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Av Lovi & Sara - 22 november 2013 18:36



I looked at Josh as he put chain around my ancle very gently. 

"Do you really have to chain us?", Kat asked with a annoyed voice, I left her eyes and met Josh's he looked down.
"Yes, or you might try and escape again", he answered and let go of the heavy chain leaving a loud noise, I rolled my eyes an leaned against the cold stone wall. We would have to wait in here until Bradshaw felt like we had suffered enough, which could be never. Josh looked back at me once more, not leaving my eyes until he turned around fully and left the dungeon. I sighed and laid down on the bench wrapping the blanket around my still wet body.
"You okay?", Kat asked with a mild voice. I turned to face her, she had lifted eyebrows.
"Yeah, kinda", I answered. I didn't really know what to tell her, since I didn't really know how I felt. I moved my head and placed it onto the pillow again closing my eyes softly. I constantly heard Katherine's attempts to get the chain off her leg, which didn't work. Turning around I felt a cold wind wrap itself around me like a calming feeling. Soon I started drifting off into a dreamless sleep.

Not soon enough I heard a loud bang close to me, almost jumping out of bed I stared at Katherine in front of me. She wore a cheeky smile on her lips, my eyes traveled down her leg, no chain?
"You ready to get outta here?", Katherine asked and I nodded eagerly. I couldn't wait to feel the fresh air in my lungs and the warmth of the sun on my skin. Katherine leaned down and unlocked my chain and we slipped trough the galler of the door. We made our way across the ground up the almost endless stairs and waited t the last step, so no guards or other people would see us.
"The door will make too much noise, we should get the big window in the main office", I said and Kat nodded in agreement. Thought, it would be pretty hard to get up there without getting seen. I'm sure there'd be extra guarded up there. Even thought we knew of the consecvenses we ran soundless across the carpet dressed floor and up the other stairs.
"This place is fucking huge!", I cursed under my breath. Just as we crossed the floor and made it to top floor we saw Josh standing in the office looking at something. Crap, now we'll never get out of here. I bit my lip loosely and looked at Kat, giving her the 'go ahead without me', look. She furrowed her eyebrows and shook her head as she mouted a 'no way'. I tilted my head and mouted 'just do it'. She looked like she was considering what I'd just said, still she wasn't willing to it she had no choice. I got out of our hiding corner and walked straight towards the office and Josh, he didn't notice me before I stood just beside him.

"Amara, I should of known you'd escape", he said and tilted his head slightly examining me closely. I took a deep breath and then smiled sweetly, but for some reason I didn't feel my power effect him. I'll just have to do this the old fashioned way then. I thought and stepped closer to him, he looked at me trying to figure out what I was planning. In the corner if my eye I saw Katherine, Josh would need a distraction if Kat was going to be able to get out of here. I bit my lip slowly and lifted my hand, touching his slightly. His eyes landed on my hand, he then looked up again and our eyes locked. I then saw something in his eyes, passion. Keeping the silence I moved closer to him. His lips were slightly separated, moving my hand up his arm slowly I feel his heart start beating faster. I blinked my eyelashes several times, with my eyes still on his.
"Amara..", he started but I hushed him, moving closer we both leaned in and our lips met. I fastly got more intense, he put his arms around my waist and I mine around his neck. We stopped kissing to catch our breaths, he kissed down my neck which gave me a change to see if Katherien still stood where she was seconds ago. I smiled in relief when I saw she had left. I the turned my attention to Josh, I kissed him again and he lifted me up onto the desk as I put my legs around his waist. We breathed fastly, at the same time. It was like he controlled me, but I wanted him to. I never wanted to leave him, but I had to. I had to leave now or I'd never get out of there. I moved away from Josh, he looked at me with raised eyebrows.
"I'm sorry Josh..", I said biting my lip. He's face was giving me a look meaning 'for what?'. I pressed a puncture on his neck, making him past out and fall to the floor. I pressed my eyelids together and ran my tongue over my lips. Jumping down from the desk I opened my eyes and grabbed my belonging that had been placed on it before. I walked over to the window and jumped out of it, landing in the ground with people stopping around me chocked and surprised. I got up and kept walking normally, looking for Katherine.


There ya go, peeps.

xoxo, lovi.

