shaking, what the hell had happened?

"What's wrong Lydia?" I asked as calm as possible, she stared into my eyes. 

"I-I was .. attacked." She said looking for the right word, my face changed into a serious one.

"What happened?" I asked, afraid someone had done something.

"I was just walking downstairs a-and.." She started but tears filled her eyes as she held her sore throat. She continued telling me what had happened just few minutes ago, who was this man that ahd attacked her? I could clearly get a scent, but I didn't recognise it. I needed to talk to Scott. 

"It's okay now sweetie, he's gone." I said putting my arms around her, letting her sob into my shoulder. I patted her hair softly, suddenly Stiles and Scotts scent tickled in my nose. I unwrapped myself from our hug and walked up to the door, seeing Scott and Stiles walking towards the house. 


"Hey!" Stiles said, looking through me straight at Lydia with worried eyes. I let him past and he started talking to Lydia. I put a hand on my brothers shoulder and dragged him a bit away from the others, his face wore a serious expression. So was mine. 

"Scott..-" I started, he interupted me.

"I know." He said like it was the easiest thing in the world, my eyebrows furrowed. 

"I know we're werewolfs." He continued, clearly he could read my expression. I gasped slightly, it souded so weird to actually hear it like that. Scott seemed a bit surprised at my reaction, but we both shrugged it off.

"So, what happened here?" He asked, looking at Stiles and Lydia who now was seated just outside the house on two chairs. My eyes looked straight at them, but my body was facing Scott. 

"I don't know, but it's definitly someone I don't know." I said, he nodded shortly and looked around the neighbourhood. Lydia's house was surrounded by trees, more trees and some other houses. If someone had come here no one of her neighbours would of known, I wonder who it was? Before I could think more, Stiles and Lydia walked up to us. 

"We need to get back to school." Stiles said, I gave Lydia a look. She just nodded and looked down her legs then her feet. But I could clearly see those watery eyes. I put my arm around her shoulders and took her to Stiles Jeep, we sat down next to eachother and drove to school in silence. Nobody could explain what the feeling was like, it was quite creepy. All I had in mind was who this man might of been?



Tbh, not that long but not too short. Hope you like it, sorry it took a while to write. Didn't have much time, well comment & like?


