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I woke up by my alarm ringing at 9 in the morning, I opened my sleepy eyes and yawned. The warm sunshine was shining on me as I smiled while getting up. I tiptoed to the bathroom with my towel over my shoulder, I walked in and started to strip of my clothes and put on the warm water and stepped inside.

I walked out from the bathroom with my towel wrapped around me as I danced my way to my walk-in closet as I started to pick my clothes for the day.
(Outfit above)

I put on my clothes and started to blow dry my hair, I decided to let my hair be in its natural curly way. I started to put on my makeup.

When I was done with my regular morning routine I started to walk downstairs to the kitchen where I saw my mom eating breakfast.

"Hey mom", I said and smiled as she looked up from her magazine.
"Morning sweetie", she answered and smiled back, I walked to one of our cabinets and took out the cereal and then the milk. I sat down and poured it into a bowl and started eating.

"Mom, where's dad at?", I asked and ate a little bit.
"At work, he had to leave early but he will be back at 9", she said without looking up from the magazine, I nodded slowly as I finished my breakfast. I put the bowl in the sink and started to walk to the door, I took my bag and my car keys while putting on my jacket.

"I'm leaving now", I said and opened the door.
"Bye baby", My mom said and back as I closed the door behind me, I walked up to my black fisker karma. I sat in the car an started it. I started to drive to Ellie's house.

I started to dial her number, she answered after 2 signals which were great because I hated to wait for anything.
"Hey boo", I said and smiled as I waited for her sweet voice to come.
"Hi Ash, when are you here?", she asked as I smiled.
"I'm there in 3 minutes, be ready", I said and smiled as we clicked off the phone.

After 3 minutes I were at her house, I looked into my mirror and adjusted my makeup and smiled happily at my reflections, I saw her coming and I smiled at her.

Me and Ellie arrived at our school, both of us stepping out of the car at the same time. We walked together across the school grounds, with many looks after us we continued into the school. We seperated for a while to get to our lockers which were on the opposite sides of each other. I opened my locker to take out my books when I realized someone was looking at me from afar. I looked beside me and I saw this boy with brown hair and black v-neck shirt and some dark blue jeans that were literally hanging to the ground. I raised my eyebrows at him, I haven't seen him before. Or have I? I shook the thought out of my head and turned around to see the perv Ashton talking to Ellie. I walked up to them with a look of disgust on my face.

"Ellie, don't tell me you're hanging out with this perv?", I eyed Ashton once again before turning to Ellie, with my hands full with books.
"Hey!", Ashton pretended to be offended and placed his hand over his chest. Ellie let out a laugh and shook her head slightly.
"He likes to follow me around, don't you puppy?", she told me before turning to Ashton and smiling. He smirked but didn't answer, I rolled my eyes and Ellie finally got to her books, closing her locker. Me and Ellie got away from Ashton and his friends, getting to our lesson. Still followed by several guys checking us out, well this is normal.

I sat at the back of the class, next to Ellie as always listening to the history teacher talking about different myths.
"...and some people believed there was these creatures among us, who had special abilities." The magister spoke which had my attention, I loved these kind of things. The supernatural. I sighed and looked in front of me to notice the guy from earlier, the one who was staring at me, who was he? While I was drowned in my thoughts I heard someone gasp loudly besides me, I looked at Ellie with raised my eyebrows at her.
"Ellie, are you okay?", I asked, trying to get her attention. She turned to me, but she didn't say anything just looked after a guy with blonde hair. But then the clock rang again and I just sighed and just took my books and walked out from the class with Ellie behind me.

"What happened back there?", I asked her confused, she just shook her head.
"Nothing", she answered shortly and I just nodded.
"Alright, but I gotta get to art class so I'll see you later?", I said and looked at at her.
"Yeah, alright", she said and I nodded slowly walking away to my class.

While walking I heard someone laughing behind me, I slowly turned my head to see the jerk Jackson. Jackson was my ex boyfriend, I broke up with him after he cheated on me. He is such a bastard. Then from nowhere I felt someone grabbing my hand and dragging me to his chest. I looked up to see his disgusting face.

"What the hell? Let me go", I said and struggled while looking around to see anyone but none was there, it was empty. The hall to the art class was always empty.
"Why should I?", he said and smirked dragging me back to his chest.
"Because I'm telling you so asshole", I said and dragged myself back from him.
"I want you so bad right now, you're so god damn hot baby girl", he said and pushed me against the wall and started to kiss down my neck. I started screaming and struggling.

Are you kidding me? Why isn't anyone hearing me, I'm screaming as loud as a freaking banshee.

"Get off me! Jackson please?", I pleaded out as a tear escaped my eye.
"No can do baby girl", he said and started to take off my jacket while one of his hands traveled up under my shirt. Then from out of nowhere I couldn't feel Jackson's disgusting hands on me anymore. My eyes widen of what I saw.

It was the guy with brown hair, the one who was staring at me. And right now he was looking furious.
"Touch her again and I'll break your fucking hands", he growled at Jackson and Jackson just ran away. That's fucking impossible. Jackson doesn't give up easily.

I breathed out heavily as I adjusted my jacket and shirt back. I wiped away the tear and just looked at the guy who just saved me.
"You okay?", he asked and looked at me with worried eyes and I could see some anger in his eyes too. With that I just sunk to the floor.

I was about to get raped...


I was about to get raped? Oh mi goshie;). Hope y'all liked it.





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