Av Lovi & Sara - 22 november 2013 17:50

Bradshaws agents, that we'd figured out were named Josh and James had just earlier pushed me and Amara into a boat, we had black bags on our heads so we weren't able to see anything. I hated it, I couldn't even breath like an normal person. Idiots. I moved around alot making annoyed noises, I was really pissed and annoyed.
"I can't.. breathe", I heard Amaras little voice but I could still hear her, and I knew how she felt since I couldn't breathe myself. And I was claustrophobic, I hated the dark and small places where I couldn't breath.
"Get this bloody bag off my head!", I shouted, and soon I met the brightlight in the boat, after not seeing anything in like and hour my eyes were kinda uncomfortable in the dark but now they hurted. I looked up to meet these beautiful blue eyes, they were gorgeous. I looked down from the eyes and met the lips, they were slightly pink and they were like little roses. So cute.
'Oh god, what is wrong with me?This is my kidnapper and I think he's hot. Am I becoming Amara all of sudden? I hope not", I tough to myself as I looked down again and suddenly the boat stopped.
"Time for you girls to meet your new home", the guy beside Amara said smiling evilly, I just wanted to slap that smile away. I just rolled my eyes.

The men took us through the big metal door, which I would be hard to open from the inside. As we continued down the corridor the sudden cold struck me.
"Geez, it's fucking cold in here, would it really kill you with a little heat?", Amara said with a sarcastic tone of voice, making me laugh.

Questioningly I raised my eyebrow as we entered a big room consisting of few empty dungeons. This room was the coldest which made me shiver, I looked down to see a big whole full of water, I gasped and backed away realising Amara did the same.

I felt some eyes on me so I looked beside me to Amara and she gave me a small smile before she jumped down in the water. I gasped loudly as the guys ran towards me and stood at the edge.
"Oh my god!", I shot out in shock, what did she just do?
"Why the hell did she do that?!", the guy who was called Josh shouted and looked at me in panick.
"I dont know!", I said and looked into the water.
"Theres sharks in there!", the other guy behind said making me gasp and look at him with big eyes.
"WHAT DID YOU SAY?!", I asked panicky and looked at him, feeling fear taking over my body. And then I heard a loud splash and looked back at the water seeing Josh diving in.
"This is so not gonna end well", the other guy said and I turned around facing him with fear and anger building inside of me.

"Yeah, it's not gonna end well for you and you're friend if she gets hurt", I said and clenched my fists.
"We didn't tell her to jump", he said in defence and I just rolled my eyes, waiting intensely.

Then I saw a shark swiming fast towards her and fear just took over my body.
"Amara!", I screamed to warn her but then felt tears buliding in my eyes, as the shark went to attack her I just jumped into the other guys arms hiding my face. I don't want to see my own sister die infront of my eyes.
"What happened..?", I said with a shaky voice afraid of looking back.
"She- she's okay", the guy said and I looked up at him and turned my head without letting go of him. I saw Josh saved her life, I sighed in relief.
"Um...", the other guy chuckled and I just realised I jumped into his arms and I still were in his arms.
"Um.. I- i'm sorry..", I said and blushed backing away.
"It's ok", he said shortly as he threw down the line to help them get out of the water. Amara and Josh got out from the water and I hugged Amara real tight.

"What the hell were you thinking?", I said and sighed in relief that my sister was alive.
"I don't know. But I'm ok, I promise you", she said and I could feel her smile. I backed away and looked at Josh who was all wet and cold.
"Thanks...?" I said forgetting his name.
"Josh", he said and I gave him a small smile.
"Thanks Josh, if it weren't for you she would be dead by now." I said and looked at him while I held Amara's hand.
"No problem", he said and rubbed the back of his head.
"What's you're name now?" I asked the other guy.
"James, also called Jay", he answered and smiled stiffly.
"Alright. Thank you too Jay", I said and gave him a small smile as he turned around with Josh. Amara turned to me and smiled.

So this is chapter 4 and I hope y'all like it. And I'm sorry I write so late, this was supposede to be up yesterday but I couldn't because I was at the "Cinema" with my friends, watching Hunger Games - Catching Fire.

Btw, how much of you have seen it? I love it! ^_^

Kisses ~Sara:*

Av Lovi & Sara - 18 november 2013 18:18



Bradshaws agents, that we'd figured out were named Josh and James had just earlier pushed me and Katherine into a boat, we had black bags on our heads so we weren't able to see anything. Still I could feel a strong muscleous man beside me he held a tight grip onto my arm. A bit tight for my liking and as my breaths got shorter and heavier under the bag I almost fell onto the floor. But before I could, the guy took a hold of my waist and dragged me up again. I heard Katherine move around and make annoyed sounds now and then.