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I woke up by Ariana shooking me, i opened my eyes smiling before eyeing her look. I sat up in the bed and looked at her with big eyes, I was stoned.
"Ariana?", I asked and raised my eyebrows, she gave me the ' what look'. 
"You look, actually cool." I said and she giggled and it made me giggle. She gave me some space so I could get up then she walked out from the room so I could get dressed. I put on my clothes from yesterday because my other clothes were at my house, and my car were at the school. When I was done putting my clothes on I took up Ariana's hairbrush and started brushing my hair. I then put on my heels and took my bag and my other stuff, and then I walked out from room and meet up with Ariana in the corridor, I gave her a small smile and she smiled back and we walked down to the kitchen. I sat down on the chair but the only thing I had in my mind was that guy from yesterday. I couldn't see his face lastnight but something tells me that i have met him before..
"What is it Lydia?" Ari asked and snapped me back to reality I looked at her with an wondring expression, then I shrugged she frowned at me and I sighed and decided to tell her about last night and the voices.
"It's probably nothing, but yesterday night when I couldn't sleep I heard Stiles, your brother and this other guy.. talk." I said and looked for the right words. She titled her head in confusion. 
"They talked?" She asked, I nodded. 
"Yes." I mumbled and looked down the cereal bowl infront of me. Ariana straightened up.
"About what exactly?" She asked once again and dropped the spoon into the bowl. I looked at her and bit my lip.
"They said something about, did she see him too?" I said and she raised her eyebrow and I saw her falling into deep thought. I then realised Scott and Stiles were at the top of the stairs.
"Good morning." I said and smiled at them and they started walking down. And it looked like Ari was back in reality again. Stiles sat down next to me and smiled at me so I smiled back. I instanly felt my cheeks turn all pink and red. I started eating my cereals and  started thinking again. Who was that guy? And what did he mean? What is happening and why does Ariana look so weird? I felt someone staring at me so I slowly turned around I saw Stiles who was looking at me with big wondering eyes. I gave him a 
'what look' but he just shook his head and turned around again. When we had eaten and fixed everything we got into Stiles jeep and he started driving. Me and Ari sat in the back talking about girl stuff as usual and the guys talked about boy stuff. But for me it was just an distraction because I really wanted to forget about last night and the voice. When we arrived at the school me and Ariana jumped out from the car and I started looking around when my eyes stopped at one person. It was that mysterious guy from the hospital, he's a bit older with dark hair and inviting green eyes. I looked at him the whole time he talked to Scott and Stiles. I really wanted to hear what they were saying but they were too far away. Then I turned my head around and saw Ariana looking straight at them like she could hear every single word they said. Then she turned around and faced me.
"Wait, did you hear them?" I asked, she bit her lip and nodded slighlty. We started walking away from them and met up with Allison, she could clearly see something was wrong. Well I could understand her, I mean Ariana never wears clothes like that and I could tell something was defiantly wrong because Ari could hear the guys even thought they were so far away.
"What's up?" She asked and smiled her cute normal smile. I decided to tell her about everything, Ariana was too chocked to say anything. When I had told Allison everything she just stood there with big eyes and chocked expression. She looked at Ariana weirdly.
"So you're a .. werewolf?" Allison asked I thought that sounded really stupid, I mean a werewolf? I have heard the myth of a werewolf but I have never thought it could actually be real.
"I- I don't know." Ariana said and intruppted my toughts. We walked into the school. 
"The biologi class is cancelled because Mr.Harris is sick today." Said the speakers above us. 
"Now what are we gonna do in like an hour?" Allison asked and looked around.
"Well I have to get home and change and see if my mom is home." I said and smiled a small smile they both nodded. 
"Okey, do you want us to come with you?" Ariana asked and raised her eyebrows.
"No its okey, i'll go by myself." I said and turned around.
"Ok, if thats what you want." Allison said and I nodded.
"I'll meet up with you guys later." I said smiling, they both nodded and I walked away. I walked out from the school and up too my car who was till parked in the parking lot.
"Hey Lydia, where are you going?" I heard Stiles voice behind me so I slowly turned around.
"Home." I said and kept on walking towards the car.
"We have biology." He said and raised his eyebrows.
"Cancelled." I said and took out my car keys.
"Want me to drive you?" He asked again.
" Stiles?" I said raising my eyebrows at him.
"Yeah?" He asked and looked at me with hope in his eyes.
"What does this look like?" I said pointing at my car.
"A car." He said and gave me a weird look.
"Who's car is it?" I asked and then his face expression just changed I guess he realised how stupid his question was.
"Yours, it's your car." He said and rolled his eyes.
"Exactly.." I said and opened my car door and sat in the drivers seat before giving him a small smile. I started driving away real fast. And just in few minutes I was infront of my front door and opened the door. The house was quite, I guess no one was home.
"Mom? Dad?" I shouted and walked around in the house, but I got no answers so I walked in to the kitchen and grabbed an apple and walked up to my room. I walked up to my mirror and looked at myself before walking up to my closet and took my towel. I walked into the shower and stripped out from my clothes and stepped into the shower and the hot water started running down my back. The water run down from my head to toe and the hot water was so realaxing.

(After the shower) ~

I walked up to my closet with my towel wrapped around me and started to look for my clothes, then I found the perfect outfit. I put on my clothes and then walked up to my makeup table and started to put on a light makeup. I put on my jewellery  and started putting on my heels. When everything was done I put on a real dark red lipstick. I smiled happily at my refelection, then I heard a voice downstairs I took my bag and everything else and started slowly walking down the stairs. I walked into the kitchen when i saw a tall man standing there with an evil smirk placed on his face. 
"Hello Lydia." He said and started walking towards me so I started backing. I was so scared that I couldn't even talk, somehow he scared me.
"Don't want to say hi? Well thats rude, almost too rude to come from a beutiful girl like you." He said and stood right in front of me, he raised his hand and it slowly came closer to my neck when I closed my eyes and suddenly let out a terrifying scream, the scream was lasting in some minutes and when I opened my eyes the guy was gone and I just fell down on the stairs. I was just sitting there chocked and with tears in my eyes. I didn't want to move, I couldn't move...
So that was chapter 6 and i hope you guys liked it. I'm sorry that it took so long, but when i fist wrote this  i accidently deleted it and then i had to start all over again. So im sorry and i hope you guys like it.
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I woke up in bed feeling really good, I was not tired at all. I thought I was going to be extramly tired from yesterdays event. I looked to my side to see Lydia still sleeping peacefully. I quietly climbed out of the bed, my feet met the dark wooden floor. Something was different, I could feel it more under my feet as I took one step after the other to my wardrobe. I could smell Lydia's lipgloss that still was placed on her lips, it smelled like flowers. My nose filled with wet grass and leaves, that was when I realised it was raining outside. I could almost feel the cold wet drops on my skin, my hair curled under my pyjamas. The water drops hit the window loudly, making me jump eachtime. I sounded like someone hitting the window with their hand, how can I hear it so clearly? My feet continued on the wooden floor and finally I reached my destination, I took a look into the wardrobe. I grabbed a pink/black top and a black leather skirt and a pair of black leather heels. I put it on and walked over to Lydia's side of the bed with each time the shoes hit the floor making a klick sound. I laid my hand on her arm and shook her a little, she opened her eyes and smiled at me before eyeing my look. She sat up on the bed with big eyes, she was stoned. 

