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I struggled with my breath as the cold grip tightened around my throat, making it hard to breath. The thing stood in the dark which made it hard to see it's face. As it lifted my body up, so my feet were dangling in the air I grasped onto it's hands trying to get loose. 

"Please..", I stuttered under my breath. Suddenly a bright light started shining every where around me, I pressed my eyelids together not being able to see anything. The thing let go of me, dropping me to the wooden floor. I grunted and coughed while opening my eyes seeing the creature no where. I got a hold of a table next to me, using my arms to get myself up on shaky legs. What the hell just happened? I thought for myself, searching the room feeling my heart beat hard against my chest. After a while I realized the creature was gone so I made my way over the floor and went out the door. This was a crazy idea.

I sat in the car ready to get away from here, I placed my hand on the key and turned it around starting the car. I backed out from the place I had the car and started driving towards the house we were staying at. When I got there I saw Kat sitting on the steps, playing with her necklace. I got out of the car in an fast movement, slamming the door. Kat raised her head and as soon as she saw me she came storming towards me. I wrapped my arms around her, still feeling a little shaky from the incident. She placed her hands on the back of my head as she backed away and stared into my eyes.
"Where were you?", she asked worriedly. First now she noticed the red marks around my neck, and the stiff tears that had dried on my cheeks. Her facial expression turned from worried to worse.
"What happened?", she shot out carfully stroking my right cheek with her hand. I blinked, trying hard not to cry. Shrugging my shoulders up and down easily I just stared at her.
"I-I don't know..", I mumbled but before I could say anything else I heard Josh's voice fill my ears.
"Amara!", he shouted making me jump slightly. He came running towards me, I got out of Kat's grip and made my way over to Josh. We embrace each other in a hug, before he backed away and placed my chin in his hands. I then felt his lips on mine, and for once I felt safe.

I sat in the couch with a blanket placed inches away from my cold body. Aiden leaned against the doorframe as he watched me closely, Josh sat next to me in the couch and Katherine stood next to James.
"I'm just curious, how did you get away?", Aiden asked trying to get my attention. I placed my gaze on his, seeing the wonder in his look.
"I told you, it was this bright light and then.. it just disappeared", I told again. Aiden looked like he didn't believe it but let it go after a while. He sighed and made his way out the room, I rolled my eyes.
"I'm just glad you're okay", Kat said walking over to me and placing a kiss on my forehead before exiting the room with James. I rolled my eyes once again but laughed slightly. Those two need to get it on. I thought and laughed by my own thought. Josh raised his eyebrows and pulled a smile, you're so beautiful. I heard his voice, but his lips wasn't moving. I gasped slightly as my eyes widened.
"Josh..?", I said questioningly.
"What is it?", he asked and looked at me seriously.
"I just heard your thought", I said and he furrowed his eyebrows together. An Angel, an Angel of God.. A warrior.. I heard again, this time it was Aidens voice in my head. I looked over at him with furrowed eyebrows, how is this possible?
"We're connected Amara", I heard Aidens words from earlier play back in my head. What if I had a connection to them because I was an Angel? This is getting so fucking creepy.

Wow, this is getting out of hand.


xoxo, lovi.

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I took a breath in as James kissed down my neck, soon he started to kiss my lips again.
"James..", I mumbled but he just kept on kissing me. I stopped kissing him and he looked up.
"What's wrong?", he asked and smirked. Damn he was hot, I just wanted to throw myself on him but I couldn't because it was wrong.
"This is wrong", I said and he put me down on my feet again.
"Why?", he asked confused.
"I told you before. Falling in love with the enemy never ends well", I said and sighed sitting down on the bed.
"You never told me why it was wrong and by the way you like me", he said and winked, I just let out a laugh and shook my head.
"I never said I liked you", I said and smiled. He smiled back and kissed me on the lips again, I could feel fireworks going on in my stomach. It felt amazing. Soon he was sitting on top of me smirking evilly.
"Oh, so you don't like me? Huh?", he said and started to tickle me.
"Omg! Stop", I started laughing and kicking.
"Tell me you like me", he said and kept on tickling me.
"No!", I laughed as I turned around making him fall beside me as I sat on top of him.
"Your gonna punish me now?", he asked and smirked.
"Shut up", I said and hit his chest as I stood up and walked over to my clothes.
"So you're just gonna leave me like that?", he asked and laughed a little.
"Yeah, can you get out for a sec? I need to change", I answered and looked at him.
"Why can't I stay and see that sexy body of yours?", he asked and made a puppy dog face.
"No, get out or I'll kick you out", I said again, he put his hand up in the air as he surrounded and got out from the room. I sighed and smiled, I started to put on my black Victoria's Secret lace caning set. As I was putting my hair up in a messy bun James walked straight in making me jump.
"God damn it! I never told you to come in", I said as I let out a breath.
"Well I was tired of waiting - but god damn you're hot", he said and bit his lip looking at me. I raised my eyebrow and looked at him.
"Excuse me?", I said and snapped him back in reality.
"I mean, you got a stunning body- ugh, I mean let's sleep", he stuttered making me giggle. I laid down as he laid down beside me wrapping his arms around my tiny body. I started to fall in a deep sleep.
"Goodnight beautiful", I heard James say before I drifted off. I smiled as I was gone in the dream world.