"I can't.. breathe", I said with a low tone not able to speak propaply. Before I knew it my eyes met the sharp light in the boat and a pair of brown deep eyes. My hair was a bit messed up but I couldn't fix it considering my hands were tied at my back, probably cause they don't want me using my power. When my eyes had finally adjusted to the view I looked away from they guys handsome face. But for some reason he kept looking at me, which made me blush slightly. What the heck? He's my kidnapper and I'm blushing? Focus Amara.

"Get this bloody bag off my head!", Katherine shouted obviously annoyed, that made me laugh slightly. Soon she could also greet the bright light inside of the boat, considering the drakness of the night outside windows you would think it was darker in here. It was because of the too bright lights on the cealing of the boat. I wonder where we are going. But just as I thought that the boat stopped.

"Time for you girls to meet your new home", the guy beside me said smiling evily as he dragged me out of the seat and pushed me in front of him and kept pushing me until we were out if the boat. My eyes grew big of the big castle in front of them, I don't think I ever seen anything like it. It was literary the biggest building I'd ever seen. The guy beside me smiled as he saw my reaction and grabbed my upper arm and led me towards the entrance. I heard Katherine's fast but unwilling footsteps behind me, glad to know she was with me still.

The men took us through the big metal door, which I noticed would be hard to open from the inside. As we continued down the corridor the sudden change of light crept up on me as I suddenly felt really cold.
"Geez, it's fucking cold in here, would it really kill you with a little heat?", I said with a sarcastic tone of voice, hearing Katherine's little laugh behind me made me smile. The guy beside me rolled his eyes but I couldn't help but notice the little smile of his. Questainly I raised my eyebrow but lost my words as we entered a big room consisting of few empty dungeons. This room was the coldest and the big nothing of it made me shiver, just as I was about to take another step something stopped me. The guy, he held out his arm in front of me so I wouldn't move, and as I looked down I met a big hole filled with water. I gasped and backed away slightly, hearing Katherine doing the same thing. At the corner of my eye I saw the two guys walking away a bit from us, talking with each other.

Maybe I could use the water as an escape? There has to be an connection to the ocean somewhere here. I thought and placed my eyes at Katehrine for a millisecond and giving her a smile before jumping down into the big hole of water. I saw the guys run over to Katherine and the edge with panicked faces. I felt my body in the air and soon enough it hit the surface and I was under water. My hands were still tied so I used my legs to get around, my eyes searched the water. It was pretty dark except from the light on the walls lighting up most if the water. Something caught my attention beside me and I turned around in the water feeling my air was almost out. Of my surprise I saw something big, with a tail? I turned around in the water again as I held my breath. The big figure of something swam towards me, a shark. Shit, shit, shit. I thought and my eyes widened as I tried swimming up to the surface. After something that felt like forever I finally made it and felt the air running through my body, with a loud gasp I looked around a bit panicked. The shark swam around me, circling. If I was lucky it wasn't hungry and it wouldn't attack. As I looked up I saw Katherine's panicked look, there were only the guy who had taken her who stood beside her the other guy wasn't there.

"Amara!", Katherine screamed to warn me. The shark made an attack but I managed to kick it on the tip of its nose. A loud splash came from beside me, suddenly a par of arms were around me. I looked up to see the guy who'd sat next to me before, he cut open the rope which had tied my hands together. He then swam in front of me, pushing me behind him. He took a hold of his electrical gun and shot it at the shark who came in on its second attack. It swam away and disappeared into the dark. I just swam on the same place, still chocked of what had just happened. The guy turned around with an expression that showed relief?

"Thanks..?", I said as I still didn't know his name.
"Josh", he said and smiled fastly before the other guy - James, threw down a line which would help us out of the water. Josh put his arms around me and we went up, whiteout a word spoken. What just happened?

Here ya go mates, third chapter.

xoxo lovi.

Av Lovi & Sara - 17 november 2013 19:52


We stood a few feet away from the lady who owned the stand as I looked at the jewelry in front of my eyes. Hiding my guns and knifes under my leather jacket I saw Amara doing the same thing. Footsteps filled the air and before we could turn around I heard a familiar voice.

"Where is Amara Mortez and Katherine Rivers?", the man said and I knew exactly who it was, I bit my lip. Turning around at the same time as Amara we faced the man and his 20 guards. It was Bradshaw. A fat, pathetic idiot who thinks he owns everything and everyone.

"Mr. Bradshaw", Amara said with a questioning tone raising her eyebrows while glancing at the guards. I stood stiffly by her side breathing in and out slowly. He stepped closer towards us with his gun in his left hand, he tilted his head and looked at us both.