"Ariana?" She asked and her eyebrows went up. I gave her a 'what' look and she just smiled. 

"You look, .. actually cool." She said and I giggled making her giggle as well. I gave her some space and walked out the corridor while she took on her clothes. I could hear Scott and Stiles move around in the room next to mine, I decided I should probably wake them up. I walked over to Scott's door with my heels sounding every step I took, I carefully took a grip off the door knob and opened the door slightly looking inside seeing the two boys.

"Morning." I said and stepped into the room, Stiles groaned and moved around. But neither of them made a sign they would wake up. I impatiently tapped my shoe on the wooden floor, leaving a annoing sound making Scott open his eyes. I smiled widely at him when he met my face. 

"Morning.. Ariana?" He said and stared at me with big eyes. I laughed a little turning to Stiles who also looked shocked at me, his mouth was slightly open. I rolled my eyes and hit him lightly on his arm, he stopped staring and rubbed his arm. He apperently thought that hurt.

"That hurt." He muttered, I giggled and started walking out the room when someone grabbed my arm from behind turning me around. I stared into Scott's big brown eyes, and raised an eyebrow at him.

"Ariana, are you okay?" He asked, I was listening to his heart beats. They raised a little, he was worried about me. 

"I'm amazing." I answered and smiled slightly, his eyebrows came to their normal place and he smiled slightly. But before I could walk away he pulled me into a hug, I put my arms around his neck and kissed his forehead. His heartbeats evened out and soon enough they were normal. I gave him a guick smile before I walked out the room, meeting up with Lydia in the corridor. Lydia gave me a small smile when we met, I smiled back and we walked down the stairs moving towards the kitchen. She sat down on a chair by the dinner table, I took out cereals and milk, wobls and spoons before sitting down next to her. She wore a weird face expression, like she was thinking. I looked at her and raised an eyebrow before taking a spoon of the cereals into my mouth. 

"What is it Lydia?" I asked, she snapped into reality and looked at me with a wondering expression, then she shrugged. I frowned at her and she sighed.

"It's probably nothing, but yesterday night when I couldn't sleep I heard Stiles, your brother and this other guy .. talk." She said and looked for the right words. I titled my head in confusion. 

"They talked?" I asked, she nodded. "Yes." She mumbled and looked down the cereal bowl infront of her.

"About what exactly?" I asked once again and dropped the spoon into the bowl. She looked at me and bit her lip.

"They said something about, did she see him too?" I raised my eyebrows and thought back about last night, what if this him was the same thing that I saw. Maybe, it's like a person.. A serial killer maybe? I shook the thoughts off, that just sounded stupid, maybe just maybe it was a wolf? Scott and Stiles walked down the stair making me fall into reality again, I looked up into Scott's dark eyes and smiled. 

"Good morning." Lydia said and saved me from the moment, Stiles sat down next to her smiling. I could see Lydia's sheeks turning bright pink. I smiled and turned to Scott who sat down next to me, he was clearly thinking about something. I frowned worried and placed my hand on his.

"What's wrong?" He shrugged. 

"It's nothing, just thinking about what happened last night." He said and his eyes looked outside towards the forest. I had a weird feeling and shivered a little. What if that was a wolf? 


When we had eaten and fixed us for school Stiles started his blue jeep and we seated down in it. Lydia and I sat in the back talking about girl stuff while the boys were in the front talking about boy stuff, and apparently me? 

"I'm telling you Scott, she was bitten too." Stiles mumbles under his breath. But I could hear him clearly. Scott shook his head, like it wasn't possible. We pulled up at the school parking lot and off my surprise the guy from the hospital stood there leaning aginst his black car. I frowened and jumped out the car, helping Lydia out. Lydia saw the guy and looked at me with big eyes. 

"Isn't that..?" She said, I nodded. We stood there looking at the guy, he stared right at me. Scott and Stiles walked over to him. They talked about something. 