I woke up the next morning feeling empty, I looked to my side not seeing James. I sighed and got up walking towards my suitcase full of my clothes, makeup and the other suitcase full of my shoes and jewelry. I started to pick some clothes from the suitcase.

When I was done putting my clothes on I started to put on some make up. (Outfit below) I put on some red lipstick and looked at my reflection as smiled. When I was done I started to put my jewelry on. I looked at the necklace and smiled, it was my moms.

I started to walk downstairs noticing Josh and James were behind me, I walked into the kitchen seeing Aiden and Amara. I raised my eyebrows at them, what are they doing? I realized Josh and James were also looking at them with questioning eyes. Amara stood up from the chair and led us to the sofa as she started to tell us about what Aiden had told her.

"So you're an Angel?", I asked making a confused face, she laughed slightly as I still looked at her waiting for an answer. She nodded and I just raised my eyebrow as I always did when I was confused.
"This doesn't make any sense", Josh suddenly muttered. I looked at him and slowly nodded, he was right. It doesn't make any sense.
"What doesn't make any sense?", Amara asked and that's when I noticed the book placed in his hands. He lifted his head, staring at Amara with a wondering expression on his face. He studied her shortly before opening his mouth to speak.
"In this book, it says Angels are warriors of God", he read from the page making me and Amara gasp at the same time. What the fuck is going on? Now she's a warrior of God? She walked over to Josh and got a hold of the book, reading the exact words again. I snatched the book out of her hand and read the words as did James. We all looked at each other before turning to Aiden, who apparently was the only person who knew what was going on.
"Don't look at me, I know as much as you do about this", he said and let out a frustrated sigh. Now what are we gonna do? I was so confused and frustrated. Before anyone could react Amara was out the door, walking straight towards the car. Me and Josh were about to walk after her when Aidens voice stopped us.
"She need to figure this out on her own", he said and we just stood by the door and watched as she drove away. I walked inside towards Aiden and looked at him seriously.

"How did you know?", I said and looked at him as he raised his eyebrows.
"I have been familiar with this before", he answered shortly.
"Uh, and how did it go last night? Did you kill the spirit?", I asked and rolled my eyes.
"Yeah", he answered making me gasp.
"What? How?", I asked shocked.
"Save that for later", he said and I just surprisingly nodded.

I sat down on the couch playing with my moms necklace when Aiden sat down beside me.
"Where did you get that from?", he asked and looked at the necklace with big eyes.
"My mom gave it to me before I died. Why?", I asked and looked at him with surprised look.
"That's a.."


What do you think that necklace means/ is?


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I sat down on the chair behind the wooden table, watching Aiden by his every move.

"What do you mean with the whole Angel deal?", I asked, trying the word in my mouth. It sounded weird, really weird. But it would really explain a lot about what had happened to me the last couple of days. Aiden placed his hands on the table as he stared at me.
"I mean just that, you're an Angel", he repeated. I furrowed my eyebrows together but didn't bother to answer, instead I leaned back against the chair and put my leg over the other. Just as I was about to ask something else several footsteps filled the room, I turned around to face Josh, Katherine and James. They all stared at me and Aiden with raised eyebrows, obviously wondering what was going on. I sighed knowing I had to tell them, or they'd be all confused and mad at me. I stood up from the chair and led them to the sofa as I started to tell them about what Aiden just had told me.

"So you're an Angel?", Kat asked making a confused face which made me laugh slightly. I nodded as an answer and she raised her left eyebrow, like she usually did when she was a bit confused. I shrugged my shoulders, not knowing what to tell her.
"This doesn't make any sense", Josh suddenly muttered. I turned to him and raised my eyebrows questionably.
"What doesn't make any sense?", I asked and saw the book placed in his hands. He lifted his head, staring at me with a wondering expression on his face. He studied me shortly before opening his mouth to speak.
"In this book, it says Angels are warriors of God", he read from the page making me and Kat gasp at the same time. Now that didn't make any sense at all, I'm no bloody warrior of the man upstairs. I walked over to Josh and got a hold of the book, reading the exact words with my own eyes. Furrowing my eyebrows together I raised my head again, Kat snatched the book out of my hand and read the words as did James. We all looked at each other before turning to Aiden, who apparently was the only person who knew what was going on. 