"What are you doing here?", he asked raising his gun slightly. I looked at Amara knowing what she was doing. She was gonna hypnotize him with her love power. But I also knew this never had a happy ending so I put my hand on my gun waiting for it to blast. I stood by Bradshaw's other side as I lifted my hand to take a hold if his gun, Amara lifted her hand to touch his cheek. But suddenly he snapped out of her grip and pointed his gun at her stomach, making all his guards point their guns at us.

"Shit", I mumbled as I backed away slowly, with Amara following. I looked at Amara and she looked up at the rooftop just a few meters away from us. I clearly understood what she meant, I looked back at Bradshaw and a smirk came across my lips.

"You're not getting away now", he said chuckling in a way that I just wanted to shoot him right in the head. I looked at my side and Amara nodded at me as I pulled out my guns and started shooting the guards behind him as I ran towards a way up to the roof. I heard fast footsteps behind me, I glanced over my shoulder to see one of the guards running after me. I turned around with my gun in my hand and shot him right in the head.

Soon enough I was standing on the rooftop waiting for Amara to come up, she joined my side and I gave her a small smirk as we started running.

"After them!", Bradshaw shouted at his remaining guards. I smiled and kept running with Amara by my side. And soon I heard a gunshot in the air and I saw Amara dodging the bullet who flew real close to her head. But she lost her balance and slipped.
"Amara!", I shouted and stood at the edge of the roof.

But she managed to grab a pole that was sticking out from the big building. She climbed up and joined my side again as we started running again. We jumped down from the roof and landed on the hard ground without any scratches.

We stood up and started running but as we turned around the corner we got stopped by a gun pointed at us, I looked at the guy with big eyes. He had a cheeky smile on his lips, and then an another guy come out from the corner with a gun pointed at me. He got wavy brown hair and sparkly green eyes honestly he was kinda cute. He gave me an evil smirk as I bit my lip and lifted my eyebrow.

"Hello Amara", said the other guy so I turned my head towards him, who is he? Or this other guy.

"And you're Katherine", said the other one in front of me and smirked.
"And you're just an another idiot who works with that pathetic fatty", I said and smirked. And just like that I felt someone hitting my head with the back of a gun.

"You're too bitchy", said the guy behind me, and I instantly knew it was Bradshaw, I rubbed my the back of head.
"Son of a bitch...", I mumbled as I stood up with an annoyed look on my face.
"What did you say?", he said smirking at me. I felt the electrical power going through my palms as I put them around his neck, he was slowly falling as I hit him hard with my head. I hit right in his nose and he started bleeding everywhere. I smirked and chuckled.

"I said you messed with the wrong sister", I said and smirked but before I knew the other guy took a hold of my arms so I couldn't do anything.
"Take them away!", Bradshaw shouted holding his bleeding nose.


Here is chapter 2 people, hope y'all like it.

Comment what you think:)

Kisses ~Sara:*

Av Lovi & Sara - 16 november 2013 21:27



I stood few feet away from the lady who owned the stand as I stared at the jewelry in front of my eyes. Hiding my crossbow and sword under my black leather jacket I glanced over to my side seeing Katherine doing the same thing. Footsteps filled the air and before I could turn around I heard a recognizable voice.

"Where is Amara Mortez and Katherine Rivers?", the man said way too familiar, a chill went up my spine and I made a annoyed face. Turning around at the same time as Katherine we faced the man and his 20 guards.

"Mr. Bradshaw", I said with a questioning tone raising my eyebrows while glancing at the guards. I noticed how Kathrine stood stiffly by my side breathing in and out slowly. He stepped closer towards us with his gun in his left hand he tilted his head and looked at us both.

"What are you doing here?", he asked raising his gun slightly. I waited for him to look me in the eyes before I smiled sweetly at him, he emediatly lost his words. I kept smiling as I approached him slowly, knowing one of his guards would notice what I was doing soon enough. Katherine stood by Bradshaws other side as she lifted her hand to take a hold of his gun I lifted mine to touch his cheek. He suddenly snapped out of my grip and pointed his gun to my stomach, making all his guards point their guns at us as well.

"Shit", I heard Katherine mumble as she backed away slowly, with me following. I stiffened my jaw and looked around the area for a fast way out of here, the only way I could think was up so I searched for Katherine's attention before I eyed the rooftop just few meters away from us, she clearly understood what I meant and I looked at Bradshaw again.