"I'm pretty sure, she saw him. And if he saw her he definitely bit her." It was a voice I didn't recognise, Scott looked like he was hurting from the words. Who were they talking about? Scott's voice braked trough the air. 

"So, she's a werewolf?" The guy with dark hair and green eyes nodded and placed his gaze at me. Lydia stood there looking at me, she hadn't heard anything off what they said. I looked away form they guys gazes and looked at Lydia. 

"Wait, did you hear them?" She asked, I bit my lip and nodded slighlty. We started walking away from them and met up with Allison, she could clearly see something was wrong. Considiring I never weared these kind of clothes.. 

"What's up?" She asked and smiled her cute normal smile. I decided Lydia could tell her about everything, I was too chocked to say anything. When Lydia had told Allison everything she just stood there with big eyes and chocked expression. She looked at me.

"So you're a .. werewolf?" I then realised, that didn't sound that weird now. I shrugged. 

"I, I don't know." I said and we walked into the school. I did know, and my answer wasn't anything like I thought it would be, but I sure wasn't human anymore. 



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That's Chapter 5 folks, hope you liked it. 

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Lydia's P.O.V

After the last class was over me and the girls walked straight up to our lockers and took out our stuff. And we started walking out from the school.
"So, Allison you up for sleepover at my house?" Ariana said and looked at her with big exited eyes, I was just standing there smiling big waiting for her answer.
"I wish I could, my dad and mum are taking me to this restaurant", she said and both me and Ariana nodded.
"Oh okay, We'll just have fun without you then", I said and smirked. Ariana laughed at me and we both walked to the parking lot. Then we saw Stiles blue jeep and Ari waved with her hands in the air, Scott and Stiles were already in it. Ari grabbed my hand and dragged me into the car, both Stiles and Scott looked shocked and looked at me with big eyes.
"I'm taking Lydia home, she's gonna sleep at ours", Ariana said and jumped into the car. I was sitting quite the whole ride, I looked at Stiles a few times but then I heard Scott's voice.
"Do you mind if Stiles stays over tonight. His dad's  going to be at the station late.", Scott said and Ari shook her head.
"Not at all, he's always welcome", she said and smiled. Before I even knew it we were at their house and we got out from the car. Ariana held my hand and dragged me with her towards the house. 
"Is Stiles gonna stay the night here?", I asked raising my eyebrows like I usually do.
"Is that a problem?", Ariana said and I shook my head with a small smile on my lips.
"More like a good thing.", I said and Ari giggled at me. I made my way up to her room an sat down on her bed. 
"Give me a sec, I'm just gonna change my clothes." She said and I nodded. I took up my phone and started checking my twitter and instagram.  I looked up from my phone to see Ariana staring out from the window. I walked up to her and looked outside. 
"What is it?", I said raising my eyebrows and tried to see what it was she was looking at.
"Uh- um nothing..", she said and turned around smiling at me. I nodded and sat down on the bed again going through my phone. 

Stiles P.O.V. 

I sat down on Scott's bed and started playing with my hands because I was so nervous and exited. I couldn't believe Lydia was in the room next door and that she sat in my car. This is unbelievable, ugh... 'We're is Scott? I need to talk to him right now.' Then he opened the door and I run up to him and grabbed his shirt and dragged him into the room.
"What? What is it?", he asked and smiled. 
"What is it- Scott, Lydia is in your house, in your sisters room!" I said exited and jumped up and down.
"Big deal, it's just a girl Stiles", he said and rolled his eyes.
"Your kidding!?", I said with big eyes which means 'Are you serious?'.
"What? It's just Lydia, a normal girl who we have known since third grade." He said and smiled.
"Bro, it's Lydia Martin! I have been having a huge crush on her since the third grade. And now she is here!" I said with an high pitched voice and big smile.
"Wow, you still have a crush on her?" Scott asked and laughed.
"Yeah, yeah. Shut up." I said and hit his face with a pillow. He just laughed.