"Don't look at me, I know as much as you do about this", he said and let out a frustrated sigh. This was going nowhere. I needed to know what was going on, once and for all. Before anyone could react I was out the door, walking straight towards the car. I got in the car, seeing Josh and Kat standing by the doorway. As much as I knew they wanted to go here I knew Aiden had told them to let me go, he always did that. Let me go.

As I thrummed my fingers against the steering wheel I searched the road in front of me, where am I going to go? I sighed and pressed my lips together as I started the radio in the car. A random song filled my ears, making me relax slightly. As I kept my eyes on the road I passed an old building to my left, it was a wreck. I shivered slightly as I stared at the building seeing it disappear in the distance, huh weird. I thought but kept on driving. I needed to get some answers, and fast because I was going crazy here. Suddenly the radio started to struggle and making weird noises, I furrowed my eyebrows together as I tried fixing it. Finally I turned it off, letting a little relieved sigh escape my mouth I placed my eyes on the road again. Again the radio started, without me touching it. I tried turning it off, but this time it didn't work and before I could anything else a dark shadow suddenly stood in front of the car few meters away. I pressed my foot against the break and heard the wheels let out an awful noise. I gasped and saw the shadow disappear in the air, first now I noticed the darkness that had embraced the sky in a thin line. What the hell is going on here? I thought and finally got control over myself again. I started the car and turned it around, it was something seriously wrong about that house I saw. I need to know what.

I pulled up by the house, getting out and feeling the coldness around me.
"Damn that I didn't take my jacket with me", I mumbled as I looked around me seeing nothing but an empty road and trees as far as my eyes could reach. If I die now no one will find me until several years later. I thought, letting out a nervous laugh. I made my way over the dead grass and up the wooden stairs.
"This is like the movie A Cabin In The Woods", I said forgetting I was alone.
"Oh yeah right", I mumbled again realizing no one was with me. I shivered slightly, raising my hand slowly as I knocked on the door. Nothing happened so I tried opening the door, it was locked. I stepped back to kick the door open, darkness and dust flew around in front of my eyes. This is so wrong, walking straight into the killers arms. I thought and got a hold of my phone in my pocket, I turned on the flashlight and the house got lighten up. I walked around in the empty house, seeing nothing but old furnitures and dust. I moved my phone around and light it onto a mirror making me scream slightly and drop the phone.
"Shit..", I mumbled and leaned down to pick up the phone. As I stood up again I saw a shadow of something stand beside me. I screamed as I felt cold hands around my neck.

Dun, dun, duuuuuu... Cliffhanger.

xoxo, lovi.

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Amara grasped onto the leather seat as she stared into my eyes, what is happening? She is scaring the hell out of me.

"I-I.. I don't know", she swallowed the tears in her throat as Josh helped her up from the car floor. I looked at her with worried eyes, I looked to my side meeting James eyes. I took a breath out and looked in front of me.
"Here..", I heard Amara mumble from the backseat and she opened the door almost falling out of the car. We all looked at each other. I was about to open the door when Josh's voice stopped me.
"No, I'll get her. You're worried enough", he said and nodded at me before getting out of the car. I bit my lip and drummed on the wheel nervously. What is wrong with my sister?

"Hey... Relax, she's fine", James said like he had read my mind.
"I hope she's fine", I answered shortly. After a while Josh returned with Amara by his side and they got into the car and I started driving back to the place we were staying at.

When we arrived, me and James walked in front of Amara and Josh. I opened the door and started to walk up to my room. I opened the door and slammed it right behind me. I walked up to the bed with tears in my eyes, what is going on with my sister? I have never seen her like this, she looks devastated. I felt a tear escape my eye and I just let it fall, then I heard the door open again.

"Kat, you okay?", I heard James voice, I could feel myself shaking.
"I- I'm fine..", I said with a shaky voice as I took a deep breath. Soon a felt some warm arms around me.
"You're shaking, whats wrong?", he said calmly hugging me from behind.
"Everything", I answered shortly as another tear fell. I could feel James turning me around so I could face him, I turned around and looked down on the ground as tears slowly escaped my eyes.
"Hey hey hey, don't cry.. I can't handle to see a pretty girl cry. Specially if that girl is you", he said and lifted my head and wiped the tears away.
"I'm sorry..", I said.
"Don't be", he said and hugged me, I could feel him kiss my forehead.

I backed away slowly and looked up at him as I gave him a small smile. And then all of sudden I could feel his lips on mine. The kiss became deeper and more passionated, he lifted me up as I wrapped my legs around his hips as moved around in the room. Soon I could feel my back against the wall as he was kissing down my neck.