"You're not getting away now", he said chuckling in a way that made me sick. Again I spread a smile across my face before I nodded towards Kat and she pulled out her guns and I pulled out my crossbow, kicking the gun out of Bradshaws hand and hitting my head hard against his. I ran across the stone ground as I shot the guards nearest me, seeing Katherine approach the rooftops. Sliding under one of the guards arms in an attempt to punch me as I kept running. Soon enough I got to the rooftop where Katherine already were ontop of. I made a jump and landed on a box and used the other boxes to get on the rooftop in seconds.

"After them!", Bradshaw shouted at his remaining guards. Smiling I kept running by Katherine's side. We jumped few rooftops until we got to the shore where our boat was waiting for us, only few meters left. I though but just as I though it a gunshot flew in the air only few inches away from me, I managed to duck but I lost my balance and slipped on the roof.

"Amara!", Katherine's scream echoed through the air as I felt myself fall but I somehow managed to grab onto a pole sticking out from the big building climbing up again. Katherine were just at the edge of the rooftop, I got up and ran to her. Hearing the guards footsteps behind us I jumped down the roof and landed on the ground without a scratch, with Katherine still by my side. We got up and kept running and got around the corner but before I could keep running I got stopped by a gun pointed at me. Katherine stopped with wide eyes, behind the gun stood a man I've never seen before. He had brownish hair, nice face and deep brown eyes. He had a cheeky smile spread on his face as he stared me straight into the eyes. Another male approached us holding a gun pointed at Kat.

"Hello Amara", he said with a low voice making me shiver. Who was he?

Chapter one, peeps.

xoxo, lovi

Av Lovi & Sara - 16 november 2013 21:22

Katherine Leah Rivers

Just a normal beautiful teenage girl, at least that's what she wants everyone to think. She looks all innocent and sweet, but she is the apposite of all of that above. She got a dark secret that none knows about. None except Amara.

Katherine and Amara fight the evil in the world, the fight for survival. They fight vampires, demons all that Supernatural. Normal people didn't knew about Katherine and Amara's world. They kinda always helped people, but every time they save the world no one knows about it.

Katherine mostly uses guns and a knife who has some kind of diamond on it. Katherine isn't just someone who saves the world with the help of her friend. Katherine also has some kind of electrical power, when she touch people she can give them a hard electrical shock. The shock is so strong that the person she touches just falls and can't do anything. But if she is gonna use that power she has to concentrate.

Katherine has a very short temper, she is really protective over Amara. Even tough Amara can take care of herself Amara usually gets in trouble that she can't get out of so Katherine jumps in.

Theres people who gives them orders to kill the demons or vampires, or just bad humans. It doesn't matter what it is, it has to be killed if it's a threat.

But what happens when they fall in love with the wrong guys? Would they risk everything for love?


Katherine's person description, I hope y'all will like this new novel. I know we change a lot but we're sorry.

Kisses ~Sara:*

Av Lovi & Sara - 16 november 2013 19:30


Amara Faye Mortez

may seem like a normal young girl, but she isn't. With the help of Katherine they get different missions to hunt down evil creatures and bad people. Which makes her a hunter, that's not all. Amara is beyond beautiful, her long wavy brown hair reaches down to her waist and her dark deep eyes can catch anyone. She often get compliments for her looks. With that she also has the power to control someone through touch and can seduce them easily. She's almost like a love goddess. Amara likes to use her crossbow and her sword that usually rests at the side of her hip, she's very good in battle and never looses a fight. And she tends to get herself in trouble often with her cocky attitude and bad temper, she's very brave and almost never afraid. Good for her Katherine is there by her side and always backs her up. They've known each other forever and they think of each other like sisters, nothing can separate them.

Amara and Katherine keeps fighting their way through life as they protect others. But can they resist the love for the wrong guys?

As you see, I've changed the looks of Amara [again] to Ellen Page - known from x-Men, Whip It and Judo.


xoxo, lovi.

Av Lovi & Sara - 16 november 2013 17:51

Hey readers,

me and Sara has yet decided not to keep writing on this novel. As of other times we had no more fantasy and so on for this one, and personally I felt like a One Direction novel wasn't that orginial considering there's so many of them. So we came up with a new novel, that is original. It will be called Powers of Hunters, descriptions of characters will be written and released shortly. I hope you can bare with us. Thank you.

xoxo lovi and sara. 


Hello dear readers, this is a blog where two teenagers are in charge writing different magical novels. We make up everything ourselves, and all copying is reported! Leave a like and a comment, or suggestions. xx

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