Lydia's P.O.V

"Where are we going?" I asked and Ariana just shrugged.
"Just for a walk I guess", she said and I nodded. We walked past their neighbors and after a while I realized that we were looking for something or someone. We walked past trees, sticks and stones. 
"What are we looking for?", I finally asked and rolled my eyes. She sighed and decided to tell me.
"I know this may sound crazy, but I saw something..-", she said and stopped. I raised both my eyebrows but I nodded.
"Something like what?", I asked and looked around in the forest.
"Those eyes!" She shouted and started running in a direction and I ran after her. But before we even knew it the eyes were gone, whatever that thing was it was much more faster than anything I have ever seen. We looked for it in several hours but the darkness was falling over the forest and it was hard to see. Suddenly Ari ran into someone  making us both fall backwards. I rubbed my head, ugh... That hurt.
"Scott what the hell are you doing here?!", I heard Ariana say.
"I could ask you the same thing." he said, I joined them standing by Ari's side. Ariana ran up to Scott, that was when I realized he was hurt and be was holding his side. I stared at them and it looked like bite marks. But then all of sudden he blacks out and falls in Ariana's arms. I helped her by holding his other arm. He mumbled something about Stiles, oh god... I hope he's okay. 
"Lydia, can you take him home? I'm just gonna look around for his inhaler", she said and I nodded. I held his arm and wrapped it around my neck then I took a grip of his waist and started walking towards the house. I swung the door open and put him down on the sofa because I couldn't take him upstairs. I picked up Scotts phone and started dialing Stiles phone.
'Ugh... Come on Stiles pick up your phone.' I tough for myself.
"Hello, Scott?" He asked surprised in the other line.
"It's Lydia." I said quite.
"Lydia? Why do you have Scott's phone?" He asked surprised.
"Look it doesn't matter, please come over here. At Scott's." I said.
"Why? Is he ok?" He asked panicked.
"No he's not. Stiles please just come over right now." I said in a rush. 
 Alright, I'll be right there. Ok?" he said.
"Okay." I said and hung up the phone. I ran up to Scott's side an just sat down beside him. I held his hand and my whole body was shaking. He was extremely warm. 
"Oh god, Scott please hold on." I said shaking. He didn't move at all he was just laying on the sofa. I started panicking, maybe he was dead. I put my head on his chest and started listening to his heart. It was beating normally.
'Oh, good.' I tough.
"Lydia?" I heard Stiles voice behind me, I jumped up and run into his arms. 
"Lydia?" he said and I just realised that I had run into his arms, I backed away real fast.
"What's wrong with him?" He asked and looked at Scott.
"He was attacked, and bitten..-  he has bite marks on his side." I said and stiles looked at me with big eyes.
"Where is Ariana?" he asked and looked around the house worried.
"She's in the..-" I couldn't finish my sentence because we heard a scream. I ran out of the house and  started running into the forest.
"Lydia wait!", Stiles shouted behind me. I just stopped right in front of Ariana's  body. 
"Stiles!" I shouted and he run up to me. I just stared at Ariana's almost lifeless body. 
"Oh my god..", he whispered and picked her up bridal style. We got into the house and we saw Scott was standing on his feet.
"Ariana!" He exclaimed and ran up to Stiles and took her in his arms carrying her up to her room. 
"Scott, is she going to be ok?" I asked panicked and followed them into her room. 
"She will be fine." He said and I just nodded unable to say much. 
"Get some sleep okay.", he said and looked at me with a weird look which I couldn't get.
"Alright.", I said and both the boys walked out from the room.  I laid down on the bed and tried to fall asleep.
( 3 hour later )
I still couldn't sleep, I got up from the bed and started to walk down to the kitchen when I heard voices. I stopped and started to listen intensely.
"Derek, you have to make him stop!" I heard Scott say.
"I can't, it's impossible." Said the guy who I think was Derek. 'What are they talking about?' I got down one more step but the staircase gave away a sound. I guess they heard me.
"Hello? Is anyone there?" I heard Scott's voice. I stepped into the kitchen but I only saw Stiles and Scott.
"It's just me." I said little shyly.
"What are doing up so late?" Stiles asked and smiled gently at me. I shrugged my shoulders. 
"I was just gonna drink some water." I said and took a glass of water. I started walking upstairs but then I heard the same voice again. I listened again.
"Did she see him too?", I heard him say.
"I don't think so", I heard Stiles say.
"How do you know that?", he asked again.
"She didn't say anything about it.", Scott said. I started running upstairs. I laid down on the bed and started thinking again. Who is Derek and what did he mean with  'Did she see him too?' who is he talking about?

So that was chapter 4. I hope y'all like it and I'm sorry that I take so long for me to write. 
Comment ok? :*
Mkey bye! :)

Kisses -S


Av Lovi & Sara - 2 augusti 2013 12:36



After the last class was over, I stood up from my seat and walked straight towards my locker with Lydia and Allison by my sides. I took my bag and jacket and walked out of the school with them already done. 

"So, Allison you up for a sleepover at my house?" I asked and looked at her with big excited eyes. She laughed a bit but then shook her head with a sad face.