A cliffhanger;)


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I grasped onto the leather seat as I stared into Katherine's eyes, what the hell just happened?

"I-I.. I don't know", I swallowed the tears in my throat as Josh helped me up from the car floor. I looked out the car window while tucking a sting of my thick hair behind my right ear. I saw an old bar beside us, gasping I remembered seeing Aiden here in the 'vision'.
"Here..", I mumbled and opened the door almost falling out of the car. I heard the doors open and close behind me but didn't bother to wait for the others as I got straight in my back and opened the wooden door to the hillbilly bar. I stepped inside and received many looks from creepy old men, making a face I made my way across the dusty floor. As I just reached the bar I felt a big hand slapping my ass, I gasped but didn't turn around. I felt the anger build up in me, no I need to focus on finding Aiden. I thought and turned to the bartender who smiled widely at me, he didn't care about his other costumers.
"What can I get you honey?", he asked and smirked. I shivered slightly and made a face.
"Have you seen a guy here, brownish hair about this high?", I asked and showed with my hand how tall Aiden was. The bartender shook his head and I sighed, I'm never gonna find him. I thought and turned around walking into someone, I stumbled back but the guy grabbed me to prevent me from falling. I looked at the familiar guys face a bit chocked as he stared into my eyes, Josh.
"Be careful there love", he smirked making me blush.
"Thanks", I said and bit my bottom lip. He let go of me and I stormed out of the bar, where the hell could Aiden be? I stood in the cold of the night watching everything detail by detail around me, Josh made his way over to me and stood by my side.
"Maybe we should go home?", he suggested in a warm tone, which made me wanting to be close to him. I sighed but then nodded and slipped my hand into his. He smiled and leaned in as he kissed my softly on the lips.

When we finally arrived at the place we were staying in, which I had no idea why we were staying at, I got out of the car. Katherine and James walked in front of me and Josh, they opened the door and we got in. I sat down on the couch as I let out a sigh. I saw Katherine and James walk up the stairs, Josh came and sat next to me. He looked at me with a serious look, I raised my eyebrows.
"What is it?", I asked a little confused.
"I'm just worried about you", he said and put his hands in mine.
"I'm okay, I promise", I smiled and he smiled back love showing in his eyes. We both leaned in and our lips met, I moved myself and sat in his lap with my legs over his. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he put his around my waist. Suddenly the door opened, I looked up facing Aiden. He furrowed his eyebrows together as he saw me and Josh, he then shut the door behind him as he stormed up the stairs.
"Aiden wait!", I shouted as I gave Josh a fast look before getting up from his lap. I ran up the stairs, hearing a door slam in the house. Obviously Aiden wasn't in the talking mood right now. I sighed and made my way down the wooden stairs again meeting up with Josh. He stood up and wore a almost jealous look. I raised my left eyebrow and smiled slightly.
"What is it?", I asked and approached him slowly. He looked down at the floor and shrugged his shoulders.
"Nothing..", he mumbled and I tilted my head.
"Spill it Joshy", I said and he bit his bottom lip slightly.
"I just feel like.. maybe.. you like still..", he struggled with his words as he rubbed the back of his head. I moved closer to him.
"That I still like Aiden?", I asked and he nodded. I let out a small laugh and put my arms around his neck.
"No, I only like you", I said making him smile like a fool. He put his arms around my waist as I gave him a small kiss. But he didn't get enough so he kissed me again and again which led to us lying on the couch kissing.

I let out a small yawn as I made my way over to the silk dressed bed, Josh already laid in there sleeping like a little baby. I smiled and slipped into the bed moving towards him as I out my head on his bare chest. Closing my eyes I started falling asleep to the sound of his heartbeats. I slipped into a deep sleep, feeling the dreams take over me.

I stared into his green glittery eyes as he moved closer to me, cupping my chin in his hands he moved his head towards mine and our lips met in a kiss. Our body's was just inches apart from touching and I could feel his bare chest against mine. His hands traveled down my body and I could feel them all over me, he started kissing down my neck making me gasp slightly. As he kept kissing me he pushed me against the wall, he stopped kissing me and stared into my eyes for a shirt while.
"I love you Amara", he whispered in the darkness. A smile spread across my face as I kissed him again.
"I love you too Aiden", I whispered.