"I wish I could, my dad and mum is taking me for this resturant." She said and both me and Lydia nodded. 

"Oh okay, we'll just have fun whitout you then." Lydia smirked, I laughed at her and walked out to the parking lot. 

"Yo Stiles!" I said and waved my hand in the air towards Stiles blue jeep, Scott and Stiles were already seaten in it. I grabbed a hold of Lydia's arm and dragged her to the car. Both Stiles and Scott looked shocked. 

"I'm taking Lydia home, she's gonna sleep at ours." I said and jumped into the car. Lydia was more quiet then ever and just looked at Stiles few times during the car ride, I sensed some tention between them. I smiled lightly and turned to Scott who sat next to me in the blue old jeep. 

"How was your day?" I asked and twirled a lock of my hair between my fingers. He shrugged an smiled back at me.

"It was alright, do you mind if Stiles stays over tonight. His dad's going to be at the station late..-" I shook my head,

"-Not at all, he's always welcome." I said and smiled. He nodded and sat back with his back on the seat, so did I. 

The car ride wasn't long, we were at our house before I could even blink. Me and Lydia got out of the car and I took her arm in mine and dragged her to my house. 

"Is Stiles gonna stay the night here?" Lydia said raising her eyebrow, like she does sometimes. I nodded slightly frowning, biting my lip.

"Is that a problem?" I said and she shook her head with a small smile on her lips. 

"More like a good thing." She said and I giggled at her, making our way up to my room. 

"Give me a sec, I'm just gonna change my clothes." I said and she nodded sitting down on my bed. I passed by my window seeing something odd in the corner of my eye, I turned to see what it was. It looked like there was two yellow sparkly eyes looking straight at me. 

"What the..?" I started but couldn't explain what I had seen, I felt my mouth open sligtly at the shock. And just as I blinked the eyes were gone. I shivered at the thought that someone had stood in the forest and watched me, maybe for hours, days.. weeks? Lydia got up from her seat on my bed and looked trough the window. 

"What is it?" She said raising her eyebrows at me trying to see what I was looking at. I shook my head slowly.

"Uh- um nothing.." I said and turned around to face her, smiling a little she nodded and sat down on the bed againg looking trough her phone. I walked to my wardrobe and took the clothes and walked to my bathroom to change. I changed fast without shaking off the feeling of those eyes from the forest. I walked out of the bathroom and approached Lydia who lifted her head to look at me. I grabbed my phone, inhaler (since I had astma) and Lydia and dragged her downstairs. 

"Where are we going?" She asked and I shrugged. 

"Just for a walk I guess." She nodded and walked with me. I really wanted to know what was there in the forest. We walked past my neighbours house and straight towards the forest, Lydia had noticed we were looking for something. We walked past trees, sticks and stones. 

"What are we looking for?" She finally said, I sighed and decided I should tell her. 

"I know this may sound crazy, but I saw something.." I said stopping to look at her in the middle of the forest. She raised both of her eyebrows at me but nodded slowly. 

"Something like what?" She asked. I looked around in the forest just to see the same yellow eyes watching me again, I pointed at the eyes and ran there fast. 

"Those eyes!" I shouted and Lydia ran after me. The eyes dissapeard, clearly this thing was much faster then us. We looked for it several hours after that we saw it, both me and Lydia had started getting tired and the drakness had starte dembracing us as the sun left it's last light on the tree crowns. Suddenly I ran into someone making us both fall backwards, I ran my hand trough my hair and looke dat the person infront of me. 

"Scott what the hell are you doing here!?" I hissed at him, he stood up and helped me up. 

"I could ask you the same thing." He said with a deep voice, I looked at his whole body, he held his hands on his side. Something wet and dark covered his hands and his side. Lydia finally joined us and I fast attacked his wound with my hands and eyes, it looked like.. 

"Bite marks?" I asked, he shrugged his shoulders. He looked a bit pale, maybe he got attacked by some rabies dog? I thought. But realised that wasn't it at all, maybe it was a wolf? He looked like he was gonna pass out any minute and just like that he fell over, but I managed to catch him before he hit his head on the ground. 

"Scott what were you doing in the forest?" I said trying to keep myself calm, I needed to know if Stiles was still out there. He mumbled something about Stiles and him looking for a dead body. And Stiles father find Stiles and he had sent him home but Scott got attacked by something, a wolf he had said. 

"Lydia, could you take him home? I'm just gonna look around a little for his inhaler." I said knowing Scott needed his inhaler sooner or later, he couldn't use mine because I had a worse case of astma then him. I took out my phone using it as a lamp looking at the dark forest ground for my brothers inhaler. *crack* I heard a stick break in the forest, I jumped slightly as I thought I was alone. Now I did something that you shouldn't do. 

"H-hello?" I whispered feeling myself shiver, I helad a tighter grip of my phone and held it out towards the trees and the darkness trying to see where the sound came from. I lit up a part of the forest and saw a pair of red glowing eyes, and after that a growl came from where the eyes were. I dropped the phone in an attempt to run away. 

"Shit.." I mumbled under my breath, and before I could blink the red eyes and a shape of something stood infront of me. I stopped and tried to back away but backed into a tree instead. 

"P-please don't kill me.." I pleaded and the wolf infront of me growled. I closed my eyes as hard as I could, and got ready for the pain in my chest. But it never came.


I woke up in my bed screaming as loud as I could making Lydia beside me fall out of my bed. The door flew open and in came Scott and Stiles, Scott ran to my side and embraced me in a hug. My whole body was shaking, I then realised it was all just a dream. I sighed in relief and shook off the bad thoughts and calmed down. Lydia stood up and crossed her arms over her chest. 

"Sorry." I laughed and she smiled at me, Scott pulled away from me but before he could dissapear I pulled up his shirt reviling a big white pad on his side. I gasped and pulled away, he looked at me with a frown. 

"I-it wasn't a dream?" I mumbled and looked down at my stomach just to see I had a big blood stain on my grey overzised t-shirt, I gasped again and the Scott ran to my side again. 

"You're bleeding!" He shot out and pulled up my shirt just to see more blood and a bite mark. He frowned and lifted me up bridal style, he looked at Stiles. 

"Drive us to the hospital?" Scott asked and Stiles nodded whitout saying anything.

"I'm coming too." Lydia said and Scott nodded, all I could do was look at them while my eyesight became more and more bad. I wanted to scream to them that I was fine but couldn't, my whole body felt heavy. 

"Scott.." I mumbled right before I closed my eyes and fell into a deep sleep. During the sleep I could feel I was moved, onto a bed. Probably a hospital bed, I wonder if my mum is here now.. I slowly opened my eyes just to see several pairs of eyes looking at me, I sat up. 

"A little space could be good." I said and rubbed my head, Lydia, Stiles, Scott, Allison and my mum was in the room. Lydia and Allison ran to my sides and hugged me tightly. 

"Thank god you're alright." Lydia said and Allison nodded, I raised my eyebrows. 

"Why wouldn't I be? And another question why am I in the hospital?" I asked and looked at everyone around my, my mum approached me and stroke my hair lightly. 

"Sweety don't you remember anything?" She asked, I sighed and tried to look back of what had happened just before I fell asleep. I looked down at my stomach, it was a big white pad placed on it. Just like Scott's, I frowned and scratched the back of my head remembering the red eyes in teh forest. 

"It was a wolf, a wolf attacked me." I mumbled, only Scott reacted. He stiffened up where he stood beside Stiles. 

"Anyway, I'm fine now. Can I go home?" I asked looking at mum with a puppy face, she laughed at me and nodded.

"You may go." She said and I got out of the bed, grabbing my clothes that Lydia had brought me and walked to the bathroom. I locked the door and took off the hospital dress, reviling the white big pad. I stood there, only with my undergarments on, looking at the white big patch. I easy scratched it off, there was no wound left. I frowned and stared at my bare skin. 

"H-how is that possible?" I whispered and ran my fingers where the wound just was. 

"Scott, that's not normal. Wounds can't heal that fast.." I heard Stiles low voice, how could I hear him so well still not? 

I shook it off, aparently Scott's wound had also healed. I took on my shirt and my pants and shoes, I looked in the mirror and fixed my hair a bit. My eyes suddenly shifted between my normal brown eyes too yellow. I gasped and looked closer in the mirror. They shifted once again making me step back, I got interupted by an knock on the door. 

"Ariana, are you alright?" I heard Allison's voice on the other side of the door. I cleared my throat and unlocked the door stepping into the room filled with my family and friends. 

"I'm perfect." I said, realising I wasn't lying, for once I actually was perfect. All of them smiled at me, Stiles and Scott decided they were gonna go and play some lacrosse so me and the girls excited the hospital. Infront of me a man, a bit older then me walked he had a fierce look, that I somehow recognised, he had black hair and green inviting eyes. He looked straight at me and smiled a little when he passed us, he was a handsome stranger. The girls giggled when they saw him, but I just couldn't shake off the feeling that I knew those friendly eyes from somewhere. __________________________________________________________________________________________________

{ #TeenWolf #NinaDobrev #HollandRoden #CrystalReed #TylerPosey #DylanOBrien #TylerHoechlin }


Chapter three folks, please take your time and comment, and heart this chapter? 