I woke up the next morning covered in sweat, damn that stupid dream. I thought and bit my lip seeing Josh still soun asleep next to me, I moved the duvet off me as I slipped out of bed and onto the wooden floor. I grabbed some new clothes that Kat and brung yesterday and out them on. Making my way out of the room trying to be as quiet as possible I tipped down the stairs and walked into the so called kitchen. Of my surprise I saw Aiden standing in there, he looked up at me with raised eyebrows.
"Aiden-..", I started but he cut me off as he wrapped his arms around my tiny body. I hugged him back a bit shocked.
"I'm so glad you're okay", he said and looked into my eyes. I cleared my throat feeling the heat of his body, shit.
"Uh, yeah me too..", I said as I had lost what I was going to say. Damn he was hot. What the hell Amara? I bit my lip slightly looking down at the floor. I could feel him stare at him intesly.
"You dreamt about me didn't you", he said smirking widely. I furrowed my eyebrows together and shook my head.
"What the hell? No", I said a little harsh. He just let out a chuckle as he walked over to the table.
"I should know, I dreamt about you too", he said looking up. I raised my eyebrow and studied him, was he just playing?
"What-..", I started but got cut off by him again.
"Can't you see it? We're connected Amara..", he said, now he started to sound crazy.
"Connected?", I asked and he nodded.
"You saw me didn't you, in the bar?", he asked again and I nodded slowly feeling confused. What is going on here?
"It's because of your power", he said and I gasped slightly.
"What do you mean?", I asked once again.
"You're an Angel Amara", he said making me gasp again. An Angel?

Say what now!?

xoxo, lovi.

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I woke up in these warm and muscular arms, I turned around to see James bare chest pressed against my back. I looked down at my body seeing I only were in my underwear. I started blushing as I tried to get up but as I was about to sit up James dragged me back to himself again making me smile.
"What are you doing?", I said and looked at him as he half smiled.
"Don't go, lay here with me", he said as I let out a chuckle.
"I can't", I said and stood up and walked around in room looking for my shirt.
"Damn you're hot", I heard James behind me as I realized I wasn't wearing any clothes.
"Shut up", I said and grabbed my shirt from the floor. I put my shirt and my pants on as I started to walk to the big mirror in the room as I fixed my long brown hair. I saw James coming behind me putting his arms around me again.
"What now?", I asked and rolled my eyes looking at him with a small smile on my face.
"I think I like you", he admitted but I just smiled for at him.
"Oh yeah", I said in a questioning tone and got out from his grip picking up my shoes.
"Yeah. Do you like me back?", he asked and I just took a deep breath and looked into his eyes as I stood up wrapping my arms around his neck. He just smiled at me and stepped closer to me. I stood on my toes since he was longer than me, I kissed him softly on the lips as he smiled during the kiss.
"Was that a yes?", he said and smiled at me.
"Yeah", I said and nodded.
"Wanna show me that again?", he said as I kissed him again on the lips smiling. I backed away as I put my jacket on and walked down the stairs again with James behind me.

As I stepped into the room I saw Aiden sitting on the sofa as he was fixing his gun. I gave him a weird look which meant 'what are you doing?' He just looked up at me and shrugged.
"What are you doing?", I asked and looked at him.
"Nothing", he answered shortly making me frown, I know he is up to something.
"Aiden?..", I said and he looked up again.
"What?", he said rolling his eyes at the same time.
"I know you're up to something. What is it? I don't lie to me", I said softly and looked at him in the eyes. He sighed and decided to tell me.
"I'm going to kill that thing who hurt Amara", he said and nodded shortly, I looked at him with big eyes. Is he crazy?
"What? You're going to kill a spirit?", I asked and he looked up at me.
"Oh, so you believe it now?", he said and little harsh as I sighed.
"I can't avoid it forever. So, welcome to the new normal", I said and bit my lip as he nodded smirking. He finally stood up and put the gun in his pocket as he started to walk towards the out door as I gasped.
"Woah, you were serious?", I said with big eyes standing up.
"Yes", he said and rolled his eyes again making me walk after him.
"No you're not", I said and walked behind him to the door.
"Yes I am. So get back and don't try to stop me because it's not gonna work", he said and walked out slamming the door real hard. I slowly walked away to the couch as James stared at me.

"He is insane", he finally said and I just shook my head.
"Now you're talking? You couldn't have told that like 5 minutes earlier?", I said and rolled my eyes.
"Now you're mad at me? What did I do?", he said as I let out a small laugh. I walked to him and sat down in his lap.
"No, sorry it's just that I'm worried for him. What if he gets himself killed?", I said as he wrapped his arms around me.
"Don't worry, he will be fine", he said and kissed my cheek.