It's extra long and detailed, and I worked a while on it. 

Next chapter will be out tomorrow, by Sara. Sorry, it was going to be out today but she was away.


Peace and love, 


//lovi xx


Av Lovi & Sara - 1 augusti 2013 17:21

I woke up by my ringing alarm clock, I hit it lightly with my hand and I started rubbing my eyes.
"Mom!" I shouted and waited for an answer.
"Mom, do you hear me?" I shouted again. Ugh, I got up on my feet and fixed my hair a little. I got out from my room and into my moms. She wasn't there so I headed downstairs. I saw a note on the table.

'Morning honey. I'm sorry, I needed to get to work early this morning. I'll be home late, so if you want you can bring someone here or sleep over at Allison's or Ariana's. ' I sighed and started walking up to my room. I opened my closet and took out my black dress and my black heels. I walked up to my makeup table and started to put on my foundation and then I picked up my maybeline mascara and put it on. I picked up my red Star Lips-lipstick. I started to curl my long strawberry blonde hair. When I was done I put on my jewelry's. When I was done I looked at my self one last time, great look as always. I smiled at my reflection. I took my bag and my phone and of course my car keys. I started walking down stair and walked into the kitchen and I made myself a sandwich. When I was done eating breakfast I put on my jacket and got out. I got into my car and started driving to the school.

[ At School ]
I saw Alison walking towards me so I started walking to her too.
"Hey." She said and hugged me.
"Hi." I answered and smiled big.
"How are you doing?" She asked and smiled her casual smile.
"Fine. What about you?" I asked and smiled a little.
"Lydia, I meant..- How is it going with.."
"-Don't say his name." I said interrupting her.
"Sorry." She said and looked at me. I shrugged my shoulders.
"It's ok.. Um, where is Ariana?" I asked and looked around. Then I saw Stiles blue jeep driving into the parking lot. My whole body just lighted up somehow, it was weird I have never had this feeling. Then I saw Ariana coming towards us and we started walking up to school grounds. I saw Stiles smiling at me and then he waved at me, I just stared at him but I was actually smiling just because he smiled and waved at me. We walked up to our lockers and I started taking out my books for the first class which was with Ariana.
"Ready to go?" I heard her saying behind me. I nod and smiled.
"Yeah, come on." I said and held her arm and started walking.
"How does it feel without..." she stuttered.
"Weird and kinda lonely." I admitted and looked down at the ground on my shoes.
"It's going to be ok hun." She said and smiled at me.
"I really hope so." I said and smiled back.
"Let's do this, sleep over at my place tonight. If its ok for your mom of curse." She said and smiled widely.
"Yeah sure, she's working late anyway." I said and smiled.
"Great. Come on." She said and we walked into the class. Mr. Harris, our teacher came in to the classroom and started talking about history.

Chapter 2 is done(:
Comment please. Alright?
Mkey bye:)

Kisse -S

Av Lovi & Sara - 1 augusti 2013 12:22

Lydia Martin
Is a beautiful tall girl with strawberry blonde hair and a beautiful smile. She loves to dance and sing. But she loves shopping and most of all she loves boys. A lot has happened in Lydia's life. She has been together with the schools jock, she wasn't really happy with him. He was selfish and mean. But there is one guy that cares about her, and that is Stiles Stilinski. But somehow she don't feel like he is the one for her, at least not yet.

But she mostly spends her days with Allison and Ariana. They have been best friends for a while and they have actually helped her a lot. They helped her getting through Jackson, they were here real friends and well... They were her only friends. 

Lydia is a strong girl. She is really smart and tuff but when she was together with Jackson she always  plaid dumb and weak. She hated that feeling, the feeling that she always needed help or she needed to be rescued. But this year she is not going to hide away she is going to be herself. And nothing is going to stop her.

Lydia lives with her mom, her mom means the world to her. She has already lost her dad but she don't want to loose her mom. Lydia has a cute little puppy named Prada. He loves to play with Lydia and going for a walks. 

So that was Lydia. Chapter 2 is coming today. And chapter one is already written by Lovi. 

Kisses! -S 


Hello dear readers, this is a blog where two teenagers are in charge writing different magical novels. We make up everything ourselves, and all copying is reported! Leave a like and a comment, or suggestions. xx

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