I was sitting on the couch going through my phone as I heard footsteps coming down from the stairs. I looked up to see Amara coming down with the help of Josh, she didn't seem to notice me. My eyes were watery as I looked at her, I almost lost my sister. Again.
"Don't you ever do that again, I thought you were gonna leave me!", I almost screamed, she laughed slightly and hugged me again as I smiled at her wiping the tears away.
"I won't", she promised and we smiled at each other. I looked at my side seeing Josh smiling a little as I gave him a small smile meaning 'Thank you', he just nodded and smiled at me.
"Where's Aiden?", Amara asked and I rubbed the back of my head, shit she just asked me the question I didn't want to answer. I knew if she knew she would snap. She raised her eyebrows waiting for my answer, I sighed and looked at her.
"He left, he said he was gonna kill the thing that attacked you", I finally spoke and she furrowed her eyebrows. Crap, she is going to get crazy.
"But-", She started but got cut off by a loud bang outside. We all looked at each other before grabbing our weapons and getting out to see what was going on. The door slammed leaving me and James in the house.
"What the hell?", I said and tried to open the door.
"It's stuck Kat", James said behind me as I ran my hand through my hair.
"Now what are we gonna do?", I asked and looked at James for an answer.
"I can try to kick it open?", he suggested and shrugged his shoulders.
"Alright. Don't hurt yourself", I said and gave him a small smile as he started to kick the door really hard.

Finally the door got open with a loud bang as we opened the door and walked out seeing Amara coughing with Josh beside her helping her.
"What the hell just happened?", I said and looked around with raised eyebrows. I looked at Amara who was speechless.

Me and James decided we were going to look for Aiden and get something to eat since none of us had eaten since yesterday. I looked outside the window as James was driving.
"After we are done looking for Aiden, can you drive to my place? I need to shower and change and take some of mine and Amara's clothes with me", I asked and looked to him.
"Yeah sure", he answered and gave me a small smile.

After hours of looking for Aiden we gave up and decided to drive to my place. As we drove into my drive way I unlocked my seat belt and got out of the car with James behind me. I opened the door and walked in.
"Cool house", James said behind me as I smiled I myself.
"Thanks. Eh.. Look I'm gonna take a quick shower and change, so you can make yourself at home and we got plenty of stuff to eat", I said and smiled as he nodded smiling back.

I walked upstairs to my room and took my towel as I walked into the bathroom putting on the shower. As the water was running I was stripping out of my clothes as I stepped into the shower. The hot water hit the back of my hair as it continued down to my back as I ran my hands through my hair.

After the shower I put my towel around my body as I stepped out of the bathroom. I jumped as I saw James laying on my bed, I realized he was asleep I sighed and smiled at him. He looked like a cute little puppy as he was sleeping. I walked to my wardrobe and took my out some clothes. (outfit abow^^) I walked into the bathroom to change.

When I walked out again I saw James rubbing his eyes, he looked up and met my eyes. He looked at me from head to toe as he smiled. I blushed by the way he looked at me.
"What?", I finally asked him as he stopped looking at me and he looked straight into my eyes smiling.
"You look beautiful.. And hot", he said and I just let out a laugh.
"Thanks, I guess", I said and blushed.
"So you're done?", he asked and stood up.
"Almost, I'm just gonna pack some clothes and stuff for me and Amara", I said, he nodded as I started to pack our clothes.

We put the suitcases in the car and we stepped in the car, James started the engine and started to drive to a place to get some food. We drove to a McDonald's drive in and we gave our orders. We drove forward and took our food and we were on the rode in no time.

As we opened the door to the building we saw Josh on the ground and Amara laughing her ass off. Me and James looked at each other confused, what is going on here? I tough and just smiled a little.

When we had eaten the food we decided to hit the rode again to look for Aiden. I sat in the driver seat and started to drive away again. As I was driving Amara started to screaming as she fell to the floor. I stopped the car and looked at her with worried eyes.
"What is it Amara?", Josh said frowning. She stopped screaming and lifted her head with tears filling her eyes.
"Aiden.. I saw Aiden", She gasped. What? She's psychic now?
"What? You saw Aiden?", I asked and looked at her confused.
"I-I.. Saw him", she said and I just furrowed my eyebrows.
"But.. How? How is that possible?", I asked and looked at her.

What? How can she see him?


So I hope you like this chapter, I kids did:)


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I laid on the bed, feeling the warm material under my hands as I moved them. Opening my eyes carefully I met the bright sunlight in the room, which made my grunt quietly. I looked around in the quiet room seeing Josh sit on a chair by the bed, his head was resting in his palms as I watched his chest rise and fall. When my eyes finally had adjusted to the light I tried sitting up, which didn't work to well when I felt a sharp pain in my chest.
"Ouch..", I muttered and pressed my hand against my chest, I lifted my shirt slightly seeing a fine brusie just above my left rib. Josh woke up and looked at me with a relieved smile. His eyes traveled down my body and stopped on the bruise, he furrowed his eyebrows as he got out of the seat and sat next to me in the bed. I put down my shirt and bit my bottom lip slightly.
"How are you feeling?", he asked concern filling his voice. I looked up and smiled, putting my hand over his.
"Better now", I said and he smiled back. Suddenly I had the urge to feel him close so I swung my arms around him carefully as I pressed my tiny body against his. He rubbed my back gently.
"Thank you", I whispered clenching my fists and closing my eyes.
"For what?", he asked when we stopped hugging.
"I could still hear when I was unconscious", I admitted and he raised his eyebrows the looked down on the duvet, I saw his cheeks turn a bright red making me smile. I put my hand under his chin, lifting his head up. We stared in to each others eyes for a while, like we had done several times before. We both leaned in and before I knew it I could feel his soft lips on mine.

With the help of Josh I slipped out of the bed as he put his arms around me, letting me lean on him on the way down the stairs. We made our way into the room where everyone else were. I let go of Josh and grabbed the couch instead, searching for Kat in the room. Someone embraced me from the side but I didn't have time to see who it was until afterwards, Katherine's eyes were watered as she looked at me.
"Don't you ever do that again, I thought you were gonna leave me!", she almost screamed, I laughed slightly and hugged her again trying not to hurt myself anymore.
"I won't", I promised and we smiled at each other. James smiled at me, nodding which meant 'glad you're okay', I smiled back. I was glad I was okay too, I mean imagine what would of happened if I actually did die. Awful. I searched the room but didn't see Aiden anywhere.
"Where's Aiden?", I asked and Kat rubbed the back of her head like she was hiding something. I raised my eyebrows waiting.
"He left, he said he was gonna kill the thing that attacked you", she finally spoke and I furrowed my eyebrows. Kill a spirit

"But-", I stared but got cut off by a loud bang outside. We all looked at each other before grabbing our weapons and getting out to see what was going on. The door slammed leaving Kat and James in the house, I tried getting the door open but it was stuck.

As walked down the stairs I saw Aiden, he stood at the gate to to big building behind us he was searching for something.
"Aiden?", I shouted and he turned to me, he smiled but when he was about to take a step he vanished into thin air. I gasped in shock and looked around, what the fuck? Suddenly Aiden appeared infront of me waving his hand in the air making Josh fly through the air falling to the ground. I tried shooting him but he disappeared again and the gun flew out of my hand before he appeared once again. This time he had pitch black eyes and an evil smile playing on his lips, I gasped again but didn't manage to runaway as he took a hold of my neck grasping onto it hard.
"Why won't you just die", the thing spoke as I choked slowly. He lifted me in the air and I struggled, trying to get loose. Suddenly I heard a loud bang and I hit the ground coughing. Josh ran over to me helping me up, I dusted myself off and heard the door open beside us.
"What the hell just happened?", I heard Katherine's voice in the air. We all turned to her, I stood there speechless.

I sat in the couch reading one of the books about demons that Aiden had brung before he had disappeared. Josh sat at the it her end of the couch, I noticed him giving me looks now and then. I looked up and started to giggle as he looked down like nothing, he then smiled. Katherine and James had gone out to look for Aiden and get something to eat so we were all alone, minus the spirits. I looked up from the book and bit my lip slightly. Josh raised his eyebrows and looked at me smiling, I smile back and threw away the book crawling up to him. He smirked as he put his arms around me, I pressed my lips against his as I felt his hands on my body. Smiling against his lips I rolled over so I was ontop of him, his legs were wrapped around my waist.
"Josh..", I broke our kiss making him look at me.
"Yeah?", he asked and raised his eyebrows.
"Why didn't you kill me?", I asked, I know a mood killer but I really needed to know. We sat up, I rested my head in his shoulder.
"I just couldn't", he said and kissed my forehead making me smile. I moved my hand and placed it in his, intwining our fingers.
"I like you", I said being fully honest. He looked into my eyes and smiled.
"I like you too", he said and we kissed again. The kiss got more intense and passionate, soon we were laying down again and I was ontop of him. Just as I was about to take of his shirt the door opened, making Josh fall out of the couch. I started laughing, and as Katherine and James walked in they looked at me with a weird look. Josh got up and sat down on the couch beside me.

After we had gotten some food in us we decided to go looking for Aiden one more time. Me and Josh sat down at the back of the car, Kat started the engine and we were out of there in no time. It had already gotten dark outside, Aiden where the hell are you? I thought and just like that my head started hurting and I got a picture of Aiden in my head, I fell down from the seat holding my head as I let out a scream. Josh put his arms around me as Kat stopped the car.
"What is it Amara?", Josh said frowning. The pain stopped and I lifted my head with tears filling my eyes.
"Aiden.. I saw Aiden", I gasped and heard how stupid it sounded. So what I'm psychic now?

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xoxo, lovi.

Av Lovi & Sara - 1 december 2013 20:54


James moved his hands from my cheeks down to my waist as we move around in the room. Our lips were like magnets we couldn't take them away from each other, we backed away as we were kissing and he slowly put me down on the bed and laid on top of me while kissing me passionately. And then the door just flew open. And there stood Amara like a big question mark.
"Oh my god!", she shouted and looked at us with big eyes. We instantly stopped kissing and stared at her as chocked. She mumbled a 'sorry' and left the room in hurry.

"Oh, god dammit", I said and pushed James off of me as he landed on his back beside me.
"What?", he said and smiled cutely.
"This was a mistake", I said and stood up as I ran my hand through my long dark hair. I could feel his strong arms around my waist as he put his chin on my shoulder.
"And why is that?", he asked and I just rolled my eyes.
"I don't know. Falling in love with the enemy never ends well for me", I said and held his arms.
"Why? What happened babe?", he asked making me blush at the word babe.
"I don't think I'm ready to talk about it", I said and looked at him.
"It's ok. You can tell me when you're ready", he said and kissed my cheek. I blushed and hid my face in my hands.
"Don't hide that cute-", he said but got cut off as I heard Amara screaming my name. I raised my eyebrows and immediately took my gun out and started walking out with James behind me. As I was about to slowly walk down something really hard hit me on the chest making me fly across the hall hitting my head on the wall. I saw James running towards me.
"Katherine! You ok?", he said and picked me up, I saw this pale human just coming towards James.
"James watch out!", I shouted as I pushed him away and took a hold of the human or whatever it was. I let the electricity go out from my palm and passed it to the creature and it just fell down in front of me. I let go of it and as I was about to shoot it with the gun ready in my hand it immediately disappeared. I gasped as James came towards me as I looked at him worried.
"You okay?", I asked and I looked at him. He just smiled and hugged me.
"Yeah I'm fine. I was gonna help you but you're handling it pretty well at your own", he said and I let out a small laugh and we started to walk down stairs.

I saw Amara's body laying perfectly still on the sofa as I ran to her side with tears in my eyes.
"What happened?", I said and looked at Aiden and then at Josh who also was in shock.
"She got into a fight with a demon", Aiden answered calmly.
"Is she gonna be ok?", I asked and stood up looking at Aiden.
"Yeah she is gonna be okay. I know how to handle this kind of situations. But she won't wake up until tomorrow", Aiden said as I sighed and hugged him.
"Thank you", I said and I could feel his hand stroking my hair.
"No problem", he said as we backed away. My eyes automatically went on James who was just looking at me with a raised eyebrow. He looked jealous.
"So there is 6 bedrooms up there, if anyone is tired and wants to sleep", I said and looked at the three guys in the room.
"Alright", James said and gave me a small smile and walked up the stairs again.
"Which one of you are going to help me take her upstairs?", I asked and looked at Josh and Aiden.
"I'll help you", Josh said fast and I nodded at him.
"I'll go and make sure everything's okay. And then go to sleep", Aiden said and I smiled at him.
"Alright", I said and nodded while I watched Josh picking up Amara's small body carefully. He started to walk up the stairs with me following him. He walked into one of the rooms and put her down on the bed and I put a blanket on her as I slowly walked out from the room. I slowly turned around to tell Josh something but when I turned around I saw him kissing her forehead. I smiled at how cute it was.
"Get better soon love", he said to her making me smile. I walked to my own room laying down on my bed and closed my eyes as I drifted off to sleep.

"Scott!", I shouted and sat up with wide eyes. It was the same, damn dream as last night. I ran my hands through my hair and shook my head. And then someone opened my door and I looked up at this muscular body.
"James?", I said questioningly and tried to see if it was him.
"Yeah. Why did you shout?", he asked and came in and walked over to my bed.
"Nightmare", I answered and rolled my eyes as I sigh.
"Want me to stay with you?", he asked and sat down on the bed next to me.
"Uh.. okay", I said and scooted over so he could lay down. I felt his muscular arms around my tiny body. And that's when I realized I was only in my underwear since I didnt have any clothes here and I hated to sleep in my clothes.
"You're cold", he stated and I turned around facing him.
"Wonder why", I said and smiled slightly.
"Is it because of me?", he said and I laughed slightly.
"No, the ghosts and all that. It just gives me the chills", I said and he just nodded smiling.
"I'll make you warm", he said and hugged me closer and I immediately felt warmer.
"How did you do that?", I asked and looked at him.
"I control fire. It means I can do anything with it", he said and I just nodded. I looked into his eyes and he just smiled.
"I have somehow started to like you", he said and I just smiled.
"I thought you were a tuff guy, but you're just so soft and cute", I said and smiled and before I knew it he pressed his lips on mine again for the third time this night.


Haha, I hope you like this chapter:) I think it was a pretty cute chapter